A-1 Pictures original animation "Visual Prison", teaser visual & staff released! The general director is Jouji Furuta of "SHAMAN KING"!

A-1 Pictures original animation “Visual Prison”, teaser visual & staff released! The general director is Jouji Furuta of “SHAMAN KING”!
June 14, 2021 17:120
A-1 Pictures original animation “Visual Prison”, teaser visual & staff released! The general director is Jouji Furuta of “SHAMAN KING”!
From the original TV anime “Visual Prison” that will start broadcasting in October 2021, the teaser visual, main staff information, and character design have been released.
The original TV animation “Visual Prison” is an original animation that depicts the story of vampires who live their destiny and face themselves through “songs” and “friends.” The original is Noriyasu Agematsu (others such as “Senki Zessho Symphogear”), the music is Elements Garden, the original character is Ikumi Katagari (others “GOD EATER 2” comicalize, etc.), and the production is A-1 Pictures (other “Hypnosismic-” Division Rap Battle- “Rhyme Anima etc.).
About this work that will start broadcasting in October 2021, the teaser visual and main staff information will be released in Abema special program “Visual Prison Power Push !!” # 1. At the same time, the ban on character design has been lifted.
What kind of feelings do those who live the fate of vampires devote to music and make their singing voice resonate? Attention.
Teaser Visual & Main Staff Information
O ★ Z (Oz), LOS † EDEN (Lost Eden), ECLIPSE (Eclipse) gather under the “red moon” floating in the mysterious night sky. It is a masterpiece visual with a total of 10 main characters.
The catch phrase, “The slogan is the true tune (love song)”, contains the feelings for the music of those who live the fate of vampires.
In addition, the main staff also announced. The general director is Jouji Furuta, who was the general director of “Uta no Prince-sama the Movie: Seriously LOVE Kingdom” and the director of “SHAMAN KING”. It was decided to be Tomoya Tanaka, who was the director of the version “Eiga no Osomatsu-san”.
In addition, the character design is by Minako Shiba of the “Kuroshitsuji” series and “Hypnosismic -Division Rap Battle-” Rhyme Anima, and the series composition is by Yukie Sugawara of “Overlord” and “Idolmaster SideM”. In addition, staff with talented groups will gather and challenge the production.
Character design for each unit is also released The character designs of and for each unit are also released. Pay attention to the outfit that shows the character’s individuality.
■ O ★ Z
■ LOS † EDEN (Lost Eden)
Abema special program “Visual Prison Power Push !!” # 2 will be delivered in July!
# 2 of the special program “Visual Prison Power Push !!”, which is being regularly distributed on AbemaTV, will be distributed in July. Gorgeous voice actors will bring you the charm and new information of the work, so be sure to check it out.
[Distribution overview]
■ Abema special program “Visual Prison Power Push !!”
Delivery date: July 2021 (planned)
Yuki Anju as Chiba Shoya, Saga Latour as Eguchi Takuya, Mist Flave as Shimazaki Nobunaga, Vove Elizabeth as Nagatsuka Takuma, Jack Mouton as Yano Shogo, Boo (MC)
[Work information]
■ TV animation “Visual Prison”

Broadcast from October 2021

Anju Yuki, a boy who is not familiar with the surroundings and has a strong loneliness inside.
When I left my hometown and visited Harajuku, a city where my favorite artist was active, I encountered a live battle between the visual kei units “ECLIPSE” and “LOS † EDEN”. ..
While being overwhelmed by the energetic stage, suddenly severe pain hits Anju.
Original: Noriyasu Agematsu / Afredes
General Director: Jouji Furuta
Director: Tomoya Tanaka
Series composition: Yukie Sugawara
Character draft: Ikumi Katagari
Character design: Minako Shiba
Sub-character design: Hitoshi Yamaguchi, Hiroshi Yamukai, Honoka Yokoyama
Animation director: Hiroshi Yamukai, Hitoshi Yamaguchi, Rena Kawasaki
Prop design: Takayuki Kito
Art supervision: Hiroshi Kato
Art Director: Hirofumi Sakagami
Art setting: Hiroshi Kato, Mitsuki Maeda
Color design: Kanako Hokari, Mayu Morita
CG director: Ryuta Unto
Cinematographer: Akihito Suzuki
Edited by: Eiichi Nishimura
Sound Director: Satoshi Motoyama
Music: Elements Garden
Produced by: A-1 Pictures
Production: Project VP

Yuki Anju: Shoya Chiba
Guiltia Brion: Makoto Furukawa
Eve Louise: Hiroki Nanami
Robin Lafitte: Shun Horie
Saga Latour: Takuya Eguchi
Mist Flave: Nobunaga Shimazaki
Vove Elizabeth: Takuma Nagatsuka
Jack Mouton: Shogo Yano
Dimitri Romanee: Toshiki Masuda
Hyde Jaiye: Shouta Aoi

Music connects feelings and becomes a bond.
It connects people with each other–
What overcomes many barriers and conveys feelings to people-
That power may change even the non-human vampires.
Vampire–. Existence with high intelligence and good looks, and eternal life.
While living in the darkness, they loved music, wanted to sing, and created various things.
Humans have been enthusiastic about their music, not knowing that many artists are human beings. The style called “visual kei” was one of them.
–And nowadays. Vampires were gathering in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan.
Under the “Red Moon”, which indicates the location of the annual vampire feast “Visual Prison”.
Under the “Red Moon”, the vampires’ abilities have increased, and they have developed a barrier called the Prison.
Create a stage and captivate the audience with performances. And every October on the day of the feast,
The one who dedicated the “most beautiful song” to the “red moon” is endowed with great power.
To fulfill your wishes, to show your music, for your loved ones, various thoughts
A miracle song echoes in Harajuku, where the vampires who hold it gather.
(C) Noriyasu Agematsu, Africas / Project VP



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