"The Executioner's Way of Life" will start broadcasting this spring. Hisako Kanemoto and M.A.O will appear, the theme song, and this PV.

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“The Executioner’s Way of Life” will start broadcasting this spring. Hisako Kanemoto and M.A.O will appear, the theme song, and this PV.
(C) Mato Sato / SB Creative / Executioner Girl Production Committee
The broadcast time of “Execution Girl’s Living Road (Virgin Road)”, which is a TV animation of a fantasy novel by Mato Sato, has been decided in the spring of 2022, and the appearances of Hisako Kanemoto and MAO have been revealed. Details of the theme song, this promotion video, key visuals, etc. are also released.
The original novel is the work that was selected for the first time in seven years since “Is it wrong to ask for an encounter in a dungeon?” At the 11th GA Bunko Awards announced in 2019. No matter how many times the “executor” Menou (CV: Iori Saeki) kills the lost person in a different world where the “lost person” once summoned from Japan caused a catastrophic catastrophe. In order to kill Akari (Moeka Kishimoto), a lost person who has the power to revive, he takes her who does not know anything and draws a figure aiming for a cathedral where there is a ceremonial place that can destroy any stranger. .. It has already been published in 6 volumes, and comicalize is also being serialized in Young Gangan (published by Square Enix).
Kanemoto is a junior who loves Agate from the bottom of his heart, and is in charge of the role of Momo, a priest apprentice who supports the journey to kill Akari. M.A.O is the princess of the Kingdom of Grizarika, but she loves the strong and the beautiful, and plays “Princess Knight” Ashna, who has jumped out of the castle and is on a journey to the world.
The opening theme song “Paper Bouquet” is handled by the indie band “Mili” who worked on the theme songs for “Goblin Slayer” and “Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045”. The ending theme song “Lighting Serenade” is sung by ChouCho, a female singer known for “Girls und Panzer” and “Heaven’s Memo Pad”.
This PV starts from the scene where Agate fails to kill Akari and both of them leave. Momo and Ashuna also appeared with voice, and some of the sound sources of “Paper Bouquet” are also recorded. The key visual is an illustration of four people, Agate, Akari, Momo, and Ashuna.
In addition, the web radio “Execution RADIO-The Executioner’s Way (Radio Road)-“, in which Saiki and Kahara serve as personalities, has also been decided to be distributed. From January 28th, it will start on the Internet radio station and the YouTube “Warner Bros. Japan Anime” channel.
Below are comments from the theme song artists.
[Mili (Opening theme song)]
This is “Mili”, the opening theme for “The Executioner’s Way of Life (Virgin Road)”.
There are various cities, terrains, and cultures in the world of “The Executioner’s Way of Life (Virgin Road)”, and I wrote a song while imagining the way of life of agate who keep order as executioners in such a complicated world. rice field.
I don’t know if this tokimeki is friendship, affection, or hope in the future, but he just wants to walk with you. I want to be next to you. I put that feeling into the song.
Beautiful pictures, lively animations, healing voices and exciting music.
Please watch the anime “The Executioner’s Way”! Thank you for being “Mili”.
[ChouCho (ending theme song)]
I read the original when I made the song, but when I became more and more drawn to the unique world view and the fun of the story unfolded by the attractive characters, I finished reading it in a blink of an eye. ..
I wanted to express the unique darkness of the work and the size of the scale in the music, so I aimed for a delicate and profound sound.
I’m really looking forward to the start of the broadcast to see how this ED theme will flow after the story.

Work information
Work information Event information
The Executioner’s Way of Life (Virgin Road)
Broadcast time 2022 spring animation
Production company
Staff information
[Original] Mato Sato (“GA Bunko” SB Creative) [Original illustration] Nilitsu [Director] Yoshiki Kawasaki [Series composition] Shogo Yaskawa [Character design] Keiko Tamaki [Prop design] Ryo Hirata [Art director] Teruhiko Tanida [ Color design] Keisa Okada [3DCG director] Kazuo Shibayama [Director] Shingo Fukusei
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A “lost person” who once visited from Japan and caused a catastrophe to the world. They were “contraindicated” because they had caused disasters that would destroy the world in the past, and they had to be executed unknowingly. One day, Menou, an executioner whose livelihood is the execution of a lost person, meets a Japanese girl, Akari. She tries to carry out her mission as usual, but Agate’s “certain ability” causes her to fail. To ensure the execution of Akari, Agate takes her to Garum’s cathedral, where there is a ceremonial hall where any stranger can be annihilated. Something began to change in the agate to her purely enjoyable appearance, not knowing that she was traveling to be killed.
[OP] Mili “Paper Bouquet”
[ED] ChouCho “Lighting Serenade”
Agate: Iori Saeki Akari: Moeka Kishimoto Momo: Hisako Kanemoto Ashuna: M ・ A ・ O
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