The 19th "Pretty Cure" of "Rice is a Smile" will start broadcasting in February. Kana Hishikawa, Risa Shimizu, and Yuka Iguchi will play the role of Pretty Cure.

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The 19th “Pretty Cure” of “Rice is a Smile” will start broadcasting in February. Kana Hishikawa, Risa Shimizu, and Yuka Iguchi will play the role of Pretty Cure.
From the left, Cure Spicy (Risa Shimizu), Cure Precious (Hana Hishikawa), Cure Yamuyam (Yuka Iguchi)
(C) ABC-A / Toei Animation
The main cast and outline of the work of the 19th “Pretty Cure” series “Delicious Party Precure” (* “・” is a white heart mark), which will start on February 6, have been clarified. At the same time, key visuals and character visuals are also shown.
The motif of this “Pretty Cure” is “rice”. With the keyword “rice is a smile”, a new precure will play an active role in a delicious town where delicious dishes from all over the world are gathered.
Futaba Kokone, Kazumi Yui, and Hanaman Ran (from the left), each of whom has a restaurant run by their parents’ home.
(C) ABC-A / Toei Animation
Kana Hishikawa, Risa Shimizu, and Yuka Iguchi will play three second-year junior high school girls who transform into Pretty Cure with the help of energy fairies. In Hishikawa, his parents’house is a set meal restaurant, and “Delicious Smile ~!” And “Harapekota ~!” In Iguchi, his parents’ house plays the role of Hanamichi Ran / Cure Yamuyam, a ramen restaurant.
In addition, the energy fairies who support Precure are Natsumi Takamori, Natsumi Hioka, Tomoe Hanba, Tomoaki Maeno as the captain of the Recipe Bonn search team, Yuma Uchida as Yui’s childhood friend Takumi Shinada, and Bundle, a phantom thief who is hostile to Precure. Ai Kayano plays the role of Gentoru of the group.
Toshinori Fukasawa of “Movie Pretty Cure Her Miracle Leap A Mysterious Day with Everyone” will serve as the series director, Sawako Hirabayashi of “Wolf Girl and Black Prince” will be the series composition, and Kyoko Yufu of “Seirei Gensouki” will be the character design. Handle.
The opening theme song will be Machico’s “Cheers! Delicious Party Pretty Cure”, and the ending theme for the previous term will be Chihaya Yoshitake’s “DELICIOUS HAPPY DAYS ♪”.
From 8:30 am on February 6, broadcasting will start on the ABC TV / TV Asahi affiliated 24 stations nationwide. The full comments from Hishikawa, Shimizu, and Iguchi, who play the roles of Pretty Cure, are as follows.
[Kana Hishikawa (Yui Kazumi / Cure Precious)]
・ Please tell us your impressions when you decided to play Precure.
I made a surprise announcement at the office, but at that time I couldn’t believe it at all, and sometimes I still think it was a dream! I’m really happy to be a Pretty Cure that I’ve loved since I was a kid and always wanted to be!
・ Please tell us the charm of the Pretty Cure series that Kana Hishikawa feels.
I think it’s a work that reminds me of the longing I felt when I was a child. When I went to see a movie of Pretty Cure before, I was full of heart to see that not only children but also adults were enjoying it together. I think that the straightforward feelings of Precure, the cool battle scenes, all can be enjoyed across generations!
・ Please tell us your impression of Cure Precious / Yui Kazumi and your enthusiasm for acting.
Yui is a girl who has a straight personality and loves to eat! She is a super hero, so I want to put her relaxed feelings into her voice so that she can be a longing for children! And now that it is difficult to eat rice in large numbers casually, I would be happy if the children could be told that “the rice we eat together is delicious !!” through “Delicious Party ♡ Precure”!
[Risa Shimizu (Kokone Fuwa / Cure Spicy)]
・ Please tell us your impressions when you decided to play Precure.
It was like a dream.
The manager told me that I passed the exam at the office, and I was really happy!
At the same time as I felt that I could become the Pretty Cure that I had been longing for, I felt that I was tightened.
