"Strike the Blood FINAL" new visual release!

“Strike the Blood FINAL” new visual release! Blu-ray & DVD information announced! Store privilege information arrived !!
December 11, 2021 10:000
“Strike the Blood FINAL” new visual release! Blu-ray & DVD information announced! Store privilege information arrived !!
Blu-ray & DVD information about the anime “Strike the Blood” series has been announced. At the same time, key visuals, stories, and store privilege information were also released.
“Strike the Blood” is a light novel novel by Gakuto Mikumo and Manyako, the original work published by Dengeki Bunko. The cumulative total of the series has reached 3.2 million copies, and unfortunately the main story was completed in August 2020. From 2013, it was made into a TV animation, and then it became an OVA series. The total number of Blu-ray & DVD sales has exceeded 330,000 in the series, and it has become a popular work that continues until the 4th term “Strike the Blood IV”.
The production of the OVA “Strike the Blood FINAL”, which is an animation of the original light novel, Volume 22 “Akatsuki no Triumph”, and depicts the completion of the main story, has been decided.
⇒ “Strike the Blood FINAL” animation production decision & PV release! Cast comments from 10 people including Yoshimasa Hosoya and Risa Taneda have arrived!https://japaneseanime3315.seesaa.net/article/484874604.html?1639901438 This time, the Blu-ray & DVD information of the completed series has finally been revealed. At the same time, key visuals, stories, and store privilege information were announced.
Also, more follow-up news will be announced in the special program on ABEMA TV, so please check it out.
Blu-ray & DVD information It has been decided that the OVA “Strike the Blood FINAL” will be released in two volumes from March 2022. In all four episodes, the final volume of the original “Akatsuki no Triumph” will be animated.
Store privilege information has arrived along with the Blu-ray & DVD information. The new visuals and story content have also been released, so please check them out.
▲ New visual

“… I am the supervisor of Akatsuki-senpai. I have been and will continue to do so.”
MAR General Shafriar Len, who has crossed over to the “foreign country”, obtains the ancient super-weapon “Beast Warhead”, which is the heritage of the god of gods, and plans to put the world under the control of the heavens again.
In the face of that overwhelming force, the Lion King Organization and the Demon Bureau secretly decided to destroy Kamishima, the “gate” that connects the “foreign country” and this world.
Yukina is worried about the ruthless mission given by the upper management. And in order to protect her precious things, she faces the last fight with her companion as the lord of Kamishima.
“You decide what to do next. Will you go to destroy this island or help to save it?”
Yukina, Asagi, Sayaka, La Folia, Shizuri …, the heroines of all time gathered together, and the “Strike the Blood” series “Complete Edition” -finally opened !!
[Product information]
■ “Strike the Blood FINAL OVA”
Blu-ray: 7,480 yen each (tax included) / DVD: 7,480 yen each (tax included)
Number of recorded episodes: 2 episodes each
Release schedule: Vol.1… Wednesday, March 30, 2022, Vol.2… Wednesday, June 29, 2022
First-time specification version benefits
・ Illustration jacket drawn by anime copyright
・ Digipak specification, clear case
・ Bonus: Booklet (commentary + short story written by the original author + comic)
Product specifications
・ Voice benefits: Audio commentary * 1 episode only
・ Video benefits: CM, PV, etc.

Target products: “Strike the Blood FINAL OVA” Blu-ray & DVD Vol.1, Vol.2
・ Animate: Whole volume storage BOX drawn by anime illustrations (Characters: Yukina, Asagi)
・ Gamers: B2 tapestry drawn by anime illustrations (characters: Yukina, Sayaka)
・ Toranoana: B2 tapestry drawn by anime illustrations (characters: Yukina, Asagi)
・ Amazon.co.jp Limited: Sleeve case drawn by anime illustration + B3 clear poster (Characters: Yukina, Sayaka)
・ Sofmap: B2 tapestry drawn by anime illustrations (characters: Yukina, Sayaka)
・ Rakuten Books: A3 Clear Poster (Characters: Sayaka, La Folia)
・ TSUTAYA / TSUTAYA Online: Whole volume storage BOX (Character: Yukina, Aurora)
・ HMV: Whole volume storage BOX (Character: Yukina)
Delivery information ■ Dengeki Bunko Winter Festival ONLINE 2021 “Strike the Blood” delivery special program
In the program, we announced a further follow-up to the “Strike the Blood” series.
Date and time: Saturday, December 11, 2021 21: 35-
Delivery platform: ABEMA TV
Starring: Risa Taneda (role of Yukina Himeragi), Rina Hidaka (role of Akatsuki Nagisa), Asami Seto (role of Asami Aiba)
Program details: https://dengekibunko.jp/event-fair/webcast2021/
[Work information]
■ “Strike the Blood FINAL”
Original: Gakuto Mikumo (published by Dengeki Bunko)
Original illustration: Manyako
Director: Hideyo Yamamoto
Series composition: Hiroyuki Yoshino
Character design: Keiichi Sano, Hideki Furukawa
Sound Director: Jin Aketagawa
Sound production: Magic capsule
Animation production: CONNECT
Akatsuki Kojo: Yoshimasa Hosoya
Yukina Himeragi: Risa Taneda
Asami Aiba: Asami Seto
Akatsuki Nagisa: Rina Hidaka
Sayaka Kosaka: Ikumi Hayama
Motoki Yase: Ryota Osaka
Natsuki Minamimiya: Hisako Kanemoto
Astarte: Yuka Iguchi
Natsune Kanase: Kanae Ito
La Folia Rehavine: Saori Onishi
Yuri Hanami: Sayaka Senbongi
Shio Hikawa: Kaede Hondo
Glenda: Misaki Watada
Kiriha Himezaki: Yukiyo Fujii
Yui Eguchi: Nao Toyama
Lydian Didier: Misaki Kuno
Kasugaya Shizukuri / Castiera: Saya Aizawa
Aurora Florestina: Kaori Ishihara
[Production decision commemorative PV]
(C) 2019 Gakuto Mikumo / KADOKAWA / PROJECT STB OVA



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