Miku Ito, Yoshino Nanjo, Yuri Komagata, Reina Kondo ── Pay attention to the voice actor lyrics that burst into a unique world view! [Monthly Voice Actor Artist Bulletin January 2022 Issue]

Miku Ito, Yoshino Nanjo, Yuri Komagata, Reina Kondo ── Pay attention to the voice actor lyrics that burst into a unique world view! [Monthly Voice Actor Artist Bulletin January 2022 Issue]
January 01, 2022 13:000
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Miku Ito, Yoshino Nanjo, Yuri Komagata, Reina Kondo ── Pay attention to the voice actor lyrics that burst into a unique world view! [Monthly Voice Actor Artist Bulletin January 2022 Issue]
This series reviews the released works of the voice actor artists that I want to pay attention to now.
The theme this time is “Lyrics by a voice actor artist”. In this series, we have already introduced the works of harmoe, Yui Ogura, Shuka Saito, etc. from the same perspective before, so we will review them together with the 4 works released in December 2021. I would appreciate it if you could make a comparison.
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■ Miku Ito 9th single “Pasta” (released December 22, 2021)
All of them have vivid colors, are fun to look at, are fashionable, and anyone with a ready-made sauce can enjoy cooking deliciously and easily. Simple is justice. If you live alone, everyone will rely on you. I want to find joy in the fact that meal time is instant because I tend to live in a hurry and have a hard time every day. Such kind feelings are condensed in the first chorus singing, “I’ll make you aware, easy and happy / I don’t care about time right away”.
It is Miku Ito’s new single title song “Pasta”.

In the same song, she wrote the lyrics on the theme of her favorite pasta. A common pattern is to sing the pasta love, but Mr. Ito is a bit different. The lyrics of this song are from the perspective of pasta, that is, “personification of pasta”.
When I aimed for blur at the planning meeting, the production staff unexpectedly got into the excitement, and it was the best from the episode that it was swept away to the song, but the meal time is healing of life. It is a comfortable song with naturalness that reminds us of important things.
Mr. Ito is also trying to compose her first song with this song. This is probably because Mr. Koji Mizuguchi, who has experience in tagging “PEARL” and “hello new pink”, is in charge of the arrangement. The track has an urban neo-city pop taste that is similar to past works, but the characteristic is still the composition of rust. The composition in which the musical instrument corps makes a mountain at once in the middle of the chorus has a hook, and the rise and fall of the melody is a finish that has never been seen in her previous track list, and in a good way it is foreign and memorable.
Returning to the lyrics, No. 1 B Melo, who sings “I want to be relaxed and melt to the core / ah she just wants to be cool”, thinks of the process until the pasta is completed. If so, the understanding will be smooth. While saying that, I wonder if the sense of connecting the stubborn state of noodles and the words of “cool”, which are normally contradictory images, is unique. Do you feel that this may also be born from Mr. Ito’s abundant sensitivity to the natural body?
In addition, while looking at pasta, the phrases that make you feel like a healthy girl who can not turn to your favorite people and everyday life in the city in some places are on the extension of “PEARL” and “hello new pink” mentioned above. It seemed like that.
To the last, this single is positioned as a “bonus” produced in a non-tie-up to commemorate the 5th anniversary of her activity. However, it is a continuation of the activities so far, and it can be said that it has become one that shows that the brand “Miku Ito’s Pops” has been established to the extent that it oozes out together without being intentionally conscious of it.
By the way, Mr. Ito, who is entwined with yarn that looks like pasta and shows a smile, is too cute, so it is better for all human beings to watch the music video.
■ Yoshino Nanjo’s 4th album “A Tiny Winter Story” (released December 22, 2021)
At the end of 2022, Yoshino Nanjo will celebrate her 10th anniversary of her musical activities. Her first original album “A Tiny Winter Story” in about four and a half years is one with the theme of “winter”, which was the same as the one featured in her previous series.
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Nanjo wrote the lyrics for four songs in this work. Among them, the title song “A Tiny Winter Story” is also an answer song to the song “White Season Promise” that was produced about four and a half years ago. From the same song, where two people like lovers looked up at the night sky in early summer and wished “I wish I could have the same feelings together this winter,” this time, I can finally feel the change of seasons. ..

