"To Your Eternity" "Kiyo in Kyoto" NHK E-Tele animation will be rebroadcast at the beginning of the year

2021.12.31 Fri 18:30
“To Your Eternity” “Kiyo in Kyoto” NHK E-Tele animation will be rebroadcast at the beginning of the year
The TV anime “To Your Eternity” and “Kiyo in Kyoto” will be rebroadcast all at once. “To Your Eternity” will be on air on January 2nd and 4th for all 20 episodes, and “Kiyo in Kyoto” will be on air until January 3rd for 13 episodes on NHK E-Tele.
“To Your Eternity” is based on the manga serialized in “Weekly Shonen Magazine” by Yoshitoki Oima. It has “the ability to change into a stimulated object” and “the ability to regenerate even if it dies”, and the “ball” fushi thrown on the ground transforms into stones, wolves, and boys, transforming humans. It is a taiga fantasy that depicts how it grows by imitating it.
The TV animation will be broadcast from April to August 2021, and the second series will be decided from the fall of 2022. First, episodes 1 to 12 will be aired from 23:51 on January 2nd to 4:51 the next day, and then episodes 13 to 20 will be aired from 1:11 to 4:31 on January 4th. To.
“Kiyo in Kyoto” is based on the manga serialized by Aiko Koyama in “Weekly Shonen Sunday”. A story about Kiyo in Kyoto, who cooks daily meals for Maiko, and Sumire, who is expected to be a Maiko in the future. NHK E-Tele has been broadcasting TV animation since October 2021.
This work airs episodes 1 to 13 from 12:01 to 13:50 on January 3rd. It was a nice rebroadcast that even those who missed it could catch up with the latest story.
“To Your Eternity” Rebroadcast Schedule
Episodes 1-12: E-Tele January 2 (Sun) 11:51 pm-4:51 am the following day
Episodes 13-20: E-Tele Tuesday, January 4th, 1:11-4:31 am (* Monday midnight)
“Kiyo in Kyoto” rebroadcast schedule
Episodes 1 to 13; E-Tele January 3 (Monday) 0: 01 to 1:50 pm
(C) Yoshitoki Oima / Kodansha / NHK / NEP
(C) Aiko Koyama / Shogakukan / NHK / NEP
《Katsunori Takahashi》



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