"PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS" Free play service started today! Greatly improved content for new players

“PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS” Free play service started today! Greatly improved content for new players
January 12, 2022 17:370
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“PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS” Free play service started today! Greatly improved content for new players
KRAFTON, Inc. announced that “PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS” has carried out live update 15.2 with the start of free play service on the 12th.
“PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS” is a battle royale game in which up to 100 players survive until they are the last one. It is also famous that the message “Win! Win! Supper is a don win !!” is displayed on the screen of the surviving player.
“PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS” will be switched to a free play service from January 12, 2022!
Starting today, January 12th, you can play “PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS” for free on all platforms, including PCs and Consoles around the world. With the advent of the “BATTLE GROUNDS FOR ALL” era, we will continue to enhance the gameplay experience of existing and new players through content updates and events.
With this update, the content for new players, such as tutorials and training modes, has been significantly improved. Implement two new tutorial modes to help new players get used to the game and find fun.
▲ You can learn basic operation methods such as character operation, weapon shooting method, and resuscitation method of fainted allies through “Basic training” mode. ▲ In “AI training match” mode, you can battle royal against 99 bots. Experience. You can learn how to move in each phase.
■ About “AI Training Match”
The “AI Training Match” will be available after playing “Basic Training” once, and new and returning players will be able to play all other game modes by completing all of these two tutorial modes. For existing players, the mode can be used up to once.
A lobby tutorial mission has also been added for players who have completed all basic training and AI training matches. This mission is implemented to make players more familiar with the game, you can check the mission content and progress on the event page, and you can earn rewards when you complete each mission.
You can complete missions and earn rewards only once per account.
■ Improved convenience and efficiency of training mode
A new training helper function has been added, unlike the previous case where you had to go directly to a specific position to get the desired gun, attachment, ammunition, etc. Through this feature, you can recall up to 20 desired weapons and items anytime, anywhere.
In addition, an indoor shooting range for shooting practice has been implemented, allowing you to practice shooting to your heart’s content without any interference. The shooting range can be used like a private space even when multiple players enter at the same time, and target distance adjustment, reset, score confirmation, monitoring, etc. can be performed.
Existing players will be given a “PLUS” status that allows them to use rank matches and more. A specially produced “Free Play Service Transition Commemorative Special Pack” will be provided.
In addition, new item categories such as tactical gear “drone” and “EMT gear” have been implemented, stunning balance adjustment, lobby UX / UI update, and pin system improvement have been updated. Free play service pre-registration event rewards such as Highside Slick Level 1 backpack / helmet items will be distributed.
KRAFTON representative Kim Changhan said, “PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS will increase its quarterly sales in 2021 and will be selected as the top seller on the global game distribution platform Steam for the fifth consecutive year. “A game that continues to be loved,” and “lowering barriers to entry through free play services, further enhancing the gameplay experience, and ultimately PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS IP will grow as a more solid IP with a solid fundam. I’m looking forward to it. “
For more information on PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS Update 15.2, visit the official website (https://pubg.info/patchnote15-2-jp).

PUBG STUIODS developed “PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG)” in 2017 and currently provides game services through various platforms. Since its release, PUBG has seven Guinness World Records, including “The Fastest Earning $ 100 Million Steam Early Access Game”, has won many game awards at home and abroad, and is a battle royale in the world. Positioned as a pioneer in the genre.
In November 2021, the new mobile “PUBG: NEW STATE” was released, which inherited and deepened PUBG’s original battle royale experience. PUBG is a game production business, marketing, with the goal of not only expanding as a globally popular intellectual property right (IP), but also continuously producing content that provides fun to gamers. We are promoting Esports and others.



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