Netflix and first tag Nana Mori & Natsuki Deguchi starring in "Kiyo in Kyoto" directed by Hirokazu Koreeda

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Netflix and first tag Nana Mori & Natsuki Deguchi starring in “Kiyo in Kyoto” directed by Hirokazu Koreeda
Starring Nana Mori and Natsuki Deguchi
(C) Aiko Koyama / Shogakukan / STORY
It has been revealed that Japan’s leading movie director Hirokazu Koreeda has teamed up with Netflix for the first time to make a drama of Aiko Koyama’s popular manga “Kiyo in Kyoto”. In addition to starring Nana Mori and Natsuki Deguchi, Aju Makita, Keiko Matsuzaka, Ai Hashimoto, Mayu Matsuoka, and Takako Tokiwa all have the same popularity and ability.
“Maiko-san Chinomanai-san”, directed by Koreeda as a general director, director, and screenwriter, is set in the Hanamachi district of Kyoto and is a house-shaped “Maiko-san (= rice)” where the maikos live together. The story of Kiyo (Mori), the main character who became a “work to make”, tells the daily life of a close friend who came from Aomori with the violets of Maiko through the gorgeous world of Maiko and delicious rice. Genki Kawamura (“Confession”, “Bad Man”, “Your Name”) is participating in the project in collaboration with STORY and Bunfuku. In addition, Megumi Tsuno (“Ten Years Japan”), Hiroshi Okuyama (“I hate Jesus”), and Takuma Sato (“Any Crybabies”), who will lead the next generation, will direct each episode. Handle.
Director Koreeda said that he went to Gion, Kyoto several times after being brought in by the producer Kawamura. First of all, I was surprised that it was one of the organisms. ” “This is by no means a story of people of the past left behind in the times, but it may be a hint of a new way of life that we should seek after Corona, so I was excited to work on it. I have sent a comment.
(C) Tamotsu Fujii
Casting said, “The role of Maiko was decided by auditioning repeatedly, regardless of career,” (Director Koreeda). Playing Kiyo, the exit is dressed as a maiko, “a talented person in a hundred years” and a violet who is expected to have a future. In addition, Makita is Ryoko, the daughter of a high school girl who is a housekeeper, Matsuzaka is a predecessor and Chiyo who is still the cornerstone of the house, Hashimoto is the most popular geisha Momoko, and Matsuoka is the geisha Yoshino who returned at the same time as Momoko. , Tokiwa is Ryoko’s mother and breathes into the house-shaped landlady, Azusa.
Along with this announcement, the teaser visual that was completed with Mikiya Takimoto as the cameraman and Yori Oshima as the designer was unveiled. The main story was shot by Ryuto Kondo of “Shoplifters”, Yohei Taneda as the art director, and Nami Iijima as the food stylist. “Kiyo in Kyoto” will be distributed worldwide in 2022.
(C) Aiko Koyama / Shogakukan / STORY
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The full comments of the original author, Mr. Koyama, director Koreeda, and the main cast are as follows.
■ Original author, Aiko Koyama
It’s a real honor. Thank you! I was allowed to observe the production scenery, but it was intense. A world where various professionals, including the director, are enjoying themselves to the fullest. It was an atmosphere where blood was flowing to every corner, and power was quietly overflowing from everywhere. As a viewer, I would like to bite into the happiness of being immersed in this world. I’m really looking forward to it.
■ Comprehensive production, Hirokazu Koreeda
Mr. Kawamura told me this story, and while visiting Gion several times, the people who live in the house are unrelated communities and the whole city is an organism connected by extension telephone. First of all, I was surprised. And I was excited to work on the production, thinking that this is by no means a story of people of the past left behind in the times, but may be a hint of a new way of life that we should seek after Corona. rice field.
The role of Maiko was decided by auditioning repeatedly, side by side, regardless of career. In addition to Mr. Taneda’s large-scale and detailed set and Mr. Iijima’s cooking, I think that the ensemble created by actresses including the mother and senior geisha who surround Maiko is the greatest attraction of this work. increase. I still have some shots left, but I’m looking forward to the completion.
■ Nana Mori
As Kiyo, who I met at the audition two years ago, I spent time in that beautiful kitchen in Kyoto with a wonderful cast and staff.
