TV animation "Dolls Frontline" will start broadcasting in January 2022! New PV, additional cast announcement by Mikako Komatsu, Nao Toyama and others!

TV animation “Dolls Frontline” will start broadcasting in January 2022! New PV, additional cast announcement by Mikako Komatsu, Nao Toyama and others!
October 26, 2021 15:440
New information with video Voice actor 2022 Winter animation
TV animation “Dolls Frontline” will start broadcasting in January 2022! New PV, additional cast announcement by Mikako Komatsu, Nao Toyama and others!
Regarding “Dolls Frontline”, which was announced as a TV animation, the latest PV, key visuals, and additional cast information have arrived.
This work is an animation based on the strategic simulation game “Dolls Frontline” that is being developed all over the world. Set in the world that was devastated by World War III, it depicts the battle of “tactical dolls” that protect humanity and the huge mystery behind the war.
In January 2021, animation was announced as a joint project between China SUNBORN Network, a game development / operation company, and Warner Brothers Japan, which has its headquarters in the United States.
Popular training & strategy simulation game “Dolls Frontline” will be animated in 2021!
It has been decided that TV animation will be distributed worldwide and domestic TV broadcast from January 2022. The second key visual and the second PV focusing on the story, as well as additional casts and theme song information such as Mikako Komatsu and Nao Toyama have been lifted.
2nd PV / Key Visual
In the PV, the animation images of Jeansiane (CV. Mikako Komatsu) and Carina (CV. Nao Toyama) announced this time are unveiled for the first time. You can listen to the character voice immediately.
In the key visual, in addition to the four members of the AR platoon, the new commander Jean-Cianne and the rear staff Carina from the private military company “Griffin & Kluger”, and the agent, Scarecrow, and Executioner who are the tactical dolls of “Iron-Blood Kozo”. 5 people are drawn.
[2nd PV]

[2nd key visual]
Additional cast announcement! Comments from Mikako Komatsu and Nao Toyama also arrived
It has been decided that Mikako Komatsu will play Jeanciane, Nao Toyama will play Carina, Hitomi Nabatame will play the agent, Kaya Okuno will play Scarecrow, Shizuka Ito will play the executioner, and Akio Otsuka will play the Kluger!
Comments have also arrived from Mikako Komatsu and Nao Toyama.
■ Jeansiane
A young new commander who has been assigned to the front line headquarters of the private military company “Griffin”. Although she is inexperienced, she has a high ability to judge situations on the battlefield and is trusted by tactical dolls.
She also cherishes the tactical dolls and does not give unreasonable instructions to them during the mission.

──Q1. Impression of this work
Tactical dolls named after guns. They look very cute and adorable, but
There are various feelings for the battle. What does she fight for? What do you think of her comrades?
As a commander, I watched the drama of the dolls that happened in the fierce battle.
──Q2. Impression of the character you play and enthusiasm for the role
Jean-Cianne had a very fearless impression of her appearance scene,
She felt that she was a calm person with something hot in her heart.
All her thoughts are packed into her way of dealing with her dolls and her tactics.
She was with her in her struggle, worries, looking forward to her and doing her best!
Please look forward to it on the air.
■ Carina
A back-office staff member of the front line headquarters of the private military company Griffin, her main task is to procure supplies. However, due to her chronic shortage of staff, she also does chores and secretarial roles, supporting Jeansiane.
She’s a little bit sloppy and has a tough side to money.

──Q1. Impression of this work
I have had a long relationship with “Girls’ Frontline”, but I felt that this work was the most rigid and stylish work I have ever done. From the moment the opening song plays, you will be drawn into the world of the work. We hope you will see the cute but professional appearance of the tactical dolls!
──Q2. Impression of the character you play and enthusiasm for the role
Carina shows an excellent side as a support for Jeansiane. Her humorous and cheerful atmosphere is alive and well in the tense workplace. But … the life and death of tactical dolls is surprisingly crisp. Even though I knew it was the standard in this world, I had a hard time putting it into play. It was interesting to see each position clearly, and it was a dubbing that you can feel the depth of the world of Girls’ Frontline.
* Comments are from the original sic
>TEAM SHACHI is in charge of the ED theme

The ED theme will be “HORIZON” by TEAM SHACHI! Comments have also arrived.

This time, TEAM SHACHI will be in charge of the ending theme of the anime “Dolls Frontline”.
A game / animation with a strong world view. That’s why when you first hear this story, the atmosphere of Girls Frontline brings a new breeze to TEAM SHACHI’s songs! At the same time, I don’t want all the fans of the work to be disappointed, I want them to acknowledge it! There was pressure in a good way.
I hope it will be a song that will be loved along with the work ♪
(TEAM SHACHI Honoka Akimoto)
* Original Sic

Belongs to Stardust Planet in Stardust Promotion. A loud pop unit from Nagoya consisting of Honoka Akimoto, Nao Sakura, Yuzuki Oguro, and Haruna Sakamoto from Aichi prefecture. Renamed from the predecessor group “Team Shachihoko” on October 23, 2018. He made his live debut at Zepp Nagoya with “super tough strong energy positive exciting soul from nagoya”.
[Work information]
■ TV anime “Dolls Frontline”

Worldwide distribution & Japanese TV broadcasting started from January 2022!

M4A1: Haruka Tomatsu
M16A1: Nozomi Yamane
ST AR-15: Emiri Kato
M4 SOPMOD II: Yukari Tamura
Jeansiane: Mikako Komatsu
Karina: Nao Toyama
Agent: Hitomi Nabatame
Scarecrow: Kaya Okuno
Executioner: Shizuka Ito
Kluger: Akio Otsuka

Original: “Dolls Frontline”
(SUNBORN Network Technology, Mica Team)
Director: Shigeru Ueda
Series composition / Screenplay: Hideyuki Kurata
Character design: Masaki Yamada
Prop design: Noriyuki Jingu
Background: Goofy
Art Director: Taketo Gonbin
Color design: Maki Saito
Cinematographer: Shota Kodera
3DCG Director: Kazuaki Hara
Edit: Masaru Honda
Music: Takashi Watanabe
Sound Director: Ryo Tanaka
Animation production: Asahi Production
Produced by: Warner Brothers Japan
Opening theme: yukaDD (; ´∀ `) “BAD CANDY” (Warner Music Japan)
Ending theme: TEAM SHACHI “HORIZON” (Warner Music Japan)

In 2045, the earth was polluted all over the world by Colaps liquid.
World War III broke out, involving the entire world, over housing and food, which are the most primitive desires of humankind.
The world after the end of the war was already devastated.
While civilization was on the verge of perishing, the war and the resulting labor shortages prompted advances in mechanical technology, resulting in the creation of “dolls” that imitated humans.
Its appearance is no different from that of a human girl for the purpose of providing various services to humans, but it is a mechanical life form with abilities that far transcend humans. That is the “doll”.
And as the technology evolved further, combat-specific “tactical dolls” were adopted by all military organizations.
Meanwhile, the puppets of the munitions company “Iron-Blood Kozo” suddenly rebelled against humankind, and the battle with the tactical puppets of the private military company “Griffin” trying to investigate and prevent it begins.
The members of the “AR Platoon”, which consists of the finest tactical dolls belonging to the “Griffin”, regain the order of each place with the human commander, protect the safety of humankind, and at the same time, the huge hidden behind the war. It will solve the mystery.
What the tactical dolls are waiting for after a fierce battle …
© SUNBORN Network Technology, Mica Team / GRIFFIN & KRYUGER



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