[Anyway, Akari Kito] Akari Kito's adult facial expression, Haruki Ishiya's physical beauty, featured photobook & release commemorative event introduction

[Anyway, Akari Kito] Akari Kito’s adult facial expression, Haruki Ishiya’s physical beauty, featured photobook & release commemorative event introduction
This week’s event topics pick up photobook launch events. Akari Kito challenged fashionable costumes and makeup with the photo book “Lumiere”, and Haruki Ishiya boldly showed her physical beauty in the 1st photo book, and there are many must-see photo books! This time, we will introduce the event schedule together with the “Ganpuku Point” of the photo book. If you are attending, don’t forget to check the virus infection prevention measures from the official website of each event.
The recommended photo book this time is Akari Kito’s photo book “Lumiere”, which was just released on December 8th. A book full of highlights, including the cover visuals that look like fashion magazines, as well as the appearance of Kito in various atmospheres such as cute, sexy, and cool. “Release Commemorative Online Event Individual Talk” will be held on January 22, 2022 for fan club limited edition reservations and purchasers.
Miyu Kubota 2nd Photobook, Preceding Cut
“22/7” 1st photobook, regular edition cover
Miyu Kubota’s 2nd photobook released on January 31, 2010 is an “adult photobook” in which Kubota is dressed in costumes such as room wear, swimwear, and dresses, and the release commemorative event is March 12, 2010. Held on the day. In addition, the 1st photo book “Youth is not divisible” (released on December 23) of the digital voice actor idol group “22/7” contains the members spending their time with their own facial expressions under the theme of “summer vacation excursion”. The launch event is scheduled for January 15, 2010 (online, no audience).
“Haruki Ishiya 1st Photobook Moment”
Don’t miss the photobooks of male voice actors and actors! Haruki Ishiya released “Haruki Ishiya 1st Photobook Moment” on January 14, 2010, celebrating his 30th birthday. The book, which was shot in Miyazaki, his hometown, with the theme of “as it is” shows the physical beauty of training for shooting. “Individual online talk” will be held on January 16, 2010.
“Keisuke Ueda Photobook SHowcase K ~ premiere ~” Pre-cut
In the latest photo book “Showcase K ~ premiere ~” (released on December 25th) by Keisuke Ueda, an actor who is active mainly in the 2.5-dimensional stage, Ueda plays various roles with fellow guest actors, “The world view of fiction”. Express. A launch event will be held for reservations and purchases at Shufunotomo Infos Online Shop and Animate Online.
Cover of “Komastagram 2nd PHOTO FRAME” by Wataru Komada
Lastly, I would like to introduce the second photo book “Wataru Komada’s Komastagram 2nd PHOTO FRAME” (on sale) of the program “Wataru Komada’s Komastagram” in which Wataru Komada, who is also active as a cameraman, shoots voice actors. An event to commemorate the release will be held on December 18th, with a complete book containing unreleased cuts of 12 guest voice actors shot by Komada and gravure shot by Komada himself.



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