Tomori Kusunoki, Nanaka Suwa, Yui Ninomiya, Miho Okazaki ── Christmas is just around the corner! Introducing new songs with the theme of the season & new songs of the first review of the serialization voice actors!

Tomori Kusunoki, Nanaka Suwa, Yui Ninomiya, Miho Okazaki ── Christmas is just around the corner! Introducing new songs with the theme of the season & new songs of the first review of the serialization voice actors! [Monthly Voice Actor Artist Bulletin November 2021]
December 04, 2021 12:25
This series reviews the works of voice actor artists released this month. The November 2021 issue will be delivered under the theme of two books, which will be the first in a series.
First of all, from the two pieces with “winter” as the theme of the work. Both Tomori Kusunoki and Nanaka Suwa’s new works do not focus only on Christmas at the moment, but are contents that can be enjoyed throughout the winter. I would like to talk about both in a full review format.
Tomori Kusunoki Her 3rd EP “narrow” (released on November 10th)
Tomori Kusunoki’s new work, which has finally been newly written for all the songs. Unlike the previous EP “Forced Shutdown”, it does not contain rearranged already-released songs, so this time it is said that the theme of “winter” that is consistent in the work was set for the first time. Of course, as before, Mr. Kusunoki is in charge of songwriting for all songs as a singer-songwriter.

・ “Narrow”
A song that plays a sound reminiscent of urban winter with metallophones and strings. The title comes from the fact that the sky in the city is narrow = “narrow”. With “a certain person” as the main character, the emotional change until he decides “I want to deliver my song to this person” through encounters and farewells on the street is gently drawn. If you have a strong feeling, you have to change the way you see the city. Mr. Kusunoki resonates with such a smoldering heart with a look like a boy or girl who cannot grow up.
The biggest point of the song is “not”. As quoted next, in “narrow”, the hero’s emotional conflict is spun from beginning to end with negative words such as “no” and “no”.

This is the climax where the hero’s feelings as an artist show signs of change, and is sung like this.

Even if I was listening to it, if the negative-sounding words of the negative system continued until the end of the song, the listener who was expecting a happy ending might get caught up in thinking “What do you mean?” Isn’t it?
This is the point. Even if you use the negative word “not” in the same way as it was scattered in the song, this last one phrase is completely different from before, “that child removes the earphones. “I don’t see the gesture anymore”, that is, the positive spirit of showing a hit as much as music flows from the earphone itself is hidden. Mr. Kusunoki’s talent as a singer-songwriter is shining brightly when the hints stretched throughout this song are “stuck”.

・ “Yori Michi”
Even in hip-hop, it is a track aimed at chill rap with a minimal number of notes. It’s a song that depicts “Yori Michi” until the return trip, trying to forget the moyamoya that swirls in one’s heart. Above all, the part that starts with the second verse, “It was completely okay, it was a terrible failure”, is the sound of the same words such as “at all” and “scattering”, and you can enjoy the feeling of the groove by building a hip-hop loop. At the same time, the loop (= repetition of the same thing) overlaps with the state of “Yori Michi”, which is a state where the mind and body go round and round. The arranger was Shunsuke Takeuchi, a voice actor who also co-starred in the TV anime “My Senpai Is Annoying Juniors”. Mr. Takeuchi is also active as a track maker under the name of Jack Westwood.
・ “Burning fire”
At first glance, the flame seems to have subsided, but the core part is “fire”, which means that it continues to burn bright red at high temperatures. Kusunoki-san’s singing voice is one song that makes a doss effect on jazz rock that bursts with passion. In the major debut song “Hamidashimono”, which has a similar atmosphere to this song, it was a singing style that was thrown away, but this time, the end of the phrase is leaned, and the vocal that conveys the subtleties of emotions more than ever gets drunk. You can feel the level up of her vocal skills, such as switching the singing voice to a refreshing texture and adding accents to each key point, such as the latter half of the chorus that starts with and the D melody.
・ “Taruhi”
The EP last number where you can feel the warmth of Kusunoki’s body temperature in the sound of Dream Pop / Shoegaze by Ms. Yaginuma, who is acquainted with her own appearance work “Banmeshi ♪”. The title is a double entender of “Taruhi” pointing to an icicle and “Satisfied day”. The simple message “If you don’t know the cold, you won’t be able to warm someone” is universal to the listener. Wearing a soft sound that affirms the idea of ​​”Taruhi”, which grows in size each time the ice melts, is also wonderful. “Taruhi” Yes, Kusunoki-san’s singing voice really looks distorted.
The author once wrote in a review of “Forced Shutdown”, “How many singing voices does Tomori Kusunoki have?” I was surprised that it was full. Also, what kind of sound is making in her head because the track is pursuing more originality than ever before? And how do you verbalize and convey the “ringing sound” to the arranger when ordering production? She really cares and can’t help but want to hear.
Also, I would like you to save the details for fun when you look it up yourself, but the main characters of “narrow” have appeared in a certain song in the past of Mr. Kusunoki. The chorus that was her grain is also comfortable, but by the way, I’m familiar with this phrase … The idea of ​​linking to past works seems to be the idea of ​​the production staff, but since he wrote the lyrics himself, it seems easy to realize such an idea. In addition, the emotional expression in this work, represented by “narrow”, is literary like a novelist, but also has some raw and realistic aspects. It seems that the human being, Tomori Kusunoki, appears in the music.
Nanaka Suwa’s 2nd mini album “Winter Cocktail” (released on November 24th)
The meaning of the title is “Mix winter”. “Love Song”, which she has sung a lot in her past works, is a collection of winter songs that package various winter scenes, a feeling of excitement, and sometimes even the sadness of broken heart.

