Next-generation voice actor training game "CUE!" Will be made into a TV animation! AiRBLUE 4th single "Saiko no Maho" released on January 6, 2021!

Next-generation voice actor training game “CUE!” Will be made into a TV animation! AiRBLUE 4th single “Saiko no Maho” released on January 6, 2021!
November 02, 2020 12:080
“CUE!” Is 2019 by Liber Entertainment, which is developing a wide range of activities from development to operation of social games and smartphone apps, including “I-Chu”, “A3!”, And “Fleet of Blue Flames”. Next-generation voice actor training game that started service on October 25 (Friday). The sequel to the main story, Season 1.2 “Kaleidoscope,” is currently being distributed, with the content of appointing new female voice actors as a “next-generation voice actor training game” and promoting the training of voice actors as the game develops.
⇒ The official report of the live event “Nice to meet you!” With the main cast of the voice actor training game “CUE!” Has arrived!
This time, at the CUE! 1st Anniversary Party “See you everyday” held on November 1, 2020 (Sun), the TV animation of the next-generation voice actor training game “CUE!” Was announced.
This event was a live event commemorating the 1st anniversary of the game, and it was a nice report from the 16 cast members who gathered at Culttz Kawasaki to the manager (user) who watches over the screen at the venue and distribution.
After the cast was put on the sleeve once after the main part of the live, the TV animation was announced in the form of a video message from Masaki Otori, the president of the voice actor office that appears in “CUE!”. In addition, the first key visual has also been released. 16 main characters of “CUE!” Are newly drawn as animation visuals. The production staff information is based on the original: Liber Entertainment, director: Shin Katagai, series composition: Tatsuhiko Urahata, character design: Motohiro Taniguchi, animation production: Yumeta Company x Graphinica. For other information regarding the decision to animate, please check the CUE! Official website. Details such as the broadcast time will be announced later.
In addition, the release of the 4th single of the unit AiR BLUE by 16 main cast members of “CUE!” Has also been decided. The jacket was also released. The title is “The Best Magic” and the release date is January 6, 2021 (Wednesday). The title song “The Best Magic” is written and composed by Yoshiki Mizuno, who is a living creature, and produced by Yusuke Tanaka (agehasprings). In addition, Sho Watanabe will be in charge of the lyrics and composition, and Tatsuya Kurauchi will be in charge of the arrangement of the coupling “White Line”. It is said that the two songs have a lot of seasonal feeling, so I would like to wait for the release of the audition sound source.
We have decided to make it into a TV animation, and keep an eye on the future movement of the next-generation voice actor training game “CUE!”, Which is celebrating the first anniversary of the app.
[Product information]
■ CUE! 04 Single “The best magic”
Release Date: January 6, 2021
○ First Press Limited Edition (CD + DVD)
PCCG-01960 / 1,800 yen (excluding tax)
○ Regular Edition (CD ONLY)
PCCG-01961 / 1,273 yen (excluding tax)

1. The best magic
Lyrics / Composition: Yoshiki Mizuno Arrangement: Takashi Kondo, Yusuke Tanaka Produced by Yusuke Tanaka (agehasprings)
2. Along the white line
Lyrics / Composition: Sho Watanabe Arrangement: Tatsuya Kurauchi
3. The best magic (Flower ver.)
4. The best magic (Bird ver.)
5. The best magic (Wind ver.)
6. The best magic (Moon ver.)
7. The best instrumental
8. White Instrumental
[Work information]
■ TV animation “CUE!”

Original: Liber Entertainment
Director: Shin Katagai
Series composition: Tatsuhiko Urahata
Character design: Motohiro Taniguchi
Animation production: Yumeta Company x Graphinica

“Can you tell me the courage to convey that word someday?”
I want to deliver my voice. I want to convey my feelings.
It was a dream that was too big for us small.
Days when I hesitate to aim beyond and cannot take a step.
But it was you who were there.
I want to make my dream come true someday. And I want to tell you.
Their dreams move a lot to see the scenery they don’t know yet.

Haruna Rokuishi: Yurina Uchiyama
Maika Takatori: Nene Hieda
Shiho Kano: Toka Moriya
Honoka Tsukii (Tsukii Honoka): Yuna Ogata
Yuki Tendo: Ayaka Takamura
Chisa Akakawa: Satsuki Miyahara
Eniwa Airi: Mayu Iizuka
Kujo Yuzuha: Manatsu Murakami
Miharu Yamine: Yukari Anzai
Aya Kamuro: Aya Matsuda
Mahoro Miyaji: Ai Yamaguchi
Riko Hinakura: Arisa Tsuruno
Rie Maruyama: Hina Tachibana
Satoshi Utsuki (Satori Utsugi): Ami Komine
Rinne Myojin: Mai Sato
Toomi Mei: Rio Tsuchiya
[Radio information]
■ “A & G NEXT ICON Super! CUE! & A”
・ Broadcast date and time: Every Monday-Thursday 20: 00-
・ Performers (* titles omitted)
Monday: Yurina Uchiyama
Tuesday: Yukari Anzai
Wednesday: Satsuki Miyahara
Thursday: Rio Tsuchiya
・ Broadcast medium
(1) Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Terrestrial AM1134kHz / FM91.6MHz / (Available in 1 metropolitan area and 6 prefectures)
(2) Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Anime & Game Internet distribution channel “Cho! A & G +” (
・ Listening method
・ Nippon Cultural Broadcasting HP “How to listen to the program”
・ Super! A & G + HP “What is listening to Super! A & G +?”
[Game information]
■ CUE!
Genre: Next-generation voice actor training game
Development and operation: Liber Entertainment Inc.
Music / Live production: Pony Canyon Co., Ltd.
Character design: Shiso (Twitter: @si_soo)
Design: Nippon Design Center Co., Ltd., KOMEWORKS Co., Ltd.
Price: Free to play (some items are charged)
Supported OS: iOS / Android (may not be available depending on the model)
(C) Liber Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.



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