【be on one's mind! Seasonal anime review! ] The vulnerable people's treatments drawn by the popular movie "Sumikko Gurashi He Jumps Out Picture Books and Secrets"

【be on one’s mind! Seasonal anime review! ] The vulnerable people’s treatments drawn by the popular movie “Sumikko Gurashi He Jumps Out Picture Books and Secrets”
November 14, 2019 10:180
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【be on one’s mind! Seasonal anime review! ] The vulnerable people’s treatments drawn by the popular movie “Sumikko Gurashi: Picture Books and Secrets”
A moment of silence after the ending theme is over and the lights are on. The buzz that followed will probably not be forgotten for the time being.
This is confusing and moving. And I think that the urge to “tell someone what you think” was a feeling shared by everyone who watched the movie “Sumikko Gurashi’s picture book and secrets”. It was such a strong and moving movie.
The voice that “The movie of” Sumikko Gurashi “is dangerous!” Spread mainly on SNS immediately after its release. After that, the screening hall suddenly expanded due to the magnitude of the response, and many anime fans must have thought, “This is something amazing happening!”
I was one of them, and I opened a movie theater ticket reservation site with a light touch like “If it’s so much talked about, why don’t you write a viewing review?” However, I was surprised! At around noon, the same-day tickets for Shinjuku Piccadilly were almost sold out. By rushing in, I managed to keep the front row seats.
When I arrived at the theater, the lobby was crowded with anime fans waiting for the opening, and this enthusiasm was reminiscent of the atmosphere of the 1997 “Neon Genesis Evangelion Sito Reborn” release date. Can you sympathize with me? The enthusiasm of the audience, who wanted to rush to the theater as soon as one minute or one second, was about that long ago.
By the way, what I saw was the screening from 19:00 on weekdays. In terms of time and land, there are only office workers, working couples, and university students on their way home from work. Few children should be the original target. If you think about it, it’s a great situation. How many of them know the content “Sumikko Gurashi”? I’m sorry for lack of study, but I’m a San-X fancy character, and I had only really rough knowledge about those who live quietly in the corner of the room … and probably many of the people in the theater are also big. It’s more or less similar.
“We’ve seen” Sumikko Gurashi “” “This may be a source of SNS”, there must have been some kind of ridiculous glue.
Before and after the screening, that kind of air lurks, and by the time we reach the middle stage, everyone breathes, and when the climax approaches, we can hear snorting sounds from all over the venue.
And the situation after the screening is as at the beginning. Stunned self-defeat. Everyone fell into a situation where they couldn’t move because of the overwhelming excitement and shock.
Since the movie is still being released, what made this work so shaken our hearts in a way that avoids spoilers as much as possible. I want to think about it.
Drama of the weak and those who do not have
The outline of this work is as follows.
A slightly negative but unique existence called “Sumikko” finds an old pop-up book one day. Looking at the book, Sumikko and his friends were suddenly sucked into the world of the book.
In the world of picture books, Miko and his friends meet a lonely chick who doesn’t know who they are, and everyone finds a chick’s house …
something like. To put it in a fashionable way now, is it “another world reincarnated thing”? An interesting and heartwarming adventure of Sumiko and chicks will be the main story of this work.
The point is that all the characters that appear are “weak”.
The Sumikos appearing in this work are “Shirokuma” who has escaped from the cold, “Penguin?” “Tonkatsu no Hajikko” and “Ebifurai no Tail”, which is actually a survivor of a dinosaur, but “Tokage” who spends his days hiding his identity to live peacefully, someday at a flower shop he longs for Everyone is in a disadvantaged situation, such as “Zaso” that I want you to do, “Tapioka” that only milk tea was drunk first and left behind, and “Gurashi” that is quiet because I do not want to be scared. Those who have some kind of complex, unsuccessful dreams, and scorn.
They can never become the mainstream of the world, but they are still living happily as they are, while apologizing for being close to each other in the corner of the room. Its appearance is exactly the same as that of the “weak” who gather at the bottom of a super-discount share house or school clique.
What they meet in a picture book is a “chick” who can’t establish their identity because they don’t know who they are.
Sumikko and his friends who happened to visit the world of picture books, along with their “weak” chicks, and his “house” ── in order to find their own roots, in various picture books such as “Momotaro” and “Arabian Nights”. It’s an adventure in the world, but the situation is basically comically and cutely drawn. The chick, who had been lonely for the rest of his life, naturally smiles as he deepens his friendship by accumulating friendly exchanges with Sumiko and his friends.
That’s why, in the world of a story that I finally arrived at, another character appeared immediately after I was pleased that “I was the main character in this world!”. That was actually the main character, and the chick was nothing. The feeling of helplessness and despair in the scene that was discouraged by the cruel “reality” was immeasurable.
Who can a person born without having anything? Such a resignation comes to the audience’s heart.
In this way, while Sumiko and his friends are close to each other, they draw a kind of utopian style, but when they have contact with the outside world, it is inevitable. It has a very severe structure in which “reality” stands in the way.
This series of shaking shakes our hearts, and eventually raises sympathy for Sumiko and others, and it is no longer a matter of others.
The moment when this structure reaches its peak is the climax where Sumiko and others are forced to make a big decision. The alternative (and only the other choice) reality also brings us irreparable despair.
What exactly happened and what choices were made? I’d like you to check it in the movie theater, but after the selection, the too “friendly” actions taken by Sumikko who finished the adventure, on the other hand, they could not choose the option anymore-and we the audience It is a hope and comfort for us.
The action may not be the optimal solution to the result. Perhaps it’s an atonement for not being able to choose another option, and it could even be just complacency.
If he still wasn’t chosen and thinks he’ll be saved. And if their feelings that they couldn’t choose are saved, that “gentleness” may be meaningful.
In the era of Reiwa, many sad incidents are eroding our hearts. There are many cases that cannot be done by others. However, if we could have the “gentleness” that Sumikko and his friends showed. And if we can share that feeling with everyone, I’m sure we can hold hands and endure it, rather than confronting the painful and irresistible “reality.”
It looks like a passive way of life, and in fact, I think it’s a pretty tough way of life.
And, “If I could live like that” “If there was someone who would be close to me” … The impression of those who sympathized with the “strength” and “gentleness” of this work is the book. It’s the basis of the big excitement of the work … I wonder if I read too much.
If I had drawn a story like this one with a live-action drama or a so-called late-night anime-like pattern, I wonder if I would have had the same impression.
In addition, the story progresses basically with narration by Yoshihiko Inohara and Manami Honjo, and the lines and emotions of the characters are only expressed by fragmentary written characters and actions. If this was a polite conversation one by one, I wonder if we could have been so close to the character’s emotions.
Because it is a fancy character that is loved by men and women of all ages, and because it is a story told with narration that evokes the movement and imagination of characters that do not involve language, it may have struck a chord with many audiences as a kind of parable. In the end, it should lead to one answer to the question, “Why do you draw a drama with a fancy character?” “What is a drama that can be drawn only because it is an animation, which is impossible in live action?”
“Movie Sumikko Gurashi His Jumping Picture Book and Secrets” is the best animated movie of the year! I don’t say that, but I think it’s a very important work that makes me think about the rich imagination of the expression of anime.
Finally, personally a penguin? I thought that the coupling of chicks was a heartwarming & moe index, but how about everyone who has already watched it? From that point of view, you can feel free to enjoy it, so please stop by the movie theater for the time being and get an unexpected counter punch!
(Editorial department, Arita)



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