The dictatorship state management simulation "Tropico 6", PS5 version will finally be released in March 2022!

The dictatorship state management simulation “Tropico 6”, PS5 version will finally be released in March 2022!
December 16, 2021 12:120
Simulation new work information PS5
Kalypso Media Japan announced that it will release the PlayStation 5 version of the dictatorship simulation “Tropico 6” on March 10, 2022.
⇒ Celebration, 20th anniversary! “Tropico 6 Nintendo Switch Edition” released today! Dictatorship state management simulation
■ “Make a city” + “Make a nation” simulation game
“Tropico 6” is a miniature garden-type simulation game that operates an island country in the Caribbean Sea. As President El Presidente, the player will rule over four different eras in multiple archipelago and rule the nation.
Develop the economy by connecting the islands with bridges and tunnels, and establishing a transportation network such as buses, taxis, and cable cars that will serve as a foothold for the people of Tropico. Encourage inbound tourists and provide employment, educational opportunities and housing for visitors to the island.
■ Finally PS5 version will be released
After the 20th anniversary of the series, “Tropico 6” finally advances to the next-generation console. We will welcome those who upgrade from PlayStation 4 and those who make their “Tropico” debut from PlayStation 5 by incorporating that excitement and excitement as valuable content!
Starting today, December 16th, reservations for the package version have begun to be accepted at game shops and online stores nationwide.
Don’t forget the scheme to seize power while managing urban development, international politics and trade. Experience the vibrant appearance of Tropico, the island nation you lead, with unprecedented sparkle in 4K image quality on PlayStation 5.
Now, get ready for a long stay. Presidente!

■ Main game
■ Original soundtrack (16 songs in total)
■ Palace customization option “Flamingo Pond”
バツ1 President’s clothing “Hawaii tourists”
■ DLC “Rama of Wall Street”
┗ Jump into the world of big business with the additional mission “Rama of Wall Street”! Strengthen economic power with new facilities such as “Economic Research Institute”, “Toy Factory” and “Smart Furniture Studio”.
┗ New gameplay elements: Product prices are now subject to market movements and trading conditions. Predict trends at the “Economic Research Institute” and influence the global market by manipulating the market.
┗ New challenge element: A random event will occur, which will have positive and negative effects on the global market, trade, and production, or both.
┗ Sandbox New Map: Cliff Smoke
┗Other: Added customization options for El Presidente and Palace, including new proclamations and properties.

If you already have the PS4 version of “Tropico 6” (package / digital), you can upgrade to the PS5 version for 1,490 yen (tax included).
* To upgrade from the package version, a PS5 main unit with a disk drive is required.
[Title information]
■ “Tropico 6”
Compatible models: PS5
Release date: Thursday, March 10, 2022
Price: 7,450 yen (tax included)
Genre: Dictatorship state management simulation
Number of players: 1 offline / online multiplayer * (2-4 players) * PS Plus subscription required
Language specifications: Audio (Japanese / English) Subtitles (Japanese / English)
CERO: D (for ages 17 and up)
Distributor: Kalypso Media Japan Co., Ltd.
Tropico 6 © 2022 Kalypso Media Group GmbH. Tropico is a registered trademark of Kalypso Media Group GmbH. All rights reserved.
Published by Kalypso Media Group GmbH. Developed by Realmforge Studios. All other logos, copyrights and trademarks are property of
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