[Netflix January Anime] 2022 winter anime such as "Attack on Titan" and "Police in a Pod", and "The Orbital Children" by "Denno Coil" Mitsuo Iso will be delivered one after another!

[Netflix January Anime] 2022 winter anime such as “Attack on Titan” and “Police in a Pod”, and “The Orbital Children” by “Denno Coil” Mitsuo Iso will be delivered one after another!
December 21, 2021 14:53
Netflix has announced a recommended anime lineup for the January 2022 period.
⇒ What is the first anime you want to watch in 2022? I want to see 2022 winter anime popularity vote (December 30 deadline)
As for the original animation, Mitsuo Iso, who was highly acclaimed for “Denno Coil”, wrote the original, wrote and directed it, and Kenichi Yoshida of “Mobile Suit Gundam Reconguista in G” designed the character “The Orbital Children”. delivery.
In addition, 2022 winter animations such as “Attack on Titan” The Final Season Part 2 “The Strongest Sage with Disqualification” and “Police in a Pod ~ Alternate Girls’ Counterattack ~” will be delivered one after another.
[Special feature] January original new animation
■ Extraterrestrial Boys and Girls
Worldwide exclusive advance delivery from January 28 (6 episodes in total)
Mitsuo Iso, who won the Japan Media Arts Festival Animation Division Excellence Award for the TV anime “Denno Coil” and received high praise, is the featured work in charge of the original, screenplay, and director!
The character design is done by Kenichi Yoshida of “Symphonic Psalm Eureka Seven” and “Mobile Suit Gundam Reconguista in G”.
The stage is 2045, when AI has developed and anyone can go to outer space. Children are left behind in the Japanese space station “Anshin” accident.
The two born on the moon and three children from the earth face the danger of desperation while working together with AI in a space where the network is cut off.
[Special feature] New animation in January

■ “Attack on Titan” The Final Season Part 2
Every Monday from January 10th
Latest episode update
After the 76th episode “Condemnation” of the final season, the distribution has finally started!
The truth outside the wall finally revealed and the identity of the giant. Up to this point, humanity has made too great a sacrifice. Nevertheless, they have to keep going. I haven’t seen the sea outside the wall, the symbol of freedom, with my own eyes …
Time has passed, and it has been six years since the first “super giant” attacked. The Investigation Corps conducts an off-wall investigation outside Wall Maria.
“There is a sea over the wall, and there is freedom over the sea. I always believed that …”
The sea that human beings in the wall reached for the first time. Is it free to be beyond the endless horizon, or …?
The story of Eren Yeager enters a new phase.
⇒ “Attack on Titan” The Final Season Part 2, key visual ban lifted! The broadcast time of “Special Omnibus” in December has been decided, and OAD will be delivered from November 29th!
■ Requiem of the Rose King
Every Sunday from January 9th
Latest episode update
The original work by Aya Sugawara, who is popular for “Otomen”. A dark fantasy based on Shakespeare’s historical plays “Henry VI” and “Richard III”.
The War of the Roses, when the York and Lancaster families repeatedly vie for the throne. Born as the third son of the House of York, Richard grew up with a straightforward affection from his father, who has the same name, while being estranged by his mother as a “child of the devil.”
Richard’s wish is that his father, the Duke of York, will take the throne in the light of the world. However, Richard’s pure wish would lead to a storm of war in England.
In addition, Richard has the secret that he was born with two genders … He has a secret in his chest that no one can reveal, and Richa’s do is also involved in the battle.
■ The dress-up doll falls in love
Every Tuesday from January 11th
Latest episode delivery
A popular manga by Shinichi Fukuda serialized in “Young Gangan” (published by Square Enix) has been made into a TV animation.
Wakana, a high school boy who aims to be a “head teacher” who makes the faces of Hina dolls. While he is serious about making Hina dolls, he is not familiar with the fashion of the same generation, and Shinna is not familiar with the class.
For such Shinna, the popular person, Kaimu Kitagawa (Marin), who is always at the center of the class circle, is like a resident of another world. However, one day, unexpectedly, Shinna decided to share her secret with Kaimu …!?
■ Love of Kill
Every Wednesday from January 19th
Latest episode delivery
A cool bounty hunter, Château, and a mysterious and strongest man, Ryanha. The two fight at a certain “workplace” and are hostile to each other … but for some reason, the chateau is liked and she ends up being obsessed with Liangha.
Château collaborates with Liangha in a destructive manner, but she gets caught up in a conflict with an organization that targets him. Furthermore, the battle has something to do with the past of the chateau …?
The distorted suspense of “Killer x Hitman” woven by the two who have the worst compatibility!
■ The Case Study of Vanitas 2nd Cool
Every Tuesday from January 18th
Latest episode delivery
A steampunk set in Paris, France in the 19th century, where humans and vampires exist, based on the original work by Jun Mochizuki, who is famous for “PandoraHearts”.
Noe, a young vampire, was heading to Paris in search of the spellbook “Vanitas’s Book” to sprinkle a curse on a vampire. Noe encounters an incident in an airship on the way. In the midst of the turmoil, what appeared before Noe was Vanitas, a human who claims to be a vampire specialist.
In Vanitas’s hand was the curse spellbook “Vanitas’ Book” that Noe was looking for …
In the second course, Vanitas and Noe, who glared that a vampire with a curse might be involved in the reappearance of the “Beast of Gévaudan” feared by people in the 18th century, visited the land of Gévaudan. visit.
