Voice actor Kotori Koiwai launches a label "kotoneiro" specializing in ASMR audio works! The first is "Oshigoto Neiro-Tutor Edition-"

Voice actor Kotori Koiwai launches a label “kotoneiro” specializing in ASMR audio works! The first is “Oshigoto Neiro-Tutor Edition-“
October 21, 2020 16:110
Voice actor with video
Voice actor Kotori Koiwai launches a label “kotoneiro” specializing in ASMR audio works! The first is “Oshigoto Neiro-Tutor Edition-“
On October 20, voice actor Kotori Koiwai announced the startup of a label “kotoneiro” specializing in ASMR audio works.
The first work “Oshigoto Neiro-Tutor Edition-” and the second work “Oshigoto Neiro-Cosmetologist Edition-” will be released at the same time on October 20th. Kotori Koiwai will play the character “Misuzu Okuike” in the “Tutor Edition”, and Aimi will play the character “Akari Wasumi” in the “Cosmetology Edition”.
In addition, Yukiyo Fujii will appear in the third product, “Oshigoto Neiro-Pet Trimmer Edition-“, which will be released in the future.
⇒ Great success in the era of home recording, distribution, DTM and “with Corona”! A long interview with Kotori Koiwai, a voice actor and multi-creator who is drawing attention in the remote work era.

Her voice actors include Renge Miyauchi in “Non Non Biyori”, Tomoka Tenkubashi in “The Idolmaster Her Million Live!”, And Suzutsuki in “Azur Lane”. In addition to that, he is known for his multi-faceted activities, such as activities as a songwriter, acquisition of MIDI test 1st grade, participation in “MENSA” that only the owners of the top 2% of the population can enter, and metal unit “Dual Alter World”. We are mainly engaged in activities specializing in the music and audio fields, such as the formation of.
In 2019, crowdfunding of the earphone “KPro01”, which was jointly developed and supervised by audio equipment maker Owltech, raised about 166 million yen and became the center of attention in the audio industry.
She even opened her own channel on YouTube. She has released “ASMR” videos using stereophonic technology called “binaural”, and the related videos have been played more than 1.15 million times (as of October 19).

The label “kotoneiro” to be started up this time will be a label specializing in “binaural ASMR voice” that demonstrates the know-how that Kotori Koiwai has cultivated through her voice acting and audio-related activities as a producer.
With the concept theme of “Healing tones in your ears …”, we plan to produce high-quality, high-quality audio works.
<"Oshigoto Neiro" series released>
This time, the label’s first binaural ASMR voice drama “Oshigoto Neiro” series has been launched. Two works were released at the same time on October 20th.
The first work is “Oshigoto Neiro-Tutor Edition-” in which Kotori Koiwai himself acts as a voice actor.
In the setting that tutor Misuzu Okuike gives lessons to her students, we will deliver comfortable sounds to her ears, such as her earpick, carbonated water, and the sound of tearing stockings (?).
The second work is “Oshigoto Neiro ~ Hairdresser Edition ~” in which Aimi, who is popular for her role as Kasumi Toyama, the main character of the “BanG Dream!
A shy hairdresser, Akari Kasumi, will deliver a realistic experience in a beauty salon such as haircuts, head spas, and showers.
In addition, the third work to be released in the future is “Oshigoto Neiro ~ Pet Trimmer Edition ~”, which is known as “GeGeGe no Kitaro” as Mana Inuyama and “Sailor Moon Crystal” as Hotaru Domo: Sailor Saturn. It has been decided that Yukiyo will act as a voice actor.
・ Aimi
・ Yukiyo Fujii
It will be sold at “DLsite” (https://www.dlsite.com/), which is known for download sales of audio works, and both prices will be 1,980 yen (tax included).
This time, as a commemoration of the product launch, a special sale of 20% OFF will be held for one week until October 26 (Monday). In addition, a 50% OFF coupon for new members of “DLsite” is also available. Enjoy high-quality, high-quality healing voice.
■ Official recommended earphone “VR3000”
The earphone “VR3000 for Gaming” newly released by the audio brand “final” operated by Esnext, which started reservation on October 20th on the same day, is the officially recommended earphone.
“VR3000 for Gaming” is a new series born from research on binaural sound, and it is possible to concentrate on the sound source itself with a natural tone that does not have the discomfort peculiar to binaural sound sources.
Since this earphone is also used for recording and editing this audio work, it is an earphone that can capture the sound that reflects the creator’s intention.
■ Cast comment (sic)
“Actually, it was my first time recording with a dummy head microphone, so I was very happy!
It was fun to record as if you were actually talking, so I hope you can convey that atmosphere ♪ 」
[Kotori Koiwai]
“‘Kotoneiro’ is ASMR that adds happiness to your life.
Using two microphones, we have realized a valuable high-resolution ASMR.
Experience listening to the voices of many voice actors every day as a voice actor, knowledge of sounds gained as an audio lover,
And a track record of creating a recording studio that has been used habitually by many works.
I will send it with everything I have.
For sleep, peace of mind, and excitement.
It might be more exciting than true love? “
[Product information]
Release date: Simultaneous release on 10/20 (Tue)
At DLsite (https://www.dlsite.com/)
■ “Oshigoto Neiro-Tutor Edition-“
Misuzu Okuike (CV. Kotori Koiwai)
1,980 yen (tax included)
Product page:
■ “Oshigoto Neiro-Cosmetologist Edition-“
Akari Kasumi (CV. Aimi)
1,980 yen (tax included)
Product page:



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