Above all, the lyrics of the chorus, “The snow reflected in my eyes shines like a piece of a star / I feel like illuminating our tomorrow”, is a depiction that leads to “the promise of the white season” and the same song. It is studded with keywords quoted from. It’s an irresistible phrase for listeners who have loved this song since then.
Also, as stated in the “Promise of the White Season”, “Someday, the season when these white snows dance will be the same feeling / your profile as a matter of course / I want to keep watching”, I wish from the girl’s point of view. After singing “At that time”, this time the boy side is staring at the face of a girl who shines like a star while sharing the happiness of being with a loved one as the same feeling. Is the time spent only half a year, or is it a meta-perspective, but four and a half years in line with the actual timeline? In any case, a story is something that is spun and continues. I think that the “Story” of the title “A Tiny Winter Story” contains the wish that “the time of two people should continue forever”.
Except for “The Promise of the White Season”, the only songs that have already appeared on this album are “Subete ha Futashi”, which was just announced in November 2021. Looking at the contents of the release over the last four and a half years, “The Promise of the White Season” should not be the timing of the album recording originally (rather, the title song of the single recorded in the same song was the previous one. It has already been recorded in the original album “Santorowa ∴”). Considering the circumstances around that, I think that Mr. Nanjo’s work first will be able to capture more and more the artist’s view that values ​​the concept and sense of unity.
By the way, the phrase at the end of the chorus, “I knew that it was a special thing to feel the same time and spend time together,” can be taken as a message from Mr. Nanjo to the fans, but what I have spent together is. , Not just fans. The same applies to “Jijii” (Motoi, CV: Takeshi Washizaki) who appears in “Ichima Nanjo”, the strongest video content in the female voice actor world, recorded in the first limited edition of this work.
Even in the latest season, the appearance of Mr. Nanjo, who is self-degrading, heals me insanely. When you pick it up, be sure to check out the first limited edition.
■ Yuri Komagata 1st full album “stella” (released December 15, 2021)
Yuri Komagata released her first full-length album “stella” on the 3rd anniversary of her artist debut with the theme of “past and future”. Although she has a lot of experience writing lyrics, she has newly written three songs including her co-written part in this work. In this article, I would like to delve into the content of her own song “happy weekend”.
“Happy weekend” is a cheerful love song with a sensibility similar to that of Maaya Sakamoto, which Komagata himself loves. At dusk on Sunday, the lyrics that describe the interaction between lovers who are close to each other are so smiley that you can’t even see them in a good way. In contrast to “Only one person in the world / I love you like this” sung in No. 1 B melody, “Only one person in the world / I love you like this” is returned in the same part of No. 2. Despite the casual arrangement of the lyrics, it permeates very impressively and is “technical”.
Also, the end of the first chorus is characteristic, but the part where there is a margin before and after the story spun by this lyrics may also lead to the comfort of listening to the song. It is the lyrics drawn here that the other side sleeps and says sarcasm, but I imagine that the hero side is also making a little bit of it, and conversely, it is reacting unfriendlyly. It ends up. These two are “both of which”, but “both love you”.
■ Reina Kondo Concept album “11 Jigen No Lena” (released December 1, 2021)
Reina Kondo, who created one of the most problematic works in the 2021 voice actor music scene as her second work in her career.
In her work “11 Jigen No Lena” with hisakuni as the producer, she is a “possessed” expressor who can become someone when acting or singing, so she has a clear character. Configuration. Her junior high school student “I” and her classmate “Reina”. And, as another self of “Rena” who exists in the 11th dimension (= universe), three people of “Lena” reveal their feelings.

What forms the outline of the work is the bullying of “I” and “Reina” from the surroundings. The emotional distress given by the surroundings, and conversely, the despair that can’t be helped when I feel a “difference” or “closed eye” with them. From there, you can blame yourself or sprinkle a lot of people on the atrocities saying that they can’t understand their behavior. Anyway, the blade of words that makes my spine chill is pointed, but there is the scariest part of this work in the real world where such a heart-wrenching act can (or may have happened) in the listener’s daily life. Maybe.
Such “11 Jigen No Lena” is a story tailored throughout the work until “I” undergoes a mentally transcendental change in the final song “Leica”. Along the way, the surrounding episodes in which “a certain incident” occurred are recorded in a short story in the CD booklet. In this article, I will focus only on the melodious guitar rock “Boku Ga Aisare Hi” written by Mr. Kondo himself, but what I want to say is that I want you to listen to the whole story, not the song unit. is.
By the way, “the day when I am loved” when “I” hits the perpetrators with the above-mentioned “certain incident”. The chorus “selfish you / living comfortably / I don’t know” turned to the surroundings, kicking off someone who was supposed to be the same “person”, wanting to stay in the “ordinary” crowd. Ironically, it’s a symbolic phrase. I can also feel the richness of Mr. Kondo’s verbalization ability, which allows him to paraphrase the fact that he cannot understand such attitudes in concrete words one after another.
And what makes “I” really strong is that he has some sort of perspective and resignation, as if he sang “Do you feel subservient to admit each other?” That is what happens in “Leica” after this …
In addition to “The day when I am loved”, it is hard to evaluate that it can be listened to even when it is fun, regardless of the compliment or situation throughout the work. Because it is a work that is so focused on one point, it should definitely be able to give salvation to someone who has the same worries and pains as depicted through the lyrics. It was one with such a possibility, and Kondo-san’s lyrics, “The day I am loved,” felt like the one that determined it.
(Sentence / Kota Ichijo)



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