■ The Strongest Sage of Disqualification Crest
Every Thursday from January 13th
Latest episode delivery
A light novel by Shinkoshoto is made into a TV animation.
Gaias, a wise man who was touted as the strongest wizard in the world, felt the limit to the performance of his innate emblem. The step he took to change his coat of arms was to gain a new body through his reincarnation.
Gaias reincarnates in the world of the distant future and obtains the “best emblem for magical combat” he was looking for and the name Matthias. However, the emblem was called “disqualified emblem” for some reason in this era …!?
Matthias, a boy who waits for the strongest “disqualification crest” in magical battle and the wisdom of the wise man, will break the common sense of the world!
■ The genius prince’s deficit national regeneration technique
Every Sunday from January 16th
Latest episode delivery
A light novel by Toru Toba has been made into a TV animation.
The kingdom of Natra, a weak nation exposed to the threat of a hegemonic nation. Prince Wayne, who was to carry the country on his back at a young age, begins to demonstrate his talented and brilliant skills while being supported by his aide, Ninim.
However, the kingdom of Natra is in a very terrible situation, with no money to change its domestic affairs, no military power to take it away, and the outflow of decent and talented human resources to other countries.
Wayne’s wish is to retire and lead a comfortable life. He sells his flirtation to a great power, and if he sells his country, his dream will come true … he thinks, but diplomacy and military have rolled in unexpected directions …!?
■ Police in a Pod ~ Counterattack of Alternate Girls ~
Every Thursday from January 13th
Latest episode delivery
A popular manga by Miko Yasu has been made into a TV animation.
Mayi Kawai, who became a police officer for the shallowest reason she could think of, regretted her becoming a police officer. Former Criminal Division ace Seiko Fuji, nicknamed “Miss Perfect,” comes to Kawai, who holds her resignation and decides to live her second life.
Kawai is frightened by the rumors that Fuji has moved from the criminal section to a police box after the power harassment of her juniors has passed, but he decides to form a pair and head for patrol.
A work comedy woven by unique and attractive police officers, centered on a new police officer Kawai and a former criminal section ace Fuji’s uneven pair!
⇒ TV anime “Police in a Pod-Counterattack of Alternate Girls-” will be broadcast in January 2022, PV released! Additional cast by Ryota Suzuki, Shimba Tsuchiya, Kana Hanazawa
■ Mr. Takagi who is good at teasing: Season 3
Latest episodes delivered every Saturday from January 8th
■ The world’s strongest 2nd season in a common profession
Latest episodes delivered every Sunday from January 16th
■ Rust-Eater Bisco
Latest episodes delivered every Tuesday from January 18th
■ A wise man who claims to be a disciple of a wise man
Latest episodes delivered every Wednesday from January 19th
[Special feature] Other attention
■ No Guns Life
Delivered from January 1st
* Season 2 will also be delivered from January 1st.
A new technology “physical function expansion technology” developed by Beluren during the war. Those who have mechanized part or all of their body by that technique were called extenders. In a society where expanders and non-expanders, who are living human beings, coexist, her troubles are constant. Inui Juso’s business is a “processing shop” that solves these problems. Juso himself is also an “expander” of a gun with a huge head.
One day, Juso is asked by a big man who has a full-body dilator to protect a boy named Tetsuro Ara. He is a boy kidnapped by Belulen. Juso received a request, but Tetsuro was robbed by a pursuit from Beluren …!?
■ Babylon
Delivered from January 3rd
Zen Masazaki, a prosecutor of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s Office, discovers a strange document while pursuing a fraudulent case of a pharmaceutical company. What was left there were strange blood stains mixed with hair and skin, and the letter “F” in the alphabet that filled the entire surface of the paper. Masasaki visits a witness who appears on the line of investigation, but there is an unbelievable sight.
At the same time, a new independent municipality called “new area” was about to be born in western Tokyo. As Masasaki pursues the mystery of the incident, a huge conspiracy gradually begins to appear …!?
Also pay attention to the co-starring of Yuichi Nakamura, Takahiro Sakurai, Kensho Ono and other gorgeous casts!
■ One Piece Wano Kuni Hen
Latest episode delivery every Thursday
The latest episode of the series, “Wano Kuni Hen,” has finally started distribution up to the latest episode of TV broadcasting!
Wano country. There is a mysterious isolated nation where samurai roam and ninjas dive. Luffy and his friends came to Wano, which is controlled by the four emperors Kaido, to join them. Luffy and his friends, who have met various encounters here, form an alliance with the samurai who carry a sad past, and fight to defeat the general Orochi and Kaido who rule Wano!
■ Theatrical version “SHIROBAKO”
Delivered from December 23
The movie version that is the sequel to the popular TV anime series.
Five members of the Ueyama High School Animation Club, who made a vow at a gourd shop donut to make an animated work together someday. After graduation, the five will be involved in animation production at their respective locations. Aoi Miyamori, after making “Exodus!” And “Third Flight Girl Squadron,” she gradually approached her dream and gradually began to think about what she really wanted to do. It’s been four years since then. Aoi, who was struggling with her daily work, was called by Watanabe after her morning assembly, and she was assigned the role of a new theater animation. However, there is an unexpected pitfall in this project …!?
■ Music
Delivered from December 23
■ Looking for a witch apprentice
Delivered from December 23
■ Attack on Titan OAD
Delivered from January 3rd
■ The Irregular at Magic High School Reminiscence Edition
Delivered from January 6th
Delivered from January 10th
■ Princess Connect! Re: Dive
Delivered from January 15th
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