"Dragon Quest" 35th anniversary! Six latest works such as "Dragon Quest XII Selected Flame of Fate" are announced at once!

“Dragon Quest” 35th anniversary! Six latest works such as “Dragon Quest XII Selected Flame of Fate” are announced at once!
May 27, 2021 17:050
“Dragon Quest” 35th anniversary! Six latest works such as “Dragon Quest XII Selected Flame of Fate” are announced at once!
Square Enix announced information on the latest 6 titles in the “5/27” Dragon Quest “35th Anniversary Special Program” broadcast from 12:00 on May 27 (Thursday) today.
The “Dragon Quest” series is the 35th anniversary of the release of the first “Dragon Quest” today, May 27, 2021 (Thursday). A total of 6 latest works were announced in the “5/27” Dragon Quest “35th Anniversary Special Program” delivered today.
“Dragon Quest X: Heroes Online”, the latest additional package that will be version 6 of “Dragon Quest X Online” under development for iOS / Android, “Dragon Quest X Awakening Five Races” that can be played standalone “Offline”, “HD-2D version Dragon Quest III” reborn using HD-2D expression, “Dragon Quest Treasures”, a completely new spin-out work.
And it is “Dragon Quest XII Chosen Fateful Flame” which is the 12th work of the main part of the “Dragon Quest” series.
The program archive and teaser trailer sent live today are available on the Square Enix official YouTube channel.
Smartphone game “Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi!” Delivered in 2021
“Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi!” Is a puzzle game in which familiar characters, monsters and items from the “Dragon Quest” series appear as erasers and erase “scribble”.
It is jointly developed with NHN PlayArt Co., Ltd. for iOS / Android, and is scheduled to be distributed in 2021. Stay tuned for more details.
■ Trailer

[Game information]
■ Dragon Quest Keshi Keshi!
Delivery time: Scheduled to be delivered in 2021
Supported platforms: iOS / Android
Genre: Puzzle
Fall 2021 release “Dragon Quest X Heroes of the Sky Online”

The first online-only game “Dragon Quest X Online” in the “Dragon Quest” series, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary next summer, will release version 6 “Dragon Quest X Heroes of the Sky”.
After the completion of version 5 “Dragon Quest X: Heroes of the Thorns and the God of Destruction Online”, which is about to reach its climax, we plan to deliver a follow-up to version 6 “Dragon Quest X Heroes of the Sky Online”.
Let’s look forward to the future of “Dragon Quest X Online,” which evolves with each version.
■ Announcement trailer

Official promotion site:
“Dragon Quest X Online” Awakening Adventurer’s Square:
“Dragon Quest X Heroes of the Sky Online” Teaser Site:
[Game information]
■ Dragon Quest X Heroes of Heavenly Stars Online
Release date: Fall 2021
Supported platforms: Wii U / Windows / PS4 / Nintendo Switch
Genre: RPG / online software
Dragon Quest X Awakening Five Races Offline

“Dragon Quest X Awakening Five Races Offline” is a standalone “Dragon Quest X” that you can play “offline” without an internet connection. By changing the visuals from “Dragon Quest X Online” and expressing it using dots and deformations, we are enthusiastically developing “Dragon Quest X” with a nostalgic and gentle impression.
■ Announcement trailer

Teaser site:
[Game information]
■ Dragon Quest X Awakening Five Races Offline
Japanese version release date: scheduled for 2022
Supported platforms: undecided
Genre: RPG
“HD-2D version Dragon Quest III”
“HD-2D version Dragon Quest III” is a remake work that newly expresses the world of “Dragon Quest III and to the Legend …” (released on February 10, 1988) using HD-2D graphics. HD-2D is a method of adding a 3D effect to a background based on a pixel art to create a unique three-dimensional effect.
This work has started production with the aim of simultaneous worldwide release for home video game consoles.
■ Announcement trailer

[Game information]
■ HD-2D version Dragon Quest III
Japanese version release date: undecided
Supported platforms: For home video game consoles / undecided
Genre: RPG
“Dragon Quest Treasures”
“Dragon Quest Treasures” is a completely new spin-out work of the “Dragon Quest” series. “Kamu” and his sister “Maya” who appeared in “Dragon Quest XI In Search of the Passing Time” are RPGs that “search for treasure” with reliable friends in a different world that was lost in childhood. ..
It is said that it is currently in the process of being produced with the aim of releasing it worldwide.
[Game information]
■ Dragon Quest Treasures
Platform: undecided
Genre: RPG
■ Announcement trailer

12th work in the series “Dragon Quest XII Selected Flame of Fate”
Then, “Dragon Quest XII Chosen Fateful Flame”, the 12th work of the “Dragon Quest” series, was announced. Let’s look forward to the follow-up report.
■ Teaser trailer

Furthermore, in commemoration of the 35th anniversary today, congratulatory messages from Yuji Horii, Akira Toriyama, and Koichi Sugiyama are being released on a special page!
■ 35th Anniversary Special Page
You can see the pattern of today’s program from the archive below.
■ 5/27 “Dragon Quest” 35th Anniversary Special
* All screens and images are under development.



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