"Kingdom" new movie released in the summer of 2022! "Kingdom 2 To the Far Land" Teaser PV & Visual Lifting

“Kingdom” new movie released in the summer of 2022! “Kingdom 2 To the Far Land” Teaser PV & Visual Lifting
January 04, 2022 12:000
Live-action movie with new information video
“Kingdom” new movie released in the summer of 2022! “Kingdom 2 To the Far Land” Teaser PV & Visual Lifting
The new movie title of “Kingdom”, which was a big hit in the previous work, has been decided as “Kingdom 2 Far and Away”. It will be released in the summer of 2022.
Set in the Spring-Autumn Warring States period of China in BC, a magnificent scale drawing of a war-damaged orphan boy, Shin, who has a dream of becoming a general in the world, and a young king, Qin Shi Huang (later Qin Shi Huang), who aims to unify China. Manga “Kingdom” (Yasuhisa Hara / Shueisha). This work, which began serialization in “Weekly Young Jump” in January 2006, has been published up to 63 volumes. The cumulative circulation is over 84 million (as of December 2021).
The movie “Kingdom” drawn on the largest scale in the history of Japanese movies will be released on April 19, 2019. The box office revenue exceeded 5.73 billion yen, and in addition to being the No. 1 live-action Japanese movie released in 2019, it has been selected for numerous movie awards.
More than a year has passed since the announcement of the production of the sequel, Part 2, supported by the enthusiasm of fans who want a sequel, and voices eager for a sequel such as “I want to see the sequel soon” and “I drew it in the movie is still in the early stages” I heard a lot, and the cast prediction was also exciting. However, as soon as the project was about to restart, the new coronavirus raged around the world.
Despite being forced into a major change from the original production system and placed in an unprecedented environment, the production staff and cast were enthusiastic about the sequel, and the fire never went out.
Shooting will be carried out in stages from June 2020 in various parts of Japan and China, and finally cranked up in October 2021. It will be fully released in the summer of 2022 this year. 2022 is Kingdom Year! It’s finally the beginning of a new challenge for the sequel.
The director will be Shinsuke Sato following the previous work, Kento Yamazaki as the main character Shin, Ryo Yoshizawa as Eisei, and Kanna Hashimoto as Karyoten. Takao Osawa and the gorgeous cast members reunited in the role of Ouki. Continuing from the previous work, Tsutomu Kuroiwa and Yasuhisa Hara of the original are in charge of the script, and the original scenes and lines of the movie devised by the original author are added.
The title is “Kingdom 2 To the Far Land”! Teaser visual & PV release
This time, the title of the new work has been decided as “Kingdom 2 To the Far Land”. Teaser Visual & PV has been released.
■ Super Teaser PV (52 seconds)

The teaser visual shows the lively appearance of Shin holding a bridle and a sword on horseback. It has more dignity and sturdiness than the previous work, and even from the copy “The continuation of the dream begins”, you can feel that the battlefield and drama are drawn on a scale larger than the previous work.
In the video released at the same time, in addition to the cast of the previous work including Shin, is it a new enemy? Ally? Appeared in a glance. The excitement will not be suppressed even with a video of only 52 seconds.
“Kingdom 2 To the Far Land” is still a mystery about the story, new cast, release date, etc. Keep an eye on future developments.
[Work information]
■ “Kingdom 2 To the Far Land”

Published: Summer 2022
Director: Shinsuke Sato
Screenplay: Tsutomu Kuroiwa, Yasuhisa Hara
Music: Yutaka Yamada
Cast: Kento Yamazaki / Ryo Yoshizawa, Kanna Hashimoto and others
Original: “Kingdom” Yasuhisa Hara (serialized in Shueisha’s “Weekly Young Jump”)
Official site: http://kingdom-the-movie.jp
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/kingdomthemovie
Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kingdom_movie/
© Yasuhisa Hara / Shueisha © 2022 Movie “Kingdom” Production Committee



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