"My Little Goat", a short film directed by Tomoki Misato, will be distributed free of charge until December 24th.

News Sunday, December 19, 2021 21:00
“My Little Goat”, a short film directed by Tomoki Misato, will be distributed free of charge until December 24th.
“My Little Goat” main story cut
The short “My Little Goat” by Tomoki Misato, the director of “PUI PUI Molcar”, will be on the “24th Japan Media Arts Festival” special site (https://www.online24th.j-mediaarts.) Until December 24th. It is distributed free of charge in jp / gallery / 281).
As part of a policy to release some of the past 3 award-winning works (22nd to 24th) and works recommended by the judging committee for a limited time, this work was recommended by the judging committee at the “22nd Japan Media Arts Festival”. Selected for the work.
“My Little Goat” is a puppet animation of about 10 minutes drawn using felt dolls like “PUI PUI Molcar”. A dark fairy tale work based on the Grimms’ Fairy Tales “Wolves and 7 Little Goats” with the theme of child abuse. Depicts the strange experience of his eldest son, Torque. Director Misato was announced in 2018 as a graduate school production at Tokyo University of the Arts.

Work information 320.jpg
Work information Event information
PUI PUI Molker
Broadcast time 2021 winter animation
This week’s broadcast
Online delivery
Thursday, December 23
Web 9: 20-10: 00 Anime LIVE Channel (AbemaTV)
December 24th (Friday)
Web 29: 30-30: 10 Anime LIVE Channel (AbemaTV)
Saturday, December 25
Web 6:10 ~ 6:50 Anime LIVE Channel (AbemaTV)
Web 6: 50-7: 25 Anime LIVE Channel (AbemaTV)
Production company
Shin-Ei Animation, Japan Green Hearts
Staff information
[Draft] Tomoki Misato, Shin-Ei Animation, Japan Green Hearts [Director] Tomoki Misato [Screenplay] Tomoki Misato [Picture Conte] Tomoki Misato, Hana Ono, Katsura Sato [Animator] Iwatsuki Ikuko, Sato Katsura, Makoto Takano, Tomoki Misato [Art] Iwatsuki Ikuko, Michiko Kai, Katsura Sato, Hanane Sato, Tomoki Misato, Reina Muramatsu, Atelier KOCKA [Music] Shota Kowashi [Sound] Akira Noguchi [Production] ] Molkers PUI PUI Molker
The stage is a world where guinea pigs have become cars. Healing car “Molcar”. Round eyes, big round buttocks, short limbs that run tokotoko. Molcar always runs around with a blurred face. Even if there is a traffic jam, you can be healed just by looking at the guinea pig’s ass in front of you, and even if you have a slight trouble, you can forgive it because it is fluffy and cute? !! A lot of animations with healing, friendship, adventure, and messy action, centered on various situations unique to cars!
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