"The Angel Next Door Spoiled" was decided to be made into a TV animation, starring Taito Ban and Manaka Iwami

News Wednesday, January 5, 2022 20:00
“The Angel Next Door Spoiled” was decided to be made into a TV animation, starring Taito Ban and Manaka Iwami
(C) Mr. Saeki, SB Creative / Animation “The Angel Next Door Spoiler” Production Committee
It has been decided that Mr. Saeki’s light novel “Matters that were made useless by the angel next door” (published by SB Creative) will be made into a TV animation. The main characters, Taito Ban, will be played by Taito Ban, Manaka Iwami will be played by Midday Shiina, Taku Yashiro will be played by Ki Akazawa, and Haruka Shiraishi will be played by Chitose Shirakawa. A teaser promotion video and a teaser visual are also available.
This work has been posted in “Become a Novelist” since December 2018, and the cumulative circulation of the series exceeds 500,000. In Takarajimasha’s “This light novel is amazing! 2022”, it was selected as the 1st place in the character female category, the 5th place in the character male category, and the 6th place in the paperback category. A love story that depicts the interaction between Zhou, who started living alone when he entered high school, and the most beautiful girl in the school called “Angel” who lives in the room next to the apartment where he lives. Midday, who happened to get acquainted with Zhou and couldn’t see her self-degradation, took care of him every time, and the distance between the two gradually shortened.
Teaser PV starts from the scene of an encounter where Zhou lends an umbrella at noon in a park on a rainy day. The teaser visual depicts midday with an umbrella while the wings of an angel are scattered, along with a catch phrase, “This is a story of a sweet and impatient love.”
With Kenichi Imaizumi of “Kingdom” as the director, Keiichiro Ochi of “The Quintessential Quintessential Bride” for the series composition, Takayuki Noguchi of “Shaving the beard and picking up a high school girl” for the character design, and “Recommendation” for the music. Moe Hinata is in charge of “If you go to the Budokan, you will die.” Animation production is project No.9 of “Weak character Tomozaki-kun”.
In addition, it was decided to make a drama CD with an anime version cast. It is attached to the 7th volume special edition of the original novel released in September this year. In addition, from January 6th, the comicalize series will begin on Square Enix’s manga app “Manga UP!”.
Below are comments from the cast and related parties.
[Taito Ban (role of Shu Fujimiya)]
When I read the original, I felt that it was a work with a very delicate and soft atmosphere. A gentle and relaxing “each cozy time” is flowing between Zhou and noon, and all the events are smiling and I want to be impatient. I think it’s such a wonderful story.
I would like to deliver to you the delicate movements of the characters’ hearts and the sense of distance between the two people’s hearts that change slowly but surely. I want everyone to be impatient a lot!
[Manaka Iwami (role of Midday Shiina)]
I will play the role of Midday Shiina! This is Manaka Iwami.
About two years ago, I was in charge of the PV narration for the original story, and I remember being shocked by the transparency and cuteness of Midday-chan. When this work was animated, I thought I would be happy if I could take charge of Midday’s voice, so I was really happy to have a relationship this time!
I want to play delicately and carefully, so please look forward to the broadcast!
[Taku Yashiro (role of Ki Akazawa)]
This time, I will play Zhou’s friend, Ki Akazawa. I think he is a very friendly and friendly person, so I would like to express such a different character from Zhou.
Also, I am looking forward to enjoying the exciting development and frustrating atmosphere of this work.
[Haruka Shiraishi (role of Chitose Shirakawa)]
Chitose-chan is an innocent and cheerful child who can get along with anyone right away, so I’m really excited that I’ll be able to get energized while playing! I want to watch over the two unrequited loves with the viewers as soon as possible!
Chitose-chan, who belongs to the track and field club and has many friends for both men and women, is the opposite of me … (laughs), but I will do my best, so thank you!
[Mr. Saeki (original author)]
Thanks to everyone’s support! It was decided to animate “The case where the angel next door made me a useless human”! Honestly, I’m scared. I feel like this is the reality. Isn’t it a dream? Really?
I’m really happy to have the opportunity to see the moving laps in this way. We will do our best so that everyone can enjoy the original animation, so we hope that you will continue to support the Angel Next Door Spoiler series!

Work information
Work information Event information
The case that the angel next door made me a useless human
Production company
project No.9
Staff information
[Original] Mr. Saeki (GA Bunko / SB Creative) [Character draft] Hanekoto [Director] Kenichi Imaizumi [Series composition] Keiichiro Ochi [Character design] Takayuki Noguchi [Music] Moe Hinata The matter that was made a useless human
Shu Fujimiya: Taito Ban Midday Shiina: Manaka Iwami Tree Akazawa: Taku Yashiro Chitose Shirakawa: Haruka Shiraishi
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(C) Mr. Saeki, SB Creative / Animation “The Angel Next Door Spoiler” Production Committee



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