"Which song do you like? 2021 Autumn Anime OP Theme Popularity Vote" results announced!

From voice actor units to artists with unique personalities! A variety of “Which song do you like? 2021 Autumn Anime OP Theme Popularity Vote” results announced!
January 06, 2022 11:030
Voice actor popularity vote Anison 2021 autumn anime
From voice actor units to artists with unique personalities! A variety of “Which song do you like? 2021 Autumn Anime OP Theme Popularity Vote” results announced!
The voting for the official voting project “Which song do you like? 2021 Autumn Anime ED Theme Popularity Vote” held by Akiba Research Institute from December 1st to December 15th, 2021 has been closed. Here are the 10 best things to worry about.
Click here for voting results https://japaneseanime3315.seesaa.net/article/485100674.html?1641441130
Now that the 2021 autumn cool anime broadcast has ended, let’s look back on the popular ED theme.
The results are as follows.
1st place Aina Suzuki “Reverse-Rebirth” (Rumble Garanndoll Girl) 266 votes
2nd place Kitri “Hikare Inochi” (Mr. Komi has communism) 139 votes
3rd place Miko Yotsuya (CV. Sora Amamiya) “Mitana? Mitayone ??? Mieruko-chan” (Mieruko-chan) 106 votes
4th place Yu-Na Fukinbara “You’re my perfect mirror” (Amaim Warrior) 94 votes
5th place Minori Suzuki “Saihate” (Pirate Princess) 73 votes
6th place MARiA “Galactic Wind” (Ancient Girl’s Frame) 69 votes
7th place TRD “Strangers” (Vampires die soon) 46 votes
8th place Nao Toyama “Magic that doesn’t get cold” (Isekai Shokudo 2) 43 votes
9th place Chima “ordinary someday” (Moon, Leica and Vampire Princess) 27 votes
10th place Sanshu Junior High School Brave Club “Beyond the Horizon” (Yuki Yuna is a brave chapter in full bloom) 25 votes

It was cool in the fall of 2021 when many famous songs were born, but the most popular one was “Reverse-Rebirth” of “Rumble Garanndoll Girl” sung by Aina Suzuki.

Suzuki is popular for her high singing ability and performance, but this song is a dramatic song that makes the most of her potential. Mr. Suzuki sings a little bit of a cool song in a relaxed manner! The MV is also impressive enough.
Second place is “Hikare Inochi” of “Komi-san is communicative” by sister piano duet vocal unit “Kitri”.

Like the anime, it is a song with a transparent and pure world view, and the artistry of Kitri and the artistry of the anime attracted a lot of votes. The second season of this work has already been decided, but expectations are high for what kind of wonderful music will be collaborated next time.
In terms of collaboration between an artist with a world view and anime, you can’t miss the “common day” (Moon, Leica, and Vampire Princess) sung by Chima, who is in 9th place.
“Mieruko-chan” has gained popularity in the OP vote, but the ED theme “Mitana? Mitayone ??? Mieruko-chan ???” has also sunk into the TOP3.

Of course, Sora Amamiya, who plays the role of Miko Yotsuya, sings. This is also a pop song, but it is the death voice of the monsters that rides on the pretty voice of Mr. Amemiya. The cute but eerie pop music seems to have caught the hearts of many anime fans.
Fourth place is “Amaim Warrior” ED “You’re my perfect mirror” by Yu-Na Fukinbara, a young talent who is only 17 years old. The appearance of singing a song with a magnificent view of the world is already dignified!
There are high expectations for her future success.

It was also a feature of the 2021 Fall Cool ED theme that the activities of voice actor artists were conspicuous.
5th place is Minori Suzuki’s “Saihate” (Pirate Princess). Although it starts quietly, it changes to an upbeat so as to explode emotions with rust. The burning development that can be said to be a royal road in a sense of anime songs is irresistible.

7th place is “Strangers” (the vampire dies soon) sung by the vocal unit “TRD” by Takayuki Kondo and Daisuke Ono.

People tend to pay attention to the fact that it is a duet of ikebo, but the songs are glittering digital pops reminiscent of the golden age of J-POP in the 1990s, and those who know that time will feel nostalgic.
8th place is “Isekai Shokudo 2” sung by Nao Toyama.

Like the anime, the song has a cooking motif, and the sound of the kitchen that you hear from time to time is a fun song. It goes without saying that Mr. Higashiyama’s singing voice is cute, but the MV is also cute! I would like all the people to watch the music video once without saying anything.
The rankings are mixed, but the 6th place is GARNiDELiA’s vocalist MARiA’s solo song “Galactic Wind” (Ancient Girl’s Frame). While GARNiDELiA is challenging songs of various genres, her solo song seems to focus on the cool and cool charm of MARiA. GARNiDELiA’s toku-san is in charge of the composition, so I’m talking about Hyun Hyun this time as well.
The 10th place Sanshu Junior High School Hero Club “Beyond the Horizon” is the ED theme of the final series “Yuki Yuna is a Hero in Full Bloom”.

The OP theme is also a masterpiece with a sense of climax, but the ED is also a moving song suitable for decorating the aura.
Famous songs are lined up in 11th place and below. Please check that out and find your favorite anime song.



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