Camping, fishing, cooking! Introducing the system of "Tales of ARISE" with a video! Interview video of the song, Motoi Sakuraba!

Camping, fishing, cooking! Introducing the system of “Tales of ARISE” with a video! Interview video of the song, Motoi Sakuraba!
July 30, 2021 14:05
From “Tales of ARISE” released on September 9, 2021, a video introducing game systems such as skits and camps and an interview video with music manager Motoi Sakuraba have been released.
As the latest work of the “Tales of” series commemorating the 25th anniversary of the release of the first work, “Tales of Arise” has undergone significant evolution in addition to inheriting the tradition of the series. For RPG fans around the world living in a new era as well as successive series fans, PS5 / PS4 / Xbox one / Xbox Series X | S on Thursday, September 9, 2021 and STEAM on September 10 It will be released on (Friday).
⇒ “Tales of ARISE” latest promotion video released! New party members also appeared !!
From that “Tales of Arise”, a video introducing the game system and an interview video of Mr. Motoi Sakuraba, who is in charge of music, have been released.
Game system introduction

We have released a movie that introduces the communication between various characters such as skits, camps, cooking, fishing, and “detour” elements that you can enjoy in “Tales of Arise”!

◆ Skit
A “skit” system that allows you to enjoy various conversations during your adventure, which is also a feature of the “Tales of” series.
You can get a glimpse of the interesting side of the characters from various angles that cannot be seen only in the main story, which has many serious developments.
The skit production of this work has evolved into 3D expression. Costumes and attachments set and equipped by the player, as well as “place” and “time” will be reflected in the skit, improving the “existence” as if you were watching the adventures of the characters in front of you. did.
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◆ Camp
“Encampment” for communication with friends and recovery.
At the camp spot, you can look back on the skits that occurred along the way, and you can see a new side by selecting a character to talk with before going to sleep.
HP / CP that decreases and is exhausted by repeating battles with enemies can be recovered by “camping” at the bonfire spots scattered on the field.
◆ Cooking
The familiar “one-of-a-kind” dishes are still alive!
Each character has their own specialties, and by entrusting them with their specialties, a special production is also generated.
◆ Looking for an owl
Find “Fururu’s friends” lurking everywhere.
Dana owls of various colors, shapes and sizes are hidden in various parts of the town and fields. By finding the owls, you can attribute them to the “Owl Forest” and get the attachments they have.
◆ Fishing
Let’s “fish” in various places and catch big fish!
You can do “fishing” at the waterside that you visit during your adventure. In particular, party member Kisara is also a fishing enthusiast.
Not only can you get unique fishing results at each fishing point, but you can also record and record the catches you catch and collect your own fishing results.
Music, Motoi Sakuraba’s special interview video
What is the idea of ​​”inheritance and evolution” that Motoi Sakuraba, who has worked on numerous “Tales of” songs, put in the songs of this work “Tales of Arise”?

[Game information]
■ Tales of ARISE
Release date: September 9, 2021 (Thursday) * STEAM version is September 10 (Friday)
Genre: RPG that tells the dawn of the heart
Hard: PS5, PS4, Xbox one, Xbox Series X | S, STEAM
Number of players: 1 offline
We have many products such as Collector’s Edition with figures and Ultimate Edition!

normal version
ASOBISTORE collector’s edition
ASOBISTORE figure edition
Premium edition
▼ Click here for collector’s edition etc.
⇒ “Tales of ARISE” reservations have started & the latest videos are released at once! Released in September on PS5 / PS4 / Xbox / STEAM
■ Game experience enhanced with PS5 version
・ Shortening the loading time when entering a battle
・ Equipped with “performance priority mode (60fps)”
・ Equipped with “graphic priority mode (4K)”
・ Support for Dual Sense haptic feedback and Game Help function
■ About upgrade
・ Those who have purchased the PS4 package version can upgrade to the PS5 version at no additional cost.
(Package version cannot be upgraded for digital editions without PS5 disc drive)
・ If you purchase the PS4 download version of this product from the PlayStation Store, you can download the PS5 version at no additional charge.
(If you purchase the PS5 download version, you can download the PS4 version at no additional charge)
■ Xbox double bundle
-The XBOX version of “Tales of ARISE” is available as a set with both the main data for XBOX ONE and the main data for XBOX Series X | S.
* Internet environment may be required.
Tales of Arise & © BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.



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