The second "Movie Sumikko Gurashi" is "Blue Moonlit Night Magic"! The script is Reiko Yoshida from "Violet Evergarden"!

The second “Movie Sumikko Gurashi” is “Blue Moonlit Night Magic”! The script is Reiko Yoshida from “Violet Evergarden”!
April 13, 2021 15:040
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The second “Movie Sumikko Gurashi” is “Blue Moonlit Night Magic”! The script is Reiko Yoshida from “Violet Evergarden”!
San-X unveiled the title and teaser visual of the second movie “Sumikko Gurashi” for the first time.
“When I’m in Sumikko, I feel calm for some reason.” Such a slightly negative but unique character “Sumikko Gurashi”. The view of the world attracts not only children but also adults, and the first theatrical animation “Movie Sumikko Gurashi His Jumping Picture Book and Secrets” has a mobilization of over 1.2 million people. The gentle story of Sumikko and his friends in the world of picture books healed all over Japan.
Then, in the fall of 2021, Sumikko and his friends will return to the movie theater again as “Movie Sumikko Gurashi Aoi Tsukiyo no Mahou no Ko”. The next stage is the town where Sumikko and his friends live. The mysterious story begins on the night of the blue moon when you visit the usual town.
The second movie is directed by Takahiro Omori of “Natsume Yujincho” and written by Reiko Yoshida of “Violet Evergarden”. The two who have worked on many anime works have teamed up for the first time and joined the new Sumiko Nakama. Fanworks Co., Ltd. is in charge of animation production following the previous work. Draw the self-paced life of Sumikko with a warm touch.
[Teaser visual]

One autumn day, Sumikko and his friends went camping.
The fun time passed so quickly, and when the night was indulging, penguins? Remembers a legend.
“A blue full moon night that falls once every five years. Magicians come to town.”
A big blue moon was floating in front of Sumiko and his friends!
That night, a mysterious magic was cast on the usual town …?
Stay tuned for more news! Check the official website and official Twitter (@sumikko_movie) for the latest information.
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[Work information]
■ Movie Sumikko Gurashi Blue Moonlit Night Magic

November 2021, National Road Show

Original: San-X
Director: Takahiro Omori
Screenplay: Reiko Yoshida
Art Director: Kaori Hino
Animation production: Fanworks
Distribution: Asmik Ace
© 2021 Japan Sumikko Gurashi Association Film Club



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