"Anne Frank's Diary" "Fantasy Friend" Kitty Revives to the Present Cannes Exhibited Anime, Released on March 11, 2010

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“Anne Frank’s Diary”‘s “Fantasy Friend” Kitty Revives to the Present His Cannes Exhibited Anime, Released on March 11, 2010
“Diary traveling with Anne Frank” trailer & poster also unveiled
The animated film “Where Is Anne Frank”, which was exhibited at the Out of Competition of the Cannes International Film Festival in 2009, is based on the timeless masterpiece “The Diary of Anne Frank”, which will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2022. , It is decided that it will be released on March 11, 2010 under the Japanese title of “The Diary of a Young Man Traveling with Anne Frank”. Ari Folman and the production team of “Waltz with Bashir”, who was nominated for the 81st Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film and won the 66th Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Film for the first time as an animated film I formed a tag.
“The Diary of Anne Frank” written by the Jewish girl Anne Frank to her “her fantasy friend” Kitty during World War II. She found her life in her hideout, Peter, hiding from the Nazis on June 12, 1942, in a plaid diary given by her father Otto on her 13th birthday. I wrote about her first love with her. After being first published by Otto, who survived Auschwitz in 1947, it became a work that has been read all over the world. It was registered as a UNESCO “Memory of the World” in 2009 and was listed as one of the “10 Most Read Books in the World”.
This work, which is a new visualization of a timeless masterpiece with an approach that can only be expressed in animation, traces Anne’s life from the perspective of “fantasy friend” Kitty. In the trailer that was unveiled, the glass case of the museum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, broke, and the letters written in the stored “Anne’s Diary” emerged, reviving Anne’s “fantasy friend” Kitty. Not knowing that he has jumped over time and space, Kitty thinks it’s 1944 and runs around the city of Amsterdam in search of her best friend Anne. She talks about her dreams even though she is in the wartime, and she continues to believe in the future with her imagination, and Kitty heading for the future with Anne’s thought that “human beings are” good “existence”. .. It was a heart-pounding image of the two girls living powerfully.
The poster visual that was also shown captures Anne living in the past and her kitty over the present. As the copy “A new page is spelled out”, Kitty’s journey that follows the “beyond” that was not spun in “The Diary of Anne” is depicted.
“The Diary of Traveling with Anne Frank” will be released nationwide on March 11, 2010, including TOHO Cinemas Chanter in Tokyo.



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