At first glance, the title seems to be associated with an alcoholic cocktail, but the meaning here is “mix” in the original sense. The jacket picture that takes it in the wrong direction and puts Suwa himself in a fancy costume with a pure whiteness like snow in a wine glass is also stylish.
・ “Memory Fantastic”
Following the song “Toppuu Sparkle” from the previous single, marble is in charge of producing the song. marble is a music unit that is in charge of numerous theme songs in the TV anime “Hidamari Sketch” series that Suwa loves. According to them, they were conscious of expressing “small devil Nanaka” in this song. I would like to continue to update my memories with my loved ones while interweaving her-like Amanojaku phrases. With the meaning of “ing”, he chose the word “memory” to preserve the past as the title.
In addition, the sound arrangement has the warmth that the body temperature of the heart rises involuntarily at the moment when the illumination lights up in the clear air of winter. According to Mr. Suwa himself, there is almost no breath in her chorus, and it is extremely difficult for her to sing. However, it is the songs that use such a high-tone range that bring out the luster of her singing voice, in other words, the “delicious part”.
・ Other songs
Since her debut work, the love story that has been created in the “◯◯ tai series”, “I want to melt” and “I want to shake”, is finally complete. She has been concerned about the development of her maiden spirit like shojo manga, but with the rushing truck “I want to touch”, she finally hits her thoughts on the person she is interested in. Also included are pop songs such as the jazzy “DATE-ALA MODE” depicting a date pattern on a winter day, and “Holy holiday” played on Motown beats as the only “royal road Christmas song” of this work.
On the other hand, “Nostalgic Kinema” is prepared for the lyat rock tune that is indispensable for her work by Suwa. There is also a farewell behind happiness. The hero sings the feeling of overcoming the broken heart at this moment. Director Tetsuya Inoue calls this song “Midwinter End Roll”, but is it too much to think of a couple breaking up just before Christmas from the song order and release timing?
The latest work is also one that specializes in colorful girls pop in the genealogy of Nippon Columbia, such as Aya Uchida and Azumi Waki. It has a fairy tale and romantic taste as a whole, and it is a collection of songs that are in season in this season. It seems that he is showing that his musical activity is expected and evaluated even in the point that he was able to reunite with marble, which is Mr. Suwa’s longing, and he can find a new meaning in that musical activity as well. I think it was a very meaningful opportunity.
The theme from here is “Voice actor artist who first appeared in this series”. Let’s review the 2nd singles of Yui Ninomiya and Miho Okasaki by focusing on their respective title songs.
Yui Ninomiya’s 2nd single “Dark seeks light / Sanbun LIFE” (released on November 3rd)
Yui Ninomiya, a voice actor who made her artist debut under the name of “Ninomiya Yui” in January 2020. Her new work is her first double-sided A-side single, both of which are masterpieces with anime tie-ups. Perhaps because it was her first release in about a year, I was fascinated by the vocals of Mr. Ninomiya, who was “poisoned” in a good way.

・ “Dark seeks light”
As the opening theme of the TV anime “The World’s Finest Assassin, Reincarnated as a Nobleman in Another World”, Ninomiya wrote the first lyrics for the anime theme song. Keyakizaka46 (currently Sakurazaka46) listens to Yuri Yasa, her “darkness attribute” is still strong in this work, and the lyrics express it as the title suggests, while accepting the emotions of shadows. A heartfelt desire to aim for light. It has a dark fantasy style, and the vocal line that runs through with a fast rap is thrilling.
The composition and arrangement is by Kenkai Yoshi, an up-and-coming creator who works on songs such as Boku no Lyric no Boyomi (currently Tanaka). A slap-based bass accent is added to the hardcore trap that feels like rock, and you can receive the originality unique to this track.

・ “Sanbun LIFE”
Like “Dark seeks light”, the ending theme “Sanbun LIFE” of the TV anime “Tesla Note” was produced by the lineup of Mr. Ninomiya and Mr. Kenkai Yoshi. Again, while trying to pull his power from negative to positive, the scale of the lyrics has been reduced to a more everyday level.
Most of the content is a feeling of emptiness and decadent irresponsibility in everyday life, just to say that it is a “100 million total unhappy society”. At the end, I try to look forward, but I even feel that it is based on “resignation”. Paradoxically, Ninomiya’s unsophisticated human odor appears as she sings in pop electro jazz with a tone of voice that tries to act like this message. , It makes me very grin.
Miho Okasaki 2nd single “Petals” (released on November 3rd)
Miho Okasaki, who is known for her role as Limuru Tempest in the TV anime “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime”, which became her first starring work. It’s been less than three months since she made her artist debut with her 1st single “Happiness” in September 2021, but it’s a new work in a very short span.

・ “Petals”
The title song “Petals” was used as the ending theme for the second season of the TV anime “The Great Jahy Will Not Be Disappointed!”. As her first anime tie-up song, the brass corps has become a gorgeous pop tune.
The meaning of the title is “petals”. Linking with her own surname “Okasaki”, she likened the colors she found in her life and the transitional patterns that they passed away over time to the petals that bloomed and scattered. Her singing voice, especially in the chorus, is sometimes innocent, and in the next moment, it is very beautiful with falsetto, and it is very expressive. You can feel her dexterity as her vocal.
From the exhilarating image of her sound, she also got the innocent impression that she was a fledgling voice actor artist, so to speak, the color as an artist will continue to grow. Her own happiness spreads around her, and the world expands more and more openly. The 1K apartment, “Today, from now on, I am the center of the world / Expanding such beliefs and delusions in 1K”, the poor part-time life of the anime’s main character, Jahy, and the struggle to gain from “poverty”. As expressed by the crampedness of, my feet are the starting point as a voice actor artist. Doesn’t she hear the song singing such an initial impulse?
(Sentence / Kota Ichijo)



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