"Irodorimidori" depicting the daily life of a girls band will be on air from January 2010. Cast comments and staff will also be announced.

News Thursday, December 16, 2021 12:00
“Irodorimidori” depicting the daily life of a girls band will be on air from January 2010. His cast comments and staff will also be announced.
The broadcast date and time of “Irodori Midori”, which is a short animation of the daily life of a girls band from Sega’s music game “CHUNITHM”, has been decided. Start with X.
An official website using visuals depicting members of the girls band “Irodori Midori” such as Serina Akisaka (CV: Emi Nitta) has also been set up, and staff announcements and comments from the main