TV animation "Genius Prince's deficit national regeneration technique" voice ban PV & Yoko Hikasa and others additional cast released!

TV animation “Genius Prince’s deficit national regeneration technique” voice ban PV & Yoko Hikasa and others additional cast released!
September 14, 2021 18:310
There is a voice actor video 2022 winter animation
TV animation “Genius Prince’s deficit national regeneration technique” voice ban PV & Yoko Hikasa and others additional cast released!
A lot of new information has arrived from the TV anime “The Genius Prince’s Deficit National Rebirth” which started broadcasting in January 2022.
“The Genius Prince’s Deficit National Rebirth” is a TV anime based on a light novel by Toru Toba, who won the 1st GA Bunko Awards and Encouragement Award for “Orkinus Inaji Fukagen’s Mediation Life”. It is a weak state management tan developed by Wayne, an unmotivated prince who succeeded the “clogged” Natra Kingdom. Comicalize is also serialized in Gangan ONLINE & Manga UP !.
⇒ TV animation “Genius Prince’s deficit national regeneration technique”, teaser PV & main staff information disclosure !!
This time, PV and 1.5 bullet key visuals have been released from the TV animation “The Genius Prince’s Deficit National Rebirth Technique” which will be broadcast on TOKYO MX, BS Nippon Television, and AT-X in January 2022.
Also announced an additional cast. Comments have also arrived from Yoko Hikasa, Yuki Sakakihara, and Yuki Nakashima.
Voice is also released at once on PV!
In the PV, along with the new video, the voices of Wayne, Ninim, Franya, Lowermina, Fish, and Nanaki will be released at once. The weak nation management of the genius prince who shakes the world with wisdom and wit, opens here!

【Key Visual】
The 1.5th key visual, which is another version of the existing key visual, has been released!
A young prince, Wayne, from a completely packed country, escapes from public affairs.
Announcing 3 additional cast members! Comments also arrived

Yoko Hikasa will play the role of Fish, Yuki Sakakihara will play the role of Nanaki, and Yuki Nakashima will play the role of Zeno! Introducing enthusiasm comments from character information & cast.
◆ Fish Brandel CV. Yoko Hikasa
A resident ambassador dispatched from the Earthwald Empire to the Kingdom of Natra. He is a calm and talented young bureaucrat, and even after returning to the empire, he gains a great deal of trust as an aide to Lowermina.
He keeps an eye on Wayne’s qualities and trends.
[Cast comment]
Speaking of the main character, I think that it is a standard practice to rebuild the country while spitting blood in a fierce battle, but it is interesting that the novel approach of selling your own country is very similar to modern investment! I am wondering how the story goes.
Surrounded by a hero who deserves the name of a genius, a character who has both habits and habits, isn’t he the only decent character? Mr. Fish who seems to be.
I hope to be a healing and supportive existence not only for His Imperial Highness Lowermina but also for everyone.
◆ Nanaki Raray CV. Yuki Sakakihara
An escort with Franya, a boy with clear white hair and red eyes. He has few words and is blunt to everyone, but he cherishes the Lord Franya.
He has a high fighting ability and is also good at observing.
[Cast comment]
“The genius prince’s deficit national regeneration technique” has come! !! The operation of a completely packed nation … I am very excited to enjoy such games on a regular basis!
Many unique characters are also a highlight, and Nanaki-kun, who I play, is one of them.
I will do my best to bring to you all the mysterious charm that he has, which is cool, cool, beautiful, and cute. Thank you for your cooperation.
◆ Zeno CV. Yuki Nakashima
An executive of the Marden Liberation Army. He is the name of Prince Helmut, the leader of the army. He is a wise man with keen insight, but sometimes he gets emotional because of his revenge on the Kingdom of Cavaline, who conquered the former Kingdom of Marden.
[Cast comment]
I will be in charge of Zeno’s voice!
I am very happy to be involved in this work as Zeno!
It’s straightforward, very enthusiastic about studying, and there may be some surprising secrets …
I would be grateful if you could watch over such Zeno!
Please watch the anime to see how Zeno gets involved with the main characters, Wayne-san!
Please look forward to the start of the broadcast!
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Soma Saito & Rie Takahashi’s WEB radio will also be delivered
“-To increase the approval rating, we started operating the radio (national)-“
A pre-broadcast special radio program has been decided to increase the popularity of the TV anime “The Genius Prince’s Deficit National Rebirth” scheduled to be broadcast in January 2022.
The support of listeners (people) and above all, “budget” is indispensable for radio!
We will welcome Prince Soma Saito and Assistant Rie Takahashi as personalities (… while planning to increase the approval rating of the work together with them …) to deliver a radio program that listeners (national people) can enjoy.
Unexpected radio (national) management opens here!
Details such as the delivery date and time will be announced on the program page and the official anime website.
On the program page below, we are also looking for messages to the two personalities and letters to the in-program corner.
[Work information]
■ TV animation “Genius Prince’s deficit national regeneration technique”

Broadcast on TOKYO MX, BS Nippon Television, and AT-X from January 2022

The kingdom of Natra, a weak nation exposed to the threat of a hegemonic nation.
Prince Wayne, who took over the country at a young age,
Supported by his aide, Ninim, he begins to demonstrate his talent and brilliant skills.
But this country … it’s insanely packed!
There is no money to change the domestic affairs.
There is no military power to take it away.
Decent and talented people will flow out to other countries.
“Sell the country quickly and do it!”
Wayne’s wish is to retire and lead a comfortable life.
He sells a flirtation to a great power, and if he sells a country, his dream will come true.
However, both diplomacy and military have rolled in unexpected directions …!?
Shake the world with wisdom and wit
The genius prince’s weak national management starts here!

Original: Toru Toba (GA Bunko / SB Creative)
Character draft: Fal Maro
Director: Masato Tamagawa
Deputy Director: Cai Kin Ai
Series composition: Deko Akao
Character design: Ryunosuke Oji
3D Director: Yoshihiro Mushita
Art Director: Hirotsugu Kakoi (Kagoshima Ramekahirimu)
Color design: Souko Nakao (Wish)
Edited by: Mai Hasegawa (editz)
Cinematographer: Natsumi Uchida (Animo Caramel)
Sound Director: Ryosuke Naya
Sound production: Studio Mausu
Music: Toshihiko Sahashi
Animation Producer: Yuma Ogami
Animation production: Yokohama Animation Laboratory

Wayne: Soma Saito
Ninim: Rie Takahashi
Franya: Sayaka Senbongi
Lowermina: Nao Toyama
Fish: Yoko Hikasa
Nanaki: Yuki Sakakihara
Zeno: Yuki Nakashima
[Book information]
■ Original “The Genius Prince’s Deficit National Regeneration Technique-Yes, Let’s Sell-“
Written by Toru Toba Illustration: Fal Maro
SB Creative “GA Bunko”
Volume 10 will be released on August 12, 2021!
Official HP:
■ Comicalize
Original: Toru Toba Character draft: Fal Maro Composition: Kentaro Kurimoto Manga: Emuda
Serialized in Gangan ONLINE & Manga UP!
Official HP:
The latest volume 4, released on September 7, 2021!
(C) Toru Toba / SB Creative / The Genius Prince Production Committee



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