A traditional Pretty Cure series that seniors have connected. I would like to inherit it firmly and do my best to deliver the excitement and courage I received when I was a child.
・ Please tell us the charm of the Pretty Cure series that Risa Shimizu feels.
I was watching “Futari wa Pretty Cure”. The excitement I felt back then is still unforgettable.
I also loved the theme song and sang it a lot.
The cute and cool appearance of Precure makes me feel hot, saying, “Wow, I’ll do my best too!”
And it will teach you the heart that never gives up.
The viewer smiles and becomes energetic. I think that is the attraction.
・ Please tell us your impression of Cure Spicy / Futaba Kokone and your enthusiasm for acting.
The first impression was that he was a cool and mature child.
He is elegant and has a tsundere impression, but he has a kind heart full of compassion.
I feel that this place will change drastically throughout the story.
I want to carefully and carefully play the subtleties of her heart as she meets her friends and grows up.
I will do my best so that you can enjoy it!
[Yuka Iguchi (Ran Hanaman / Cure Yamuyam)]
・ Please tell us your impressions when you decided to play Precure.
I was so happy that I was so happy!
I had a lot of thoughts from the time of the audition, so when I heard that I had accepted it, I shouted “Gee!” As if I had drawn it in the picture! And I cried.
Ever since I became a voice actor, I’ve always dreamed of appearing in Pretty Cure’s work. I was really really happy.
And now that my dream has come true, I will try my best to express the charm of Yamuyam! It burned ♡!
I’m looking forward to dubbing from now on!
・ Please tell us the charm of the Pretty Cure series that Yuka Iguchi feels.
It’s a place full of everyone’s dreams!
I think the appearance of the girls who always look forward without giving up and live hard is really cool. And it’s glittering and cute !!
I think the story that not only small children but also adults will be absorbed in is attractive.
The theme is something familiar to you every time, so it’s good to be able to remember Precure in a casual place in your daily life.
・ Please tell us your impression of Cure Yamuyam / Hanamaran and your enthusiasm for acting.
Ran-chan is full of energy and loves delicious food!
Sometimes my passion for what I like is so strong that everyone around me is surprised … Such a cute girl full of humor.
Occasionally, the temperature difference with everyone around me makes me dent a little, and not only is it bright, but the gap is also attractive.
Work information
Delicious Party ♡ Pretty Cure Updated January 9, 2022
Work information Event information
Delicious party ♡ Pretty Cure
Broadcast time 2022 winter animation
Production company
Toei Animation
Staff information
[Series Director] Toshinori Fukasawa [Series Composition] Sawako Hirabayashi [Character Design] Kyoko Yufu [Art Setting] Ryutaro Masuda [Art Director] Rie Iida [Color Design] Naomi Kiyota [Music] Shiho Terada Delicious Party ♡ Pretty Cure
A mysterious and delicious world, Cooking Dam, which controls the world. One day, the recipe Bonn, which describes how to make all the Ori that the Cooking Dam has carefully protected, was sneaked by the Kaito Bundre group, so it’s hard! The Bundre group, who is trying to get all the Oriori alone, is aiming for the Oriori Fairy [Recipe Pippi] … Borrowing the power of energy fairies who came to the delicious town of the human world in search of Recipe Bonn, by chance, three ordinary girls transformed into Pretty Cure! Regain the recipe bon and confront the Bundre team to protect everyone’s delicious food!
[OP] Machico “Cheers! Delicious Party ♡ Precure”
[ED] Chihaya Yoshitake “DELICIOUS HAPPY DAYS ♪”
Yui Kazumi / Cure Precious: Hanana Hishikawa Futaba Kokone / Cure Spicy: Risa Shimizu Manran / Cure Yamuyam: Yuka Iguchi Come rice: Natsumi Takamori Pampam: Natsumi Hioka Menmen: Tomoe Hanba Rosemary: Tomoaki Maeno Takumi Shinada: Uchida Yuma Gentoru: Ai Kayano
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