"Mr. Komi has communism." The second production decision, scheduled to be broadcast next spring, commented by Aoi Koga and others.

“Mr. Komi has communism.” The second production decision, scheduled to be broadcast next spring, commented by Aoi Koga and others.
Thursday, December 23, 2021 19:00
Phase 2 production decision visual
(C) Tomohito Oda Shogakukan / Private Itan High School
The second production of the TV anime “Komi-san is communicative” has been decided. It has been announced that “we are working hard to broadcast in April 2022.” At the same time, the announcement video and the second production decision visual are released.
This work is based on the comedy manga serialized in “Weekly Shonen Sunday”. A beautiful girl who turns around, but Komi Glass (CV: Aoi Koga), who is extremely shy and unable to communicate well with others, she with the help of her classmate Hitoshi Tadano (Gakuto Kajiwara). Struggle to make 100 friends.
In her announcement video, Mr. Furumi holds up a sketchbook with her “2nd term decision” and squeezes her words and says “Thank you.”
The full comments of the original author Tomohito Oda, Aoi Koga as Komi Glass, and Gakuto Kajiwara as Hitoshi Tadano are as follows.
[Oda Tomohito (Original)]
“Komi-san” Anime 2nd season ~~~ !!!!!
It will be done until the end of the year!
Hanafuda, school trip, Valentine’s Day. And delusion times ……!
There are lots of fun things to do in the second half of the year!
The greatest gratitude to all who are watching and taking this opportunity to be involved.
…… Dumore Rigoto Gozarias! ← I’m shy.
[Aoi Koga (role of Komi Glass)]
“Mr. Komi has communism.” I’m really, really happy that the second term has been decided …! Congratulations and thanks to everyone who supported and loved the work for making such a wonderful presentation. I am always grateful for your help. In the first term, I was encouraged by the appearance of Mr. Furumi, who is always working hard and clumsy, and growing steadily, and I realized once again how important and happy the current environment and daily life are. Even in the second term, I hope to convey the changes in Mr. Furumi’s growing feelings. We will do our best to make the production staff cast even more relaxed, laughing, and squeaky, so thank you for your cooperation !!
[Gakuto Kajiwara (role of Hitoshi Tadano)]
Congratulations on the second term decision !!
As I am looking forward to Komi-san’s dubbing every time, I am very happy to be able to play Tadano-kun!
I will continue to enjoy the anime Komi-san as a performer and a fan !!

Work information
Work information Event information
Mr. Furumi has communism. (Second stage)
Broadcast time 2022 spring animation
Production company
Staff information
[Original] Tomohito Oda (“Weekly Shonen Sunday” published by Shogakukan) [General Director] Ayumu Watanabe [Director] Kazuo Kawagoe [Series Composition] Deko Akao [Character Design] Atsuko Nakajima [Art Director] Masaru Sato [Color Design] Yuki Hayashi [Director] Satoshi Namiki [Edit] Toshihiko Kojima [Music] Yukari Hashimoto
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Komi Glass: Aoi Koga Hitoshi Tadano: Taketo Kajiwara Familiarity: Rie Murakawa Yamai Koi: Rina Hidaka Nakanaka Shiharu: Rumi Okubo Rumi Ueyoshi: Yukiyo Fujii Megumi Han: Ami Maeshima Megumi Han Nene Mine: Ruriko Aoki Otori Kaede: Yurika Moriyama
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