"Thunderbird 55 GOGO" Shinji Higuchi's composition scene released Masaaki Yajima narrated

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“Thunderbird 55 GOGO” Shinji Higuchi’s composition scene released Masaaki Yajima narrated
First public release of the composition scene by Shinji Higuchi
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The main video composed by Shinji Higuchi was shown from the “Japanese screening version Thunderbird 55 GOGO” released to celebrate the 55th anniversary of the special effects puppet show “Thunderbird” in Japan. Beginning with a scene that incorporates a homage to the science fiction special effects drama “Mysterious Disk UFO” (1970) by Jerry Anderson, the creator of “Thunderbirds,” Masaaki Yajima, the narration of the time, has been appointed.
Broadcasting began in the United Kingdom in 1965 and in Japan in 1966, “Thunderbird” is famous as the masterpiece of a special effects puppet show that makes full use of a unique shooting technique called Supermarionation. In this work, Higuchi of “Shin Ultraman” composed three new episodes that completely reproduced the original shooting method for release in Japan.
In the video that was shown, a digest introduction of the container mechas appearing in the “Thunderbird” series is newly added, and not only the three episodes are connected, but also the mechanism unique to “Thunderbird” is studded. There are other production scenes by Higuchi, and not only fans but also first-timers are particular about the introduction part so that they can enjoy the world of “Thunderbird”.
At the same time, comments from Higuchi and Stephen La Rivie, who was the director and producer of this work, were released, and on January 6, 2022, the day before the release, Japanese cast Hikari Mitsushima, Kazuhiko Inoue, Toshiyuki Morikawa, It was also decided to hold a preliminary screening event in which Higuchi will be on stage.
“Japanese screening version Thunderbird 55 GOGO” will be released nationwide on January 7, 2010. Online screening starts from January 8th. The full comment by Higuchi and Larivier is as follows.
[Shinji Higuchi / in charge of composition]
I am truly terrified to be able to participate in the history of Supermarionation, a crystal of the tradition of Great Britain. As a respect for the original, it is a great honor to be able to produce the “Japanese version” at the same Tohokushinsha as at that time, eliminating all new interpretations and unnecessary productions. ..
It should not be overlooked that the participation of Miss Hikari Mitsushima gave a fresh contrast to the Lady Penelope statue. And, as one of the small challenges of our Japanese staff, we reconstructed the opening by Masaaki Yajima’s narration. Please enjoy Mr. Yajima’s abundant tone and manners.
[Stephen La Riviere / Producer / Director]
I’ve always been a fan of Thunderbirds since I was a kid, and I’ve always wanted to see the international rescue team play a new role in Supermarionation. As a film director, I wanted to create such an adventure.
In 2015, we became the producers of three episodes of “new” and “Thunderbirds” based on the original audio of the 1960s, all of which came true. Being genuine was of utmost importance to me and my staff. It must look and feel like it was made in the 1960s. My job was to make world-class footage and to make English-speaking ones.
Having lived in Japan before and loving Japanese people and Japanese culture, when these three episodes were released in Japan, I didn’t just subtitle them in English, but they fit in with Japanese culture. I wanted you to see it in a different form. Mr. Shinji Higuchi respected what we made and structured it so that it would be the “Thunderbird” unique to Japan that you have been watching for a long time. “FAB” and “Hi, Daddy” are also alive and well.
When we made these episodes, the use of traditional supermarionation technology was a big news in the UK. Shinji Higuchi has woven the story into the Japanese movie version, and can experience not only the three adventures but also the revival of the wonderful shooting style of the 1960s. Puppets and miniatures have also been reborn. I am very excited and happy that “Thunderbird 55 GOGO” will be screened at a Japanese movie theater. I hope that the Japanese audience can look forward to the future of Supermarionation and Century 21 in the 21st century with me.

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