Avoiding the bad end of the villain's daughter by relying on the game live "Tunrize" animation project in progress

News Tuesday, December 28, 2021 21:00
Avoiding the bad end of the villain’s daughter by relying on the game live “Tunrize” animation project in progress
The shadow of the latest comic version of the 4th volume (released on December 27)
It turned out that an animation project of the light novel “Tundele villain daughter Lee Zerotte and Mr. Endo and Mr. Kobayashi of the commentary” (commonly known as “Tunrize”) by Mr. Suzu Enoshima is underway.
The series, which has surpassed 500,000 copies, is a story about a villain daughter who connects a different world with the real world through “Otome Game”. Crown Prince Sieg hears the oracle that her fiancé, Liserotte, whose fiancée is conspicuous, is actually a tsundere and will face her ruin if left untouched. However, the true identity of the god who tells the oracle was just a high school student playing the game. Sieg tries to save his fiancé, Liserotte, by relying on the “oracle” of commentary and commentary from “God.”
Work information
Work information Event information
Tundere villain daughter Lee Zerotte, live commentary Endo-kun and commentary Kobayashi-san
Staff information
[Original] Suzu Enoshima (published by KADOKAWA) [Character draft] Eihi Tundele villain daughter Lee Zerotte, Endo-kun and commentary Kobayashi-san
The voices of the two gods suddenly heard by the prince Sieg … It was a shocking content that Sieg’s fiancé, Liserotte, was [Tsundere] and would be [ruined] at this rate! The true identity of the two gods is just a high school student who plays the game live. Relying on the “oracle” of “live” and “commentary” from God, he struggles to avoid the bad end of the transcendentally cute “villain lady” Lee Lotte, whose true intention is leaking.
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