[Winter 2022 Anime] "Image of playing table tennis and shogi at the same time" "Sense of Takagi" -Rie Takahashi and Yuki Kaji talk about the points of acting! Interview with TV anime "Teasing Master Takagi-san 3"

[Winter 2022 Anime] “Image of playing table tennis and shogi at the same time” “Sense of Takagi” -Rie Takahashi and Yuki Kaji talk about the points of acting! Interview with TV anime “Teasing Master Takagi-san 3”
From January 7, 2022, the third season of TV animation “Teasing Master Takagi-san 3” will start. Prior to the start of the long-awaited third season of TV animation, we interviewed Rie Takahashi (role of Takagi) and Yuki Kaji (role of Nishikata), who starred in the series.
“Mr. Takagi, who is good at teasing” (hereinafter, “Mr. Takagi”) is a youth comedy drawn by Professor Soichiro Yamamoto, who is serializing in the popular series “Gessan” at Shogakukan. The cumulative total of the comic series has exceeded 10 million copies, the first period of TV animation will be broadcast from January to March 2018, the second period will be broadcast from July to September 2019, and the movie will be released in 2022. Has been done.
In the long-awaited third season of TV animation, will the distance between Mr. Takagi and Nishikata be further shortened, or … This time as well, the first love pattern that I want to watch over, the “teasing battle” of two people who grin and squeak is drawn. We asked Mr. Takahashi and Mr. Kaji a lot about how they played, the highlights of the 3rd term, and the events from the 2nd term.
“A place where you do your best no matter what you do” “One-sidedness” is a big attraction
――First of all, please tell us your feelings when the third term was decided.

Takahashi: I heard from the manager that the third term was decided, so I didn’t have time to rejoice, and I had the impression that I was the “starting side” of how to tell the fans. Lol). The movie version will be announced at the same time, and I think I can never say it. Even if the staff said “I saw Mr. Takagi” at various sites, I kept hiding it.
Kaji: When I met the director and producer at the site of another work, I heard that the story “I think I can continue” was wrinkled, so I was simply happy when I was informed of the decision. I was sick of it all the time (laughs). “Mr. Takagi” is a work that I wish I could continue as a life work in my life as a voice actor, even if I become a grandfather in the future. So, I’m really happy that I was able to achieve this until the third term. On the other hand, the movie version is a complete surprise! I heard about it at the dubbing site in the 3rd term, and I was very excited with surprise and joy! I’m really looking forward to what it will be like.
Yuki Kaji
――What are the attractive points of each other’s characters that you both feel?

Takahashi: Nishikata is only attractive. Everything is attractive.
Kaji: I think so about Mr. Takagi. Isn’t everyone attracted to it without knowing it? However, Mr. Takagi has only Nishikata in his eyes (laughs)! I’m not really interested in anything other than Nishikata, or it’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s salt-friendly.
Takahashi: It’s a classmate stop.
Kaji: That’s why we, the viewers who embrace Nishikata and touch the story, misunderstand that “Mr. Takagi is cute today, you like it” (laughs). Well, there is no doubt that the point is that “only the western piece” is the point.
Takahashi: Nishikata is also really full of charm, but if I give one, I love the “hard work”. No matter what you do, Nishikata thinks hard and takes the best move. Sometimes it’s “good at teasing” (laughs). As for the game, of course, I was invited to the summer festival (in the 12th episode of the 2nd term) after thinking hard, so I love all the actions.
Kaji Nishikata is also a really cute guy.
Rie Takahashi
-Did you feel any change in the character during the third dubbing?

