Masaharu Fukuyama, "I'm rude" in the role of No Way Out, the strongest enemy in history.

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Masaharu Fukuyama, “I’m rude” in the role of No Way Out, the strongest enemy in history.
Masaharu Fukuyama breathes life into seriousness
Masaharu Fukuyama, a singer and actor, appeared as a voice actor in “Movie Oshiritantei His Serati”, and it was revealed that he is playing the role of the strongest and worst enemy in the series history, Serati. Fukuyama said, “I’m almost a newcomer in the deep expression of CV, but I’m sorry to say,” I’m rude, “so as not to be ashamed of the name of the strongest villain in history.” I’m eager to see it.
“Movie Oshiritante His Seriousity,” which was decided to be released nationwide on March 18, 2022, is the first feature film in the fourth movie version of the series. It consists of a 50-minute work and a 20-minute short film “Movie Oshiritante Yume no Jumbo Sweet Potato Festival” that depicts the making of “super-large size sweet potatoes”. The past three films, “Movie Oshiritantei Curry, His Jiken” (19), “Movie Oshiritantei Ladybugs His Mystery” (20), and “Movie Oshiritantei Sufuret Island Secrets” are from Toei. It was screened as one of the children’s movie “Toei Manga Festival”.
(C) Troll Poplar / 2022 “Movie Oshiritantei” Production Committee (C)Troll/POPLAR, 2022 “Butt Detective the Movie” Production Committee (C)T/P, 2022 BDMC
Fukuyama will be the voice actor in the theatrical animation for the third time, following “Movie Doraemon: Nobita and the Iron Man Corps: Habatake Angels” (11) and “Mirai of the Future” (18). Seriousity, the original character of the movie that breathes life in this work, is a ruthless criminal who does not choose any means for the purpose. He is aiming for the mysterious treasure “O Parts” that sleeps in the Hoothoot Museum. Oshiritan begins an investigation with a new investigator, Audrey (Mie Sonozaki), who came from the International Police Oneter Pole, but Seriousi causes an incident that shakes the town.
Fukuyama, who faces a difficult role with a cool and deep voice, is enthusiastic, saying, “No way, I can be a resident of the world of my favorite” Oshiritantei “… I am very excited with surprise and joy.” In addition, “The role of the” complete dark side “for the first time in my career is the dark resident” Genius Seriousy. ” I’m hoping to express the “darkness of genius”, “explaining the role, and oozing that he enjoyed this work.
Along with this announcement, a poster visual and a notice with Fukuyama’s voice were unveiled. In the notice, IQ1104’s famous detective Oshitate and Serati will spark from the moment of encounter. “It seems to be an excellent detective. Which is better, light or dark? You can see it now.” Seriousity provokes with a meaningful line. In addition, the scene where the two fight is included, and while Oshiritan performs the special move that is familiar to the series, it can be confirmed that Seriousi is also fighting with a strong special move.
The released poster will be posted at Marunouchi TOEI and other movie theaters nationwide from December 17th. In addition, the sale of Mubichike will start on the same day. The Mubichike advance ticket (card) with a gift is a seriousness that stands invincible. As for the advance sale privilege, it is said that a tea time roulette will be presented only for 20,000 pieces nationwide.

作品情報 Movie Oshiritante Seriati
Updated December 16, 2021
Work information Event information
Movie Oshiritante Seriati
Theatrical release date March 18, 2022 (Friday)
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Form movie
Production company
Toei Animation
Staff information
[Original] Troll [Director] Yuriko Kado [Screenplay] Katsuhiko Chiba [Music] Hiroshi Takagi [Character Design] Hideaki Maniwa [Animation Director] Hiroyuki Kono [Art Design] Ryutaro Masuda [Art Director] Miki Higashi [Color Design] Kumiko Yanagisawa [ Cinematographer]: Kunihito Noritomo
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The worst and strongest enemy stands in front of the swordsman who has been calmly sneaking up the incident at any time … The name is Seriousity! A mysterious incident, a trap set in the police ……. Then, a pinch of desperation comes. I was afraid that I would take damage and lose my fighting spirit. What inspired him there …
Yuko Sanpei Ayaka Saito Kenji Sugimura Tetsuhiro Ikeda Katsuyuki Konishi Makoto Nakamura Ikkei Watanabe Masaharu Fukuyama
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