Fan's "Uma Musume Ai" explodes! What is the "certain sponsorship race" that made Haru Urara's role, Yukina Shuto cry?

Fan’s “Uma Musume Ai” explodes! What is the “certain sponsorship race” that made Haru Urara’s role, Yukina Shuto cry?
Yukina Shuto, the voice actor who plays the character “Haru Urara” from “Uma Musume Pretty Derby”. A sponsorship race seems to have destroyed her lacrimal glands.
The race was “Yukina Shuto’s Birth Special” held at Kochi Racecourse on December 19th. The same day was her birthday, and it seems that her fans co-sponsored it to celebrate it. According to the sponsorship message, “Mr. Yukina Shuto, who brings smiles to us with the voices of various roles such as idols, sisters and high elf, and characters with that horse in Kochi as a motif. Today is my birthday. We will support you with the meaning of congratulations and support! ”
This race will be announced to Mr. Shuto just before the race. It seems that she cannot hide her surprise that she has her own name, “What is this !! Eh !? My name is in the race name … !!”. She later realized that it was related to her birthday and said, “I’m surprised! It’s a great birthday gift … I’m happy … I’m supporting your horse …!”
The race seems to be watched at the “local horse racing live”, and praises the catch-up of the first place, Cabagero. He also commented on the sponsorship race itself, “I was deeply grateful and tearful. Thank you.” It must have been a special gift for Mr. Shuto.

Kochi Racecourse is also the place where “Haru Urara” made its debut. The comment by Mr. Koji Hashiguchi, a famous live announcer of Kochi Racecourse, cannot be overlooked. The race can be seen on “Kochi Keiba Broadcast 2021/12/19”, so why not check it out?
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