[Steam] A big adventure at home in the cold winter! Exploratory action game that can be played on a PC

[Steam] A big adventure at home in the cold winter! Exploratory action game that can be played on a PC
January 02, 2022 15:000
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[Steam] A big adventure at home in the cold winter! Exploratory action game that can be played on a PC
How are you doing at Akiba Research Institute? This is Nero Hyakukabe, a writer who buys too many games. Did you play “Metroid Dread” released on Nintendo Switch? The appearance of the new “Metroid”, the originator of the exploratory action game “Metroidvania”, which is a standard genre of indie games these days, is not one of the big news in the game world in 2021. I think. So, this time, I will introduce a recommended exploratory action game that you want to sit down and play at home on a cold winter day.
Infinitely playable masterpiece 2D action “Dead Cells”
High difficulty orthodox metroidvania “Hollow Knight”
2D action adventure “Phenotopia” drawn with pixel art
A big adventure at home in the cold winter! Exploratory action game that can be played on a PC
1. 1. \ Dohamari is inevitable! A masterpiece 2D action “Dead Cells” that can be played infinitely and becomes stronger by repeating “death”
“Dead Cells” (Motion Twin)
Genre: Action
Release: 2018/8/7
Price: 2,480 yen (1,488 yen until 2022/1/6)
Copyright: (C) 2018 Motion Twin
No matter what I hide, I like games that have randomly generated elements and elements that can be played over and over again. Not only is the thrill that develops differently each time you play, but you are also attracted to the value of being able to play many times. “Dead Cells” to introduce is such a “playable many times” type work.
This work is a 2D side-scrolling type action game. The vivid graphics drawn with dots are characteristic, and those who like retro games may be excited by this visual alone.
By the way, the main character of this work is a “cell” shaped like a slime. These cells have the property of manipulating the body of the dead at will by transferring to the body of the dead, and the player controls the “warrior” born in this way. By the way, the title of this work, “Dead Cells”, means “dead cells” and represents the main character itself.
The purpose of the player is to control the warrior with the transferred cells and escape from the mysterious prison that is the stage. The basic operations are attacks, jumps, and rolls that roll forward, making it an orthodox action game.
There are two types of attacks, weapons and skills, and you can equip two each, one dropped from an enemy or treasure chest along the way, or one purchased at a store. Weapons include ranged weapons, ranged weapons, and shields, and skills include grenades that explode when thrown, and traps that automatically attack enemies when installed. Weapons can be used continuously, but be aware that skills will have a cool time before they can be reused. Rolls are basically for avoidance, but they can also be used to go through narrow passages, open doors with rolls, and attack enemies near the door, making it a useful action.
The structure of the stage of this work adopts a so-called “roguelike” system that changes every time you play. Not only the stage structure, but also the weapons and skills that appear, and the placement of enemies all change each time, so it is attractive that you can enjoy a completely different game development every time you play. You can play it over and over again without getting bored.
I wrote that “you can play it over and over again”, but this work is made with a high degree of difficulty on the premise that you will play it over and over again. The number of enemies is large and the attacks are intense, there are many damage traps along the way, and the chances of recovery are quite small at the beginning of the game, so it is often easy to be killed immediately after the start. What’s more, when the game is over, all the items and money you’ve earned up to that point will be gone, the progress of the advanced map will be reset, and you will have to start over from the starting point without asking questions. This is also a system unique to “roguelike”.
But not everything is lost. Along the way, by giving a special currency called a “cell” to a specific NPC, elements that make exploration advantageous, such as “increasing the number of times you can use recovery medicine” and “taking over a part of your gold at the time of death”, and during the stage You can unlock new weapons and skills that you drop into, but once you unlock these elements, you won’t lose them when the game is over. In other words, the more you play repeatedly, the easier it will be to capture, and the closer you get to clearing. This “swamp” game design, which states that “the more you play, the more fun the next lap will be,” can be said to be the greatest attraction of this game. By the way, unlocked items and skills will be displayed in a flask hanging a lot at the starting point. This production that stirs the collector’s soul is also a nice point.
The more you play, the more you accumulate, not just the unlocked elements. It’s invisible, but as you play over and over again, players will feel that they are steadily accumulating experience points in their skills. The feel of the action of this work is stylish and speedy. That’s why when you get hit, you get hit easily, but when you get the action right and you can move forward, it’s refreshing. It can be said that it is also an indispensable point to talk about this work that you can fully enjoy the fundamental pleasure of the action game that “it feels good to operate the character”.
