First in the TV anime world⁉ "MUTEKING THE Dancing HERO" scene video provided as free material!

First in the TV anime world⁉ “MUTEKING THE Dancing HERO” scene video provided as free material!
December 17, 2021 20:000
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Regarding the TV anime “MUTEKING THE Dancing HERO” that started broadcasting in October 2021, it was announced that the short video of the main animation will be provided as free material.
“MUTEKING THE Dancing HERO” is a TV anime based on Tatsunoko Production. One day, the kind-hearted “Muteki” who moved to Neo San Francisco transforms into “Dancing Hero Muteking” who fights against enemies by singing and dancing. It is a new muteking based on the hero gag anime “Muteking, the Dangerous Warrior” that was broadcast in 1980.
⇒ How do you revive the “now anime” of the 1980s to the present day? The general director of “MUTEKING THE Dancing HERO” is Ryosuke Takahashi! [Anime industry watching 79th]
From that “MUTEKING THE Dancing HERO”, it was announced that the unprecedented project “MUTEKING FREEDOM” will be started, which will provide a part of the scene video for the first time in the history of TV animation as free material.
Nowadays, there are various ways to enjoy anime, such as live commentary and discussion on SNS, communication with stamps, simultaneous viewing events and impression distribution.
“We will start an experimental project to create an unprecedented” open animation “that everyone can enjoy more freely according to the times,” said the MUTEKING production team.
▼ Sample
Free materials are available on the official Twitter account (@ MUTEKING2021) and on the download page of the official anime website. As the first step, all 31 types of materials from the first episode to the fourth episode of the main part of the animation will be released, and will be added sequentially after that.
In the anime “MUTEKING THE Dancing HERO”, as the catch phrase “Are you an enemy? Then, let’s dance!”, The hero MUTEKING is not a power, but a fabulous science fiction hero love that protects the freedom and peace of the world by singing and dancing. comedy.
The MUTEKING production team said, “This project also learns from the hero spirit, and if you are an individual, you can basically use the material freely without limiting the range of use. However,” the range that does not hurt anyone. I will do it! ”
Under the conditions of “non-profit purpose”, “one use / one post within 5 minutes”, and “use within the range that does not hurt anyone”, the use of published materials can be freely used without prior notice. Can be enjoyed. Not only individuals but also corporate accounts on SNS can use materials free of charge as long as they are within the bounds of common sense.
“I hope this project will be a new opportunity for people to know about MUTEKING, and at the same time, it will contribute to the way of enjoying anime, not just watching it.” Please confirm the details of the terms of use at the time of material DL.
▼ Free material download page “MUTEKING FREEDOM”

[Work information]
■ TV animation “MUTEKING THE Dancing HERO”

TV Osaka: Every Saturday from October 2nd, midnight 1: 26 ~
TV Aichi: Every Saturday from October 2nd, midnight 1: 55 ~
TOKYO MX: Every Sunday from 23:30 on October 3rd
BS Nippon Television: Every Sunday from October 3rd, 23: 30 ~
* Broadcast dates and times are subject to change.

Original: Tatsunoko Production
Character draft: Utomaru (THINKR)
Executive Director: Hiroshi Sasagawa
General Director: Ryosuke Takahashi
Director: Sato Yuzo
Deputy Director / Battle Dance Director: Masafumi Sato
3DCG Director: Yoshihiro Otobe
Series composition: Yuji Kondo
Main character design Yuichi Takahashi
Character setting / total drawing director Shinji Setani
Music: Takamitsu Shimazaki and Takeshi Masuda
Music Producer: Takamitsu Shimazaki
Music production: Victor Entertainment Smile Company
Sound Director: Takumi Ito
Production: Tatsunoko Productions / Tezuka Productions
Opening theme: “Labyrinth” ORANGE RANGE
(Lyrics / Composition / Arrangement: ORANGE RANGE)
Ending theme: “Song of Hope” KALMA
(Lyrics: Yuzuki Hatayama / YMOK Composition: Yuzuki Hatayama Arrangement: KALMA / Hikaru Ishizaki)
* In alphabetical order
Takeshi Ueda (AA =) (Music provided)
SANABAGUN. (Music provided)
Akiko Yano (songwriter provided)
Rinne Yoshida

Muteki (CV: Kentaro Mashiro)
DJ (CV: Takuya Eguchi)
Theo (CV: Satoshi Hino)
Aida (CV: Rie Takahashi)
Ann (CV: Madoka Yonezawa)
Naomi (CV: Azusa Tadokoro)
Sarah (CV: Rikako Aikawa)
Vivi (CV: Kazuyuki Okitsu)
Hull (CV: Kyomasa)
Summer (CV: Hayato Kimura)
Aki (CV: Minami Tanaka)
Winter (CV: Koutaro Nishiyama)
Steking (CV: KENN)
Matt (CV: Yutaka Aoyama)
Tommy (CV: Takashi Matsuyama)
George (CV: Wataru Hatano)
Owen (CV: Kenichi Suzumura)

The stage is Neo San Francisco, a free and cheerful seaside town.
The kind-hearted Muteki who moved to this town meets a “self-proclaimed DJ” DJ and is transformed into a dancing hero Muteking.
Suddenly, Muteki and DJ confront with singing and dancing to save the city from the monsters that appeared, but behind that, an unimaginable human crisis was imminent.
(C) Tatsunoko Production / MUTEKING Production Committee
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