Everyone is thrilled in the final episode of "K-ON!" Because it was shot using the suspense film technique. [Nostalgic Anime Memoir 86th]

Everyone is thrilled in the final episode of “K-ON!” Because it was shot using the suspense film technique. [Nostalgic Anime Memoir 86th]
January 09, 2022 11:000
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Everyone is thrilled in the final episode of “K-ON!” Because it was shot using the suspense film technique. [Nostalgic Anime Memoir 86th]
Broadcasting of the TV anime “The Heike Story” begins on Fuji TV. Speaking of the masterpiece of this work director Naoko Yamada, everyone will mention “K-ON!” (2009) at the top.
The final episode of the first season, “Light Sound!”, Is thrilling until Yui, the main character who collapsed due to a cold, reaches the stage of the school festival and finishes playing with her friends in the light music club. The mere goal of “recovering by the school festival and standing on the stage” is alienated as a result of her sister’s worries and distractions.
(1) Disguise as her sister

I’m worried when I hear her seniors consulting to leave her guitar, which is her only responsibility, to another member. After her thoughts, Yui appears in her club room in disguise and plays the guitar in place of her sister. A real Yui appears there, but she hasn’t recovered from her cold yet, and she will rest until the next day’s performance.
(2) She brings back the guitar

On the day of the school festival, Yui recovers and joins her friends in her club room. However, she doesn’t have her favorite guitar on the spot. The cause was that after the event of (1), Yuu took the guitar home and put it in her sister’s room. Inevitably, Yui returns to her house to pick up the guitar, and she rushes back to school in time for the stage.
In the case of (1), Yui found her guitar, and she said, “Was she in such a place?”, So it turns out that her disguise operation is a melancholy decision. Yui is lying down and sleeping when Yuu brings back the guitar in (2). Only one person is acting with her will.
A closer look at the scenes reveals the suspenseful side of these scenes.
Make a character who acts alone look mysterious with a strong contrast
The scene in (1) where Yui visits the sleeping room is at dusk. The setting sun is shining through the window, and half of the body of melancholy is illuminated in orange. Yuu worriedly mutters, “Sister …”, but even with that up, half of her face is lit up in the dusk and the other half is illuminated by orange light.
(2) is a flashback scene, but since Yui is sleeping, the lights in her room are off. When Yuu comes in with a guitar, the light in her hallway shines into a dark room. The appearance of melancholy is backlit, and her face is painted in dark colors.
When the character goes dark alone, she shades it with strong lighting, creating a mood of plotting something … This is the usual production of suspense films. In Alfred Hitchcock’s “Psycho” (1960), when Anthony Perkins’s murderer acts in a closed room, a strong light source is placed at the bottom and side of the screen. It’s a pity to compare melancholy to a murderer, but in the drama, she’s a role to keep away from the only goal of “curing a cold and standing on stage.” It makes sense to create a mysterious scene of melancholy. Just taking a cute picture of a cute character doesn’t convey anything.
By “taking a picture from directly above”, the meaning is amplified and the impression becomes stronger.

And in this episode “Light Sound!”, There are other scenes that look exactly like “Psycho”.
In “Psycho”, the murderer disguises himself as his mother and commits murder twice. In the second murder scene, a private detective climbing the stairs is stabbed to death with a knife, but just before the action, the camera is set on the ceiling. Then, it becomes an angle overlooking the entire stairs from directly above. The movement of the murderer walking with a knife toward a private detective is projected in the open. The bold movement that cannot be hidden at all gives a brilliant impression to the audience.
Almost the same angle is used for “light sound!”
Yui, who has recovered from her cold, appears in her club room without notice and surprises her companions. In particular, her junior Azusa blames Yui for being “worst” because of her worries, and bends her navel and turns her back. She hugs her back, but the action is taken from directly above. I think this cut will sound straight to the back of the viewer’s heart, because the act of gently comforting a cute junior, which would otherwise be shy and want to hide, is taken naked from the ceiling.
Whether it’s a suspense film or a heartwarming everyday anime, it has a common purpose of awakening the emotions of what you see. Expressions are infinitely rich because they are not bound by genre and do not choose any means.
(Sentence / Keisuke Hirota)



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