When this drama reaches you, I hope you can see it all. The beautiful cityscape of Kyoto, the fascinating dance, the pulsating Kyoto dialect, the usual rice, and the laughter that echoes in the house.
I think that the space that glitters no matter where you cut it can deliver real time. I’m still shooting, but I’m looking forward to the completion.
I hope you enjoy it together.
■ Natsuki Deguchi
I’m Natsuki Deguchi, who played the role of Sumire Torai.
She wondered what to do when she heard that she was a maiko who was expected to be a talented person in a hundred years (laughs).
However, when she read the script, she felt that she wanted to be a Maiko rather than a talent, and that she was a genius of hard work, always full of dance, no matter where she was.
She had a lot of trouble with things she didn’t have, but she was able to play with the support of everyone.
It’s a kind work of people who connect with people and support Maiko, so please take a look!
■ Aju Makita
Ryoko is a character not found in the original story, and is the only lone wolf-like girl in the house that is not a maiko.
She was tsundere, but she was somehow warm and adorable.
I would like you to pay attention to how Ryoko grows up in her daily life with Kiyo Yasumire, her mother, and many people.
It was a lot of fun to shoot with Koreeda-gumi after a long time. Please look forward to.
■ Keiko Matsuzaka
I was very pleased to be able to participate in the work “Kiyo in Kyoto”, which was made by director Koreeda and everyone in the Koreeda group.
And I’m nervous because I’m a mother of a house that has been in Gion for generations.
She was taught by wonderful teachers, and she felt like a trainer.
She practiced various things, and as I talked to everyone in Gion, I realized various things. Thank you for the good opportunity.
■ Ai Hashimoto
I’ve always dreamed of being with Director Koreeda, so when I talked to him, I cried a little.
With the guidance of Mai Inoue from Dr. Yachiyo Inoue, it became a fortune above all else.
I will never forget the mysterious time of the lunar eclipse and the day when I danced under the beautiful full moon.
I think that only nice things are reflected. Please look forward to it …!
■ Mayu Matsuoka
While touching the fresh, clean and straightforward play of the young actresses who played the role of Maiko, I shared the space with my longing seniors.
Although I am still a young person, it was a very difficult time for me to work in a standing position like a gap and to remember myself a while ago while staring at my seniors who wanted to become such an adult. The eyes of the directors led by Hirokazu Koreeda were also a tightening experience.
Nowadays, it’s hard to travel casually, and I will try to give Japanese people as well as people living in other countries the time as if they were spending time in Kyoto.
■ Takako Tokiwa
It’s a huge set that I’ve never seen in a studio in Kyoto, or rather, I was trembling when I saw Gion Town, but the days when shooting progressed freely and cheerfully in it really It was a happy time. Even though there were various generations of staff and cast, I wondered why I was laughing so much every day because “this is Koreeda-gumi”.
All that remains is the shooting of the winter edition. I would like to cherish “Azusa-san’s mother” who watches over Gei Maiko and enjoy it in detail.
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Work information Event information
Kiyo in Kyoto
Broadcast time Fall 2021 Anime
This week’s broadcast
TV set
Saturday, January 15
Digital terrestrial broadcasting 9: 20-9: 29 # 15 NHK E Tele 1 Tokyo
Digital terrestrial broadcasting 17:25 ~ 17:34 # 15 NHK E Tele 1 Tokyo
Production company
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[Original] Aiko Koyama [Director] Yohei Suzuki [Series composition] Susumu Yamakawa [Music] Go Sakabe [Production] NHK Enterprises [Production / Copyright] NHK Kiyo in Kyoto
Kiyo and Sumire came to Kyoto from Aomori aiming for a maiko. However, for some reason, Kiyo became a house-shaped man. Kiyo, who became a maiko who cooks daily meals for maiko in the Hanamachi, violets who are expected to have a future as a maiko, and maiko who live together. Everyday life is depicted in a relaxed manner through delicious rice.
Kiyo: Kana Hanazawa Sumire: M ・ A ・ O Kenta: Minami Takayama Koma: Satsumi Matsuda Mother: Kaoru Katakai Old man: Rikiya Koyama
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