The first part of the movie version of "Penguindrum" was released in April 2010, and a special news announcement was made.

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The first part of the movie version of “Penguindrum” was released in April 2010, and a special news announcement was made.
Key visual of the first part
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The release date of the first part of “Re: cycle of the PENGUINDRUM”, the edited movie version of “Penguindrum”, “Your Train is a Survival Strategy” has been decided on April 29, 2022. At the same time, a special video and key visuals have been released.
“Penguindrum” is an original work broadcast in 2011 by director Kunihiko Ikuhara, who is known for “Revolutionary Girl Utena.” Characters wearing penguins-shaped hats, unique visuals using pictograms, and stories with frequent mysterious keywords such as “survival strategy” attracted a lot of attention. The edited movie version will be released in the first and second parts by reconstructing the TV series and adding new parts.
The special newsletter begins with the line “The train has returned us to this town again”, and the words spoken by Kanba (CV: Subaru Kimura) and Akima (Ryohei Kimura) are images that call for a new mystery. ..
It was also revealed that a new character that does not appear in the TV series will appear in this movie version. The full text of the comments from the main staff, including director Kunihiko Ikuhara, is as follows.
[Kunihiko Ikuhara (Director)]
I would like to thank the people who connected me to the miracle of meeting the characters of Penguindrum again in this era.
What have we lost 10 years since then? I want to see what the characters who couldn’t go anywhere at that time tell us who can’t go anywhere now.
All life is with loss. Let’s have a survival strategy.
[Lily Hoshino (character draft)]
After 10 years, I am very happy to meet Takakura brothers and sisters, penguins and Puri Kuri on the screen, and to be involved in this work again. A new character is also drawn as a draft according to this movie version. As a fan of this work, I’m really looking forward to seeing how the new characters and the existing characters will relate to each other.
[Takayo Ikami (Screenplay)]
“Penguindrum” is a special work for me.
When I made the movie version, I reread the script and remembered that time. For some reason, I cried a little.
Anyway, it was a day when I struggled with the story desperately. I think it was a script that I couldn’t write unless I really wanted to be someone.
It’s been ten years since then … I’ve been involved in a work that has been loved for such a long time, and the experience I gained there is my treasure. thank you.
[Yukari Hashimoto (music)]
Ten years after the broadcast, “Penguindrum” is back as a movie version. I miss the time when I first participated in Ikuhara’s work, and I am happy to see him again.
The movie version of the music has a rearrangement of the songs of that time, and there are recordings of new musical instruments, so it is finished in a lot of contents. I was impressed by the performance 10 years ago, and why did this phrase come out? There were many new discoveries. I spend my days thinking about what to add to the song.
Please enjoy the new sound at the movie theater.

Work information
Re: cycle of the PENGUINDRUM Part 1 Your train is a survival strategy
Updated December 23, 2021
Work information Event information
Re: cycle of the PENGUINDRUM Part 1 Your train is a survival strategy
Theatrical release date April 29, 2022 (Friday)
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Form movie
Production company
Lapin Track, Brain’s Base
Staff information
[Original] Ikunichauder [Character draft] Lily Hoshino [Director] Kunihiko Ikuhara [Deputy director] Nobuyuki Takeuchi [Screenplay] Kunihiko Ikuhara, Takayo Ikami [Character design] Terumi Nishiki, Tomomi Kawazuma [Color design] Kunio Tsujita [Art ] Chieko Nakamura (Studio Heart) [Icon Design] Wataru Koshisakabe [CG Director] Yuji Koshida (Studio Pomero)
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This is a story about a brother and sister, a penguin who suddenly came, and the past and future of this world. To save the life of his sick sister, Himari, the Takakura family’s twin brothers, Kanba and Akima, search for “Penguindrum” at the command of a mysterious penguindrum. Ringo Oginome who believes in his own destiny and continues to realize the events written in his diary. Masako Natsume tries to get a diary of Sanka to lead a new fate. Keiju Tabuki and Yuri Tokikago try to fulfill their purpose in order to regain their precious destined person. They continued to chase “Penguindrum” for their destiny and loved ones. Ten years after that, Kanba and Akima, who once boarded a fate-changing train, have returned from everywhere in their fate.
Kanba Takakura: Subaru Kimura Akima Takakura: Ryohei Kimura Yomari Takakura: Miho Arakawa Oginome Keiju: Marie Miyake Keiju Tabuki: Akira Ishida Yuri Kagoko: Mamiko Noto Masako Natsume: Yutaka Koizumi
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