The first attempt in the history of TV animation !? "MUTEKING THE Dancing HERO" official provides a part of the main video as "free material"

News 2021.12.20 Mon 15:00
The TV anime “MUTEKING THE Dancing HERO” currently being broadcast has announced an unprecedented project “MUTEKING FREEDOM” that provides a part of the video being produced as “free material” free of charge.
“MUTEKING THE Dancing HERO” is a sci-fi hero love comedy based on the hero gag anime “Muteking” produced by Tatsunoko Production in 1980.
Set in Neo-San Francisco with city pop, the kind-hearted young man Muteki transforms into “Dancing Hero Muteking”, and under the catch copy “Are you an enemy? Then, let’s dance!” Instead, sing and dance to protect the freedom and peace of the world.
The “MUTEKING FREEDOM” announced this time uses the published materials without prior notice under the conditions of “non-profit purpose”, “use within 5 minutes per use / post”, and “use within the range that does not hurt anyone”. It’s an experimental attempt to do it.
Behind the project, there are various ways to enjoy anime these days, such as live commentary and consideration on SNS, communication with stamps, simultaneous viewing events and impression distribution, and the “MUTEKING” production team said, “To everyone according to the times. To make it an unprecedented “open animation” that you can enjoy more freely, “explained the reason for the implementation.
He also commented, “I hope this project will be a new opportunity to get to know” MUTEKING “and at the same time contribute to the way of enjoying anime, not just watching it.”
“MUTEKING FREEDOM” is currently releasing all 31 types of materials for episodes 1 to 4 on the official website of the work. Will be released at any time in the future.
For details such as terms of use, please visit the special page.
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(C) Tatsunoko Production / MUTEKING Production Committee
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