What is your favorite female character in 2021? 3rd place "The Quintessential Quintessential Bride" Miku Nakano, 2nd place "Tanmoshi" Siesta, 1st place … [2021 Anime! Anime! election】

2021.12.31 Fri 10:30
What is your favorite female character in 2021? 3rd place “The Quintessential Quintessential Bride” Miku Nakano, 2nd place “Tanmoshi” Siesta, 1st place … [2021 Anime! Anime! election】
Anime! Anime! Then, the annual anime general election is held at the end of the year. We will announce the results of the questionnaire entitled “What is your favorite character?” And the female character edition!
In 2021, did you have a favorite character that you were crazy about?
Of course, while watching anime, you may have had the experience of being moved by remembering your favorite character while working or studying.
Anime! Anime! Then, the annual anime general election is held at the end of the year.
In the questionnaire entitled “What is your favorite character?”, We asked one male character and one female character to be listed.
2482 votes were received during the period from December 3rd to December 14th. Which character attracted particular attention?
The male-female ratio is 35.8% for males and 64.8% for females. Up to 19 years old accounts for 56.5%, which is more than half of the age group. This was followed by 19.9% ​​for 20-24 years old and 9.0% for 25-29 years old.
In this article, we will announce the results of “Female Character Edition”!
“Conan” heroine finally wins the top spot!
The first place
“Detective Conan Scarlet Bullet” (C) 2020 Gosho Aoyama / Detective Conan Production Committee
The first place is “Detective Conan” Ai Haibara. The character of the longevity TV anime that has been broadcast since 1996 won the top spot. The approval rating is 13.3%.
In addition to the answers such as “I like the mature atmosphere”, there are also comments such as “I’m sick of the relationship with Conan” and “I can’t take my eyes off the figure that always supports Conan by my side”.
It seems that many fans are watching over the exquisite sense of distance from the main character, Conan.
The cute side shown in the movie “Detective Conan Scarlet Bullet” released in 2021 is also popular. Comments such as “The movie was finally released and her favorite feelings rekindled” and “I was able to see the facial expressions that I usually do not show in the movie”.
2nd place 326311.jpg
“The detective is dead. (C) 2021 Nigojuu Umibozu / KADOKAWA / Tanmoshi Production Committee
The second place is “The detective is dead. 』Siesta. The approval rating is 2.2%.
A mysterious detective who fought with his assistant Kimitsuka Kimitsuka, the “enemy of the world.”
The cute looks are also popular, such as “I like the overwhelmingly beautiful white-haired girl with a little tsundere character”, “The facial expressions and gestures of various scenes were really cute, such as when I got drunk.” Comments.
“At first, it looked like a cheat character, but when I saw the interaction with Kimitsuka in the subsequent flashbacks, it seemed very cute,” said the point that the impression changed as the story progressed.
3rd place 326312.jpg
“The Quintessential Quintessential Bride ∬” (C) Haruba Negi / Kodansha / “The Quintessential Quintessential Bride ∬” Production Committee
The third place is Miku Nakano of “The Quintessential Quintessential Bride ∬”. The approval rating is 1.9%.
Although he is one of the quintuplets who hate studying, his efforts for the tutor Kazetaro became popular.
From the fans, “I remembered the process of growing the relationship with Kazetaro”, “I had a lot of feelings for Kazetaro for more than one term, and I was thrilled many times.” I love everything, such as the clumsiness that I can’t convey and the way I try to get my choice. ”
Introducing other comments! 326313.jpg
“Mr. Komi has communism. (C) Tomohito Oda Shogakukan / Private Itan High School
“Mr. Komi has communism. Komi Can’t Communicate, “I have communism, but I want to support the appearance of trying hard to make friends,” and “I like the cool but communicative gap.”
There were many fans who thought that her breathing, “Funsu”, was “cute!” When she was happy and had cat ears.
Emma Sano is ranked in from “Tokyo Revengers”, which was popular in the voting for male characters.
Comments such as “It’s cute to think of someone you like all at once” and “I want to be my best friend” have been received.
326314.jpgsrc=”https://japaneseanime3315.up.seesaa.net/image/326314-thumbnail2.jpg” width=”453″ height=”640″> “The Vampire Dies Immediately” (C) Itaru Bonnoki (Akita Shoten) / Production Committee Dies Immediately
Hinaichi of “The Vampire Dies Immediately” said, “I was gradually becoming a strange person when I thought it was decent, and I was convinced that I was a resident of Shin-Yokohama.” It was so cute, “said the fans who fell in love with the gap with the early days.
In 2021, a large number of female characters who are dedicated to their loved ones ranked high. Let’s keep an eye on our efforts next year!
Announcing the top 10 rankings!
What is your favorite female character in 2021? ]
1st place Ai Haibara “Detective Conan”
2nd place Siesta “The detective is dead. 』\
3rd place Miku Nakano “The Quintessential Quintessential Bride ∬”
4th place Nezuko Kamado “” Kimetsu no Yaiba “Infinite Train Edition / Yukaku Edition”
5th Asuna “Theatrical Version Sword Art Online -Progressive- Starless Night Aria”
6th place Komi Glass “Mr. Komi has communism. 』\
7th place Yotsuba Nakano “The Quintessential Quintessential Bride ∬”
8th place Masumi Sera “Detective Conan”
9th place Naizakino Rose “Jujutsu Kaisen”
10th place Kocho Shinobu “” Kimetsu no Yaiba “Infinite Train Edition / Yukaku Edition”
10th place Emma Sano “Tokyo Revengers”
(Response period: December 3, 2021 to December 14, 2021)
* This questionnaire is part of a survey of readers’ awareness of “current interest in and attention to anime works and characters.” Regarding the result, we do not intend to decide the superiority or inferiority of any character or work. We hope that this article will help you to get to know new works and characters, and to deepen your understanding and interest.



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