A-1 Pictures New TV anime "Ricoris Recoil" will be broadcast within the year. Chika Anzai and Shion Wakayama will be the protagonists.

News Thursday, January 6, 2022 21:00
A-1 Pictures New TV anime “Ricoris Recoil” will be broadcast within the year. Chika Anzai and Shion Wakayama will be the protagonists.
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It has been decided that the completely new original TV animation “Ricoris Recoil”, for which A-1 Pictures is in charge of animation production, will be broadcast in 2022. Chika Anzai will play the role of the main character, Senzoku Nishikigi, and Shion Wakayama will play the role of Kina Inoue.
Shingo Adachi, who has been involved in character design and animation director for the “Sword Art Online” and “WORKING !!” series, will challenge the director for the first time in this work, which depicts Senzoku and Takina’s messy everyday life. The original story is by Asaura, a novelist who is the author of “Ben-To”, and the character design is by Imigimuru, a manga artist who is the original author of “There is a problem with this art club!”.
A teaser visual depicting a blonde girl, Senzoku, pulling her black-haired Takina’s hand has also been released. The uniforms worn by the two are designed by Kimika Ouchi (ALCATOROCK), who designs costumes for the idol groups “Nogizaka46” and “Sakurazaka46”. In addition, a commercial for lifting the ban using the same visual was also released.
Below are the comments from the main staff.
[Shingo Adachi (Director)]
I realized that the director is in a bad position to let people do what he can’t do, so it’s not a talent but an effort to make time for the staff who respond to it to look back at least, so let’s start from there. I thought Ked. If there are as many people as possible who like the finished work, I’m sure they are all smiling, so I will do my best for that future.
Also, I don’t want to be called “Director” or “Big Boss”, so please continue to use “Adachi-san”.
[Asaura (draft story)]
It’s finally time for everyone to see it.
Due to the corona wreck, the date has passed with undecided when it can be released. However, it seems that such a difficult time is finally over.
Please take a look at this work that Mr. Adachi has created wonderfully.
I’m sure it’s more fun than you expected, the cuteness of the characters such as Senzoku, and the coolness … It’s a work full of such things.
Please stay tuned. It’s a little more.
[Imigimuru (character design)]
As a manga artist, I never imagined that the day would come when I would be entrusted with the character design of animation. Of course there was pressure because it was my first challenge (and a big role), but I think I was able to create characters that everyone would like while enjoying myself anyway. I hope you can look forward to the various facial expressions of Senzoku and Takina.

Work information
Work information Event information
Licoris Recoil
Broadcast time 2022 animation
Production company
A-1 Pictures
Staff information
[Director] Shingo Adachi [Story draft] Asaura [Character design] Imigimuru Recoil Recoil
――Why don’t you get excited if you are together? ――Iko, my partner! The messy everyday weaving Senzoku and Takina begins!
Nishikigi Chika: Anzai Chika Inoue Takina: Wakayama Shion
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