Kaji: I think the appeal of this work is that it doesn’t change, and I don’t feel that I’m consciously making changes when performing. However, it is clear from the animation scenario and direction that Nishikata and Mr. Takagi are getting closer. In the third period, depictions that are even closer are also available. In that sense, there may be some unconscious changes in them. However, as a performer, nothing has changed in the basics, it’s all about “how well you can be teased”.
――Mr. Takagi continues to make fun of such Nishikata.
Takahashi: In the 3rd term, the time axis is advancing, so there are parts that are physically approaching or making a slightly aggressive remark, but just because the script is that way, Mr. Takagi’s It seems that it would be too over if the voice quality and the play were brought closer. I played with the usual Mr. Takagi without any particular change.
“Mr. Takagi”‘s dubbing is technically and physically difficult
―I would like to ask you more about dubbing and acting. What do you value in playing Takagi-san and Nishikata regardless of the third term?
Kaji: From a technical point of view, I feel that Nishikata is a very difficult role. First of all, the lines and monologues, that is, the switching between the superficial part and the inner part, are mixed up. In addition, he is a child whose emotions and emotions change at a tremendous speed. It is quite hard to move my head and mind instantly while responding to it (laughs). I feel that the work of a voice actor is somewhat like sprinting. For each work, run each of A part and B part with full power, and after a short break and movement, there is the next race. There is a feeling of resetting each site and starting a new game, so I feel that instantaneous power is more important than endurance.
At the same time, there is an image of dubbing as if you were playing table tennis and shogi together (laughs). As I continue the rally of the play, of course, something different from the ball I thought will come. However, it’s not fun to just return it, but to aim for the course and bargain in which direction to attack instantly. And from there, we need to build the next tactic, so we have to anticipate the first move ourselves. Compared to other works, “Mr. Takagi” seems to be doing it at a speed of 2 or 3 times, so I think that there is a considerable amount of concentration and energy to devote to that.
As for the character Nishikata, it’s really pure, or it’s straight and straight. That’s why Mr. Takagi will like it, and I think readers and viewers will want to support it. There is a crisp feeling that “boys had such a stupid part,” and in the important place, it’s really kind. I’m playing what I felt when I read the original, hoping that it could be made into an anime.
Takahashi: I think that this work certainly has many parts that require a great deal of technical concentration. As for the number of parts, A, B, C, and sometimes D part, the word sprint is perfect because there are many parts. You use your physical strength and your head.
Kaji: No doubt. Basically, we’re talking together all the time, and our brains are fully spinning.
Takahashi: So I think it’s a work that can’t be completed unless you do your best to make it feel like “dubbing!” While cherishing my heart, my technical skills as a voice actor are like “Takagi sense” that “I think it’s better to do this here” every time. Even when the third dubbing started, you said, “You’re back to Takagi-san’s dubbing.”
Kaji: That’s right. When I did the dubbing of the first episode of the 3rd term, I thought, “That? (Mr. Takagi’s dubbing) Are you so tired?” (Laughs). Well, there was some time left from the recording of the second term, and maybe I’m old, but … I’m really tired (laughs).
Takahashi: This is it. “Takagi sense” is (laughs).
Kaji: This is the “Takagi sense” (laughs).
Takahashi: It’s a unique dubbing, or the script is thick because there are many lines. Besides, Nishikata seems to rarely record lines and monologues separately.
Kaji: The scene where you are talking the lines and the monologue at the same time can only be recorded physically separately, but the parts that can be covered by other techniques are basically done as they are. It’s difficult and difficult, but it’s fun.
Takahashi: Moreover, Kaji-san will do the monologue as it is, so it’s very easy to hear the monologue of Nishikata in the role of Takagi-san. “I wonder if Nishikata thinks this way,” isn’t it? (Laughs).
Kaji: Actually, it looks like that to Mr. Takagi. Just by looking at Nishikata’s expression, I wondered if he was talking (in his heart).
Takahashi: It feels like a polite guide and is easy to play.
――That means that you are currently doing dubbing together.

Kaji Yes. Although it is a human race, basically we were able to record together. After all, whether or not you can share your heart in the same place has a big influence on the play.
Takahashi: Mr. Takagi sounds like an adult when the sense of distance physically opens.
Basically, “Hey, Kimura!” (Laughs)
――Looking back on the 1st and 2nd periods, where would you like to mention the number of stories and scenes that were particularly impressive?

Takahashi: Most recently, Nishikata noticed that Mr. Takagi’s condition was a little different from usual in the “Trouble” episode of the 9th episode of the 2nd term. I really like that.
Kaji: Sometimes it’s a critical time (laughs). It’s an episode that tells you that Mr. Takagi has become a special existence little by little in Nishikata.
Takahashi: I’m really happy that it has arrived (to Nishikata).
Kaji: It felt stronger in the third term. Also, personally, the “summer festival” in the final episode of the second term is impressive. It’s an episode of the original anime, and it’s a development that goes one step further than the original, but … I was surprised at the moment when Nishikata took a step as a man. Nishikata realized what Takagi-san was to me, and even though he was messed up, I couldn’t help but give it back.
――The 3rd period will be a continuation of the episode of “Summer Festival”. Please tell us the highlights of the 3rd period.
Kaji: First of all, I felt that it was made while valuing the tempo and atmosphere of the original, as in the first and second periods. On top of that, we are also waiting for the original anime episodes such as the “Summer Festival” in the second term, so please look forward to it. Also, I have the impression that there are many events related to it.
Takahashi: I also want you to pay attention to the event. The second semester of the second grade is quite long, and it’s a youth period full of interesting events. Besides, I think that it is full of fun such as different fun with a large number of people and a small number of people, and aspects seen from another couple.
―What are your impressions of characters other than Mr. Takagi and Nishikata?

Kaji: As for the three familiar daughters (Mina, Yukari, Sanae), there is still an episode frame for them, so don’t worry! (Laughs) Takao and Kimura still add blur in good places, and the Hojo and Hamaguchi dramas seem to be moving at the same time. I feel that this is interesting because it is the third term.
Kimura was the same as the “Summer Festival”, but … If it’s a dramatic time, for some reason you suddenly become dramatic (laughs). In fact, I feel that Kimura’s popularity has risen sharply there.
Takahashi: In the 3rd period, isn’t there a moment when Kimura’s popularity that increased in the 2nd period becomes “Hey, Kimura!”?
Kaji (laughs). Well, basically it’s “Hey Kimura!” (Laughs).
Takahashi Ahahahaha! In the third term, I think that there are quite a lot of sudden talks about three daughters and boys like a school. After all, pay attention to “Hey, Kimura!” (Laughs).
The back theme is “If Mr. Takagi goes to karaoke, he will sing like this.”
――I would like to ask you about the theme song. The ending song will be a cover song by Mr. Takagi this time as well, but please tell us what kind of song you can listen to.
Takahashi: Everyone has a wide range of generations, such as “I sang at karaoke”. We will deliver a collection of masterpieces that suits the episode and is addictive to everyone’s memory.
――It’s really nice to enter the ending song from the main story every time.
Takahashi: That’s right. This time, there was something like “If you make it 89 seconds (of the ending), the butt part will change a little, so let’s re-record it for animation.” There is a part that was recorded for animation like that, but all the songs are recorded in full scale, so please download it when it is delivered (laugh).
Kaji Download it (laughs)! It’s nice, isn’t it? The lyrics are nicely linked to the episode, and I feel that it works very effectively as an ending. From what I heard, it seems that the theme behind the singing is “What if Takagi-san went to karaoke?”, And I thought, “I see! It’s interesting!” But I think it’s very difficult to adjust the amount. I’m sure that if Mr. Takahashi sings as himself, he will be able to give a wider range, but that Mr. Takagi will sing it.
Originally, Mr. Takagi has a small amount of ostensibly swinging heart, and it’s called a poker face … There is something that makes it difficult to read emotions. However, her singing voice exquisitely conveys her feelings, and no matter who listens to it, she is the only one. I think it’s wonderful.
――By the way, what is your favorite song so far?

Kaji: It’s too difficult to choose, but … “Kimagure Romantic” is very impressive.
Takahashi: It’s the first episode of the first period. It’s too good as an image song. I was very impressed that I was able to sing this song first.
Kaji: Also, JUDY AND MARY’s “bicycle” left an impression on me. In the 3rd term, it seems that there are songs that have never been chosen before, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how they are sung.
–Yuiko Ohara has been in charge of the opening since the 1st and 2nd term. Please tell us about your impression.
Takahashi: I thought it was really full of “glittering feeling in the second semester.” The second semester of the second year of junior high school was like a song of the third term, not the first term or the second term, which makes me think that it was a refreshing atmosphere and a glittering feeling full of events.
Kaji (at the time of the interview) I haven’t listened to it yet, but as I listen to it every week, I’m sure it will be “this is this! This is the only one!” (Laughs). And one day, I would like to listen to an album that is like a concept album and that is close to the world of “Mr. Takagi”.
―It’s good because the same person is in charge all the time.

Kaji: That’s right. I think that being able to take a different approach from the first and second works is one of the strengths of the same artist. That “sweet but sad singing voice” and “life-size and familiar lyrics” are no longer indispensable to the anime “Mr. Takagi”.
In the last two years, I have become “Mr. Takahashi who is good at XX” and “Mr. Kaji who is good at □□”.
――Two years have passed since the second term, and during that time, I think that there was a corona wreck and I used my time at home to take on various challenges. So, please tell me if you have become “good at XX” in the last two years.

Takahashi: I got the qualification of “Professional Organizer Advisor”. I’m still in second grade.
Kaji is amazing! What is the level of Level 2?
Takahashi: When I reach the first grade, I can give advice to people as a job, but now I’m still at the level of being able to keep things in order without any inconvenience.
Kaji: Still amazing! Mr. Takahashi is exactly what you imagined. It’s true even if you’re having a conversation, and so is this. I’m afraid to say it, but I think it will be a wonderful wife.
Takahashi did it! !! I also love the interior of my house, and if anyone is worried about storage, I would like to go on a business trip and give advice (laughs).
Kaji: Isn’t there such a video privilege? “Mr. Takahashi, who is good at storing” (laughs)? For example, going to Shodoshima (the stage of this work).
Takahashi: You’ve never been there, right?
Kaji: I don’t have one, but I want to go crazy! I love traveling, and when I was thinking, “It would be great if I could have an event for this work on Shodoshima someday,” I ended up in this situation … By the way, are you planning to take the first grade?
Takahashi: Right now, I’m quite satisfied with my surroundings, but I’m starting to think that I should aim for a job if it leads to work.
―How about Kaji-san?

Kaji: I can’t say that I’m good at it, but in the sense that I had no choice but to grow, I think I learned to shoot, record, and edit the YouTube channel in the last two years of Corona. In Corona, you couldn’t even meet someone in person, didn’t you? So even if I wanted to create something, I had to do it all by myself at my own house. Buy cameras and lights, or look for editing software. There are so many things I have to do, such as cutting, adding sound, and removing noise. It was hard, but it was a great learning experience. At first, I didn’t know how to deliver it.
Takahashi: I don’t know.
Kaji: Until then, far from running the channel, I hadn’t touched YouTube itself so much, so I never thought I would do it. However, I feel that the knowledge and experience I gained there is definitely a plus for me. I still use it when I record audition tapes myself.
Also, the feeling of respect for the staff has grown. Until then, to be honest, I couldn’t quite imagine what kind of work each professional was doing, but by actually experiencing this time, I was able to say, “One program. Was there such a difficult process to complete the program? ” When I think that the professionals of each road get together and put out their best to make one work … First and foremost, as a professional voice actor, what I can do and what only I can do It was also a time when I felt that I had to do my best.
――I’m sure the staff will be happy to hear from you! Finally, do you have a message for everyone who is looking forward to it?

Kaji: The third term will finally start! I’m really happy. As before, it is made while valuing the tempo and atmosphere of the original, and the original times unique to animation are also prepared perfectly. Personally, I’m happy that the number of episodes of classmates such as Kimuraya and Takao is increasing. In order to enjoy the new work more, please look back on the series so far as if you were flipping through the album. thank you! Please look forward to the movie version!
Takahashi: The final episode of the 1st term is also the best, the final episode of the 2nd term is also the best, and even in the 3rd term of this time, we are running properly until the final episode, so please do not skip one episode and watch it together every week. I would be happy if. When asked “Which story did you like?”, The number of stories is so good that you say “I liked all of them”, so I want you to enjoy all the stories.
Kaji: Following the second season, you can also see cool Nishikata!
Takahashi: That’s right. Please look forward to the critical times of Nishikata!
(Interview / text / Kenichi Chiba)
[Work information]
■ TV animation “Mr. Takagi who is good at teasing 3”

From Friday, January 7, 2022, broadcasting will start on the MBS / TBS affiliated 28 stations nationwide “Super Animeism” frame.
The movie will be released in 2022!

The distance between the two, as the “teasing” shrinks.
In 2022, here is my first love to watch over.
At a certain junior high school, a boy named Nishikata is teased by Mr. Takagi, a girl who sits next to him.
He devises a plan to make fun of Mr. Takagi, but he is always seen through by Mr. Takagi.
Somehow, every day I struggle to blow a bubble to Mr. Takagi …
What will move is not only in the seasons, but also in the heart of Nishikata …?
On the other hand, Mr. Takagi, who seems to have the upper hand, also has a fluctuating situation.
Do you see the love or show the love?
“Tea Battle” with 100% Niyakyun Index,
Finally in the final round …! ??

Original: Soichiro Yamamoto “Mr. Takagi who is good at teasing” “Tomorrow is Saturday” (published by Shogakukan “Gessan”)
Director: Hiroaki Akagi
Screenplay: Hiroko Fukuda, Aki Itami, Kato Kato
Character design: Aya Takano
Animation director: Takuji Mogi, Natsuko Kondo, Akihiko Oka, Masahito Onoda, Aya Takano
Music: Hiroaki Tsutsumi
Animation production: Shin-ei animation
Opening theme song: “Straight” Yuiko Ohara (TOHO animation RECORDS)

Takagi: Rie Takahashi
Nishikata: Yuki Kaji
Mina: Konomi Kohara
Yukari: M ・ A ・ O
Sanae: Yui Ogura
Nakai: Yuma Uchida
Mano: Kotori Koiwai
Takao: Nobuhiko Okamoto
Kimura: Fukushi Ochiai
Hamaguchi: Koki Uchiyama
Hojo: Aoi Yuki
Mr. Tanabe: Hinata Tadokoro
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Ending theme “Mr. Takagi who is good at teasing” Cover Song Collection 1 & 2 / Mr. Takagi (CV: Rie Takahashi)
Opening theme “I don’t say it.” “Zero centimeter” / Yuiko Ohara
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