The highlight of "Kazuo Umezu Art Exhibition" is the installation of a series of paintings of the sequel "I am Shingo".

Event Monday, January 3, 2022 21:00
The highlight of “Kazuo Umezu Art Exhibition” is the installation of a series of paintings of the sequel “I am Shingo”.
(C) Kazuo Umezu / Shogakukan
Part of the exhibition contents of the “Kazuo Utsuzuo Art Exhibition” to be held from January 28th to March 25th, 2022 at Tokyo City View (Roppongi Hills Mori Tower 52nd floor) is open to the public.
“ZOKU-SHINGO Little Robot Shingo Museum”
(C) Kazuo Umezu
Kazuo Umezu, a master of the horror manga world known for “Makoto-chan” and “The Drifting Classroom,” will be held as part of the “UMEZZ ART PROJECT,” which focuses on the artistry of Kazuo Umezu. Unveiled the new work “ZOKU-SHINGO Small Robot Shingo Museum” for the first time in 27 years, which took four years to produce. This work is a sequel to “I am Shingo” released in the 1980s, and depicts a parallel vision (parallel world) that transcends time and space as a series of 101 acrylic paintings that follow the time series of the story, not a manga. There is.
“I am Shingo” installation image by Exonimo
(C) Exonimo (C) Kazuo Umezu / Shogakukan
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At the entrance, an installation with the motif of “I am Shingo” by the art unit “Exonimo” by Kensuke Chibo and Yae Akaiwa will be exhibited. A space where the scene of “I am Shingo” is projected on a large number of monitors installed in a space where a large number of cables are piled up, and the Tokyo Tower, which was the stage of the important scene in the work, can be seen under the glass. The production is done.
In addition, at the cafe “THE SUN & THE MOON” on the same floor as the venue, a collaboration cafe “UMEZZ CAFE” will be held only during the exhibition period. We offer collaboration menus such as “The Drifting Classroom’s Despair Desert Curry” and “Makoto-chan’s Hot Chocolate”. When you order the collaboration menu, you will receive one original place mat for each person.
Despair desert curry of “The Drifting Classroom”
Limited time menu “Makoto-chan hot chocolate”
Umezu House Parfait
“I am Shingo” Ai’s dessert
“Baptism” Sakura Uehara soda
Exhibition tickets with a designated date and time (Phase 1) are on sale at Lawson Tickets. We also accept lottery tickets with a limited number of original BE @ RBRICK.



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