"Shadow House" 2nd Season will be broadcast in July! Teaser visual, Akari Kito and Yu Sasahara comments have arrived!

“Shadow House” 2nd Season will be broadcast in July! Teaser visual, Akari Kito and Yu Sasahara comments have arrived!
January 05, 2022 21:300
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“Shadow House” 2nd Season will be broadcast in July! Teaser visual, Akari Kito and Yu Sasahara comments have arrived!
It has been decided that the TV anime “Shadow House” 2nd Season will start broadcasting in July 2022.
“Shadow House” is a popular manga that Somato started serializing in Weekly Young Jump in 2018. The unique world view that depicts the mysterious daily life of the faceless “shadow clan” who lives in the Western-style building and the “living dolls” who are the caretakers is attractive.
The TV anime broadcast from April 2021 attracted a lot of attention, such as the character’s name becoming a trend on Twitter every week. Directed by Kazuki Ohashi (directed by “Nisekoi”) and produced by CloverWorks (such as “The Promised Neverland”).
⇒ TV animation “Shadow House” 2nd production decision & special news release! Gothic mystery starring Yu Sasahara and Akari Kito
It has been decided that the long-awaited 2nd Season of TV animation will be broadcast in July 2022. The teaser visual was released, and comments arrived from Kate, Akari Kito, and Emilico, Yu Sasahara.
The 2nd Season teaser page has also been opened, so please check the follow-up report.
[Cast comment]
▲ Kate role: Akari Kito
Congratulations on the decision of Shadows House Anime 2nd term!
The long-awaited second term for fans! I’m really happy to be able to play Kate too!
Even after the anime is over, I continue to read the original, but there are still many scenes I would like to see in the anime. And I want to see the fate of Kate and Emilyco in anime!
I will do my best to challenge dubbing so that I can meet everyone’s expectations as much as possible, so thank you! !!
▲ Emilico role: Yu Sasahara
Finally, finally, you’re coming!
The second season of the TV anime “Shadow House”! !!
I personally think of many scenes that I would like to see in anime …!
I will do my best with Emilyco with expectations and hopes in my heart, so I look forward to working with you in the second term as well!
* Honorific title omitted / Original Sic
2nd Season Teaser Visual
[Work information]
■ TV anime “Shadow House”

2nd Season, broadcast in July 2022!

Original: Somato (serialized in Shueisha’s “Weekly Young Jump”)
Director: Kazuki Ohashi
Series composition: Toshiya Ohno
Character design: Chizuko Kusakabe, Shihomi Matsubayashi
Art setting: Mitsuki Maeda
Art supervision: Hiroshi Kato
Art Director: Hirofumi Sakagami, Chihiro Goto
Prop design: Yuko Yoshida
Color design: Sachiko Urushido
Cinematographer: Shinya Kuwahara
2D Works: Aya Kubota
3D Director: Katsuaki Miyaji
Edited by: Kazuhiro Arai
Music: Kenichiro Suehiro
Sound Director: Kisuke Koizumi
Sound production: HALF H ・ P STUDIO
Produced by: CloverWorks

Kate: Akari Kito
Emilico: Yu Sasahara
John / Sean: Kodai Sakai
Louise / Ru: Ayane Sakura
Patrick / Ricky: Reiji Kawashima

There is a secret in this building ──
A faceless clan “Shadow” who imitates an aristocrat in a large mansion “Shadow House” standing on a cliff.
The “living doll” of the caretaker who serves the shadow as the “face”.
One day, a “living doll” visits Kate, a girl from the “Shadow” clan, and the mysterious daily life of “shadow” and “doll” begins.
The 2nd Season, which is the basis of the story, has finally begun!
Ⓒ Somato / Shueisha / Shadow House Production Committee



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