TV animation "In the Land of Leadale", key visuals and introduction released!

TV animation “In the Land of Leadale”, key visuals and introduction released!
April 22, 2021 16:050
TV animation “In the Land of Leadale”, key visuals and introduction released!
The first key visual and introduction to the elf fantasy “In the Land of Leadale”, which was announced as a TV animation, has been released. also. The official TV anime website is also open.
“At the Land of Rear Dale” is a fantasy novel by the original by Ceez and the illustration by Tenmaso. The girl “Keina Kagami” who lost her life due to the suspension of the life support system is reborn as a high elf “Quena” in the world 200 years after the VRMMORPG “Reardale” she was playing, and travels in a new world. It’s an elf fantasy.
⇒The fantasy novel “In the Land of Leadale” will be animated! Celebration illustrations have arrived from the writers!
This time, the first key visual of TV animation is released. It is a visual that depicts the resting state of High Elf Kena, who has a cheat-class strength that has transferred to the game world, and Litt, the daughter of an inn who longs for Kena as “one-chan”.

She was the only one free in the VRMMORPG “Reardale”.
One day, her life support system shuts down and Katsura loses her life.
However, when she awoke, Katsura was in the world of “Reardale” 200 years later.
She decides to interact with people living in this world as a high elf “quena” with her lost skills and status that has exceeded the limits.
Moreover, some of them were “children” who once made their own characters …! ??
Is there laughter or tears from the girl who has moved to the game world and her unique friends? A leisurely adventure, the opening!
In addition, the official website of the TV anime “In the Land of Leadale” has been released.
Official site:
Official Twitter: @leadale_anime
[Book information]
■ Novel “In the Land of Leadale”
Author: Ceez Illustration: Tenmaso
Volumes 1 to 6 are now on sale!
Volume 1 Synopsis:
A girl who has become a body that cannot live without a life support system due to an accident. “
Katsura Kagami “was freed only in VRMMORPG” Rear Dale “. One day she loses her life due to the shutdown of her life support system. However, when I wake up, there is the world of “Riadale” that I was playing … 200 years later !? As a high elf “Quena”, what happened in 200 years? While investigating, I will deepen exchanges with people living in this world and NPCs that I once created.
■ Comic “In the Land of Leadale”
Author: Dashio Tsukimi
Original: Ceez Character draft: Tenmaso
Composition: Ryo Suzukaze
The latest Volume 3 will be released on April 26th!
ComicWalker WEB Serialized in Denpre Comic.
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