Full-scale RPG "Edge of Eternity" will be released in 2022 on PS4 / PS5!

Full-scale RPG “Edge of Eternity” will be released in 2022 on PS4 / PS5! Introducing beautiful launch videos and game screens!
December 14, 2021 17:100
Full-scale RPG “Edge of Eternity” will be released in 2022 on PS4 / PS5! Introducing beautiful launch videos and game screens!
Oizumi Amuseo announced that it will release a new game “Edge of Eternity” for PS4 / PS5 in 2022.
“Edge of Eternity” is a full-scale RPG work by the development team “Midgar Studio” who loves Japanese RPG works. The story is set in “Helion” and revolves around the soldier brother Darion and his sister Selene.
This time, the launch trailer and the story have been released.
[Launch video]

As the confrontation with the mysterious invader “Arklit” who attacked Helion intensified, the terrifying biological weapons brought by the enemy became a new threat, casting a black shadow on many people, not just on the battlefield. ….
Those who are affected by pathogens and develop “corrosion disease” turn into a brutal appearance, and people have no choice but to accept it.
One day, Darion receives a letter from his sister and doubts his eyes at the astonishing news. It was written that his mother had a corrosive disease.
He decides to bet his life, protect his loved ones, change the fate of the world, and embark on a journey to find a cure with his sister Selene.
Yasunori Mitsuda, who has provided music for many masterpieces, participated in the soundtrack. In addition to attractive characters, stories, and beautiful graphics, we are also focusing on the sound side.
In addition, this is the first voice-over for Amuseio. We welcome gorgeous voice actors and deliver a more immersive RPG experience.
Sample voices of major characters are also available on the official website that opens today, so be sure to check them out.
* Honorific titles omitted
Darion / Jin Ogasawara
Selene / Hisako Tojo
Isoris / Kosuke Toriumi
Mana / Yoko Hikasa
Fallon / Asami Imai
Vaughan / Kodai Sakai
Sill / Hiyori Kono
Petitioner / Minoru Shiraishi
Theia / Chihiro Kamijo
Alfa Lius / Kenta Sasa
Derek / Hiroshi Nakamura
Gavin / Yu Kitada
Photoshop / Yuji Kameyama
Reinan / Kanehira Yamamoto
Ordo / Shuhei Iwase
Zandra / Rika Kinugawa
Kino / Yosuke Eto
Herana / Kaori Nakamura
[Title information]
■ “Edge of Eternity”
Target model: PS4 (PS4 Pro compatible) / PS5
Release date: 2022
Price: 5,720 yen (tax included) / Download: 4,290 yen (tax included)
Genre: RPG
Number of players: 1 person
CERO: Under review
Distributor: Oizumi Amuseio Co., Ltd.
©2021 Plug In Digital. Published by Plug In Digital. Developed by Midgar Studio. Dear Villagers is a trademark of Plug In Digital. All rights reserved.
Licensed to and published in Japan by Oizumi Amuzio Inc.



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