Product Information
Release date
Summer 2022
Suggested retail price
to be decided
Action RPG
Compatible models
100×126-CERO-Scheduled for review (no border)
Scheduled to be examined
Nacon / Spiders
Selling agency
3goo Co., Ltd.

Integrate the power and speed of Aigis with your arm, defeat the army of robots, and change the course of history!
A heroine wrapped in a one-of-a-kind mystery
Paris is in the midst of a revolution in which flames burn and blood flows. The main character, Aigis, is a masterpiece automata produced by Vaucanson that can be used as the “King of Clockwork”. By maximizing the Aigis gimmicks to suit your playing style, you can be a fearless warrior, a deadly dancer, or a magician who manipulates the power of the elements.
Responsive and intense gameplay
Throw yourself into a cruel and fierce battle and confront the ruthless, complex and mysterious enemies created by marvelous science and technology. In the battle between extremely dangerous enemies and mighty bosses, the player’s reflexes and skills are tested to the limit every second.
Run around Paris
Paris, the city of light, is swallowed by the darkness and needs the power of Aigis. Use your power and reflexes to explore the streets of Paris, roofs, residential areas, castles and uncover hidden secrets.
A fascinating story based on history
Dive into an astonishing world that has evolved differently from historical facts, and meet mechanical enemies and friends with suspicious thoughts. Only you can unravel the intricately intertwined history and lead the French Revolution to success!



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