“Dead Cells” is composed of exhilarating action, various random elements, and an exquisite game balance that is difficult but not unreasonable. Once you get hooked on it, you will continue to play it repeatedly, and it is a game full of “magical power”, so if you are interested, please play it and get hooked on the swamp.
Click here for “Dead Cells” Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/588650/Dead_Cells/
2. Get drunk with the beautiful and dark world view! High difficulty orthodox metroidvania “Hollow Knight”
“Hollow Knight” (Team Cherry)
Genre: Action
Release: 2017/2/25
Price: 1,480 yen (740 yen until 2022/1/6)
Copyright: (C) 2017 Team Cherry
Suddenly, are you all good at “Mushi”? I didn’t do anything when I was a kid, but as I grew up, I started to feel the “feeling I don’t know what I was thinking” that was peculiar to that worm, and I wasn’t very good at it. It’s gone. “Hollow Knight”, which I will introduce from now on, is a work in which such “Mushi” appear.
This work is a 2D side-scrolling type action game. It features unique graphics with a beautiful but dark mood. It has a fantastic atmosphere like a picture book from overseas, and it is a visual that sticks to those who like it.
The stage of this work is “Hello Nest,” an underground kingdom that once flourished. The story of this work is that the main character goes on an adventure journey to uncover the ancient secrets hidden in the center of Hello Nest. Various worms live in the underground world, but all the worms that appear are somewhat humorous and cute, and you can not feel the unpleasantness and eerieness peculiar to worms. So, I think that even people like me who are not good at worms can play with confidence!
The basic operation of this work has a simple structure of jumping, attacking, and recovering.
The attack is a short-range attack that swings a nail instead of a sword. The author felt that the choice of this weapon called “nail” and the size of the main character and the enemies were a good setting to understand “I see, it’s a worm.”
Recovery is done by consuming the “soul” that can be obtained when an enemy is defeated. It is a system that you can recover as many times as you like at any time as long as you have soul, but you have to fight the enemy to get soul, and of course there is a risk of losing life if you fight the enemy. By doing so, the game design is really exquisite, where risks and returns always occur.
The biggest attraction of this work is the “fun of exploration”. The characteristic of Metroidvania is that it is a game that gradually expands the range of progress by acquiring new items and abilities. This work “Hollow Knight” has succeeded in sublimating the search into a more thrilling and interesting one due to the high difficulty of the game itself, while firmly suppressing its characteristics. As I wrote briefly, this game is a very difficult game.
In the first place, being able to recover at any time using soul can be said to be the flip side of the fact that it is a tough difficulty if you cannot recover at any time. In this work, money called “Geo” is required to buy a map or release functions useful for exploration, but if you lose all your life and the game is over, all the geo that you have collected steadily will be confiscated. Even if you look at it, there will be no terrible sentences, so battles and explorations with enemies are always throbbing.
Because this work is difficult, the early stage is the toughest stage because it doesn’t have any abilities or useful functions. Even if you finally buy a map by collecting Geo, you will not know where you are.
In addition, the unfriendly specification that the map does not show where the found savepoints and recovery locations were! After all, in order to see them on the map, you have to buy the map extensions at Geo. However, as mentioned earlier, if the enemy kills you before you reach the store, you will lose all of Geo. It sounds like a devilish system, but it’s fun when you succeed in expanding the functions and the search becomes more comfortable. Even if it is a small step forward in terms of the game, it is designed to give a great sense of accomplishment due to the high difficulty level.
During the adventure, you can acquire various skills. This skill is the true value of “Metroidvania”, which can greatly advance the strategy of the game and open up new areas that could not be reached before. For example, a skill called “Soul of Revenge” that allows you to shoot bullets using soul can be used for long-range attacks, so it is possible to block enemies that block the road and do not accept melee attacks, and move to a new area. The way is open.
There is also an item called “Charm” that can be equipped with various benefits. All of them make exploration comfortable, such as “increasing the amount of soul obtained when attacking an enemy” and “automatically collecting scattered geo”, but the amount of charms that can be set at one time is limited. Therefore, the player will always have to twist his head during the adventure to decide which one to equip.
As you can see, “Hollow Knight” has a lot of power-up elements that can be acquired along the way, and it is designed to constantly inspire players and keep exploring.
Fighting with a huge boss is also indispensable when talking about this work. In “Hollow Knight”, more than 30 unique bosses with different appearances and attack methods will appear, and they will stand in the way of the player. Needless to say, the boss’s attack is fierce, and if you take it easy, you will be killed in no time. The important points for capture are to remember the opponent’s attack pattern and to watch the opponent’s movements. This tingling play feeling reminiscent of the “Dark Souls” series, which is synonymous with high-difficulty action, is also one of the elements that makes this work interesting.
“Hollow Knight” is a place where you can enjoy the finest Metroidvania, combining atmospheric graphics, difficult actions, and playful exploration elements. If you like this genre or gamers who are confident in their skills, please try it.
Click here for “Hollow Knight” Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/367520/Hollow_Knight/
3. 3. Full of elements that retro gamers will come to! 2D action adventure “Phenotopia” drawn with pixel art
“Phenotopia” (Cape Cosmic)
Genre: Action
Release: 2021 / 1/21
Price: 2,000 yen (1,400 yen until 2022/1/6)
Copyright: (C) 2021 Cape Cosmic
Whether you are a NES generation or not, many people will be attracted to the games drawn with pixel art. The author who says this is one of them, but the “Phenotopia” that I will introduce is a work of strike for just such people.
This is a 2D style action-adventure game. The first thing that catches the eye is the vivid graphics drawn with dots. All the characters and backgrounds are drawn with beautiful pixel art, and it is the first time in high quality that you will be fascinated. The small changes in the character’s facial expressions are also beautifully represented by pixel art. In addition, the quality of the animation is very high in this work, and it moves when it is slimy and delights the player’s eyes. Unfortunately, the screen shots do not convey it, so please search for videos and see for yourself.
The main character of this work is a girl named Gale. She lived in a small village called Pansero, but one night she went out to the outskirts of the village with her children, a big spaceship suddenly appeared in the sky and the villagers were kidnapped. is. As the leader of the remaining children, Gale goes on an adventure to save the villagers … the story of this work. I think it’s an idyllic game that starts in a rural village, but it develops into a magnificent story full of mysteries, which attracts the players’ hearts.
This work basically progresses in the side view style, but when you leave the village or dungeon, you will move to the world map screen with a top-down view.
This is one of the characteristics of “Phenotopia”. In addition to the beautiful and nostalgic graphic drawn with dots, this world map reminiscent of a good old RPG will tickle the hearts of retro gamers. This system, which allows you to decide where to explore next, may take some time and effort, but it is a mistake that gives players the excitement of “adventuring in a vast world!” There is none.
The action of this work holds the basics as an action game, such as attacking with weapons, jumping, dashing, grabbing and throwing things, and using equipped items. However, the habit of operation is quite strong. Attacks and dashes consume stamina and cannot be used continuously. Dash jumps cannot change direction during the jump, making it difficult for the brakes to work. These actions, which take some time to get used to, are also reminiscent of the feel of a retro game, so some players may find it difficult and nostalgic.
By the way, you can set “Do not consume stamina with normal attack” and “Speed ​​up stamina recovery” from the options, so if you feel it is too difficult, we recommend turning on these options.
A major feature of this work is the abundant mystery-solving elements. Scenes where you have to get the key to move forward, scenes where you have to understand how the gimmicks move, scenes where you make full use of items, scenes where accurate and speedy jump skills are tested, etc. In the world of “Phenotopia”, a variety of mysteries await players. The pleasure of finally solving the mystery after trying and error by moving your fingers and using your head is beyond description. The texture around here is reminiscent of a retro game-like mystery solver like the “The Legend of Zelda” series, and I felt that it was an irresistible attraction for those who like it.
A beautiful pixel art that feels nostalgic, an action that gives you an exhilarating feeling when you can operate it well because of its strong habit, and a lot of mystery-solving elements, reminiscent of the “action-adventure game that you were crazy about at that time”. “Phenotopia”. This is a recommended work for both retro gamers and non-retro gamers.
Click here for “Phenotopia” Steam https://store.steampowered.com/app/1436590/Phoenotopia_Awakening/
The exploration is so interesting that there is a danger that the holidays will disappear …! ??
That’s why I introduced three recommended works.
Casual games and smartphone games that you can play quickly are fun, but because it’s a cold winter, it’s also a good idea to sit down at home and play plenty of exploratory action games. If you find one of the titles introduced this time that suits you, please join us on your day off and play slowly. However, I am not responsible for the fact that the holidays have disappeared when I noticed that it was so interesting.
Author: Nero Hyakukabe
A freelance writer who buys too many games. Currently more than 300 stacked games. He is also a novelist. His writings include “Yubisaki Kaidan 140 Characters Scary Story” (PHP Institute) and “Goaken His Unrated Edition” (Kodansha).
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/KINGakiko
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/nero100kabe
about.me: https://about.me/nero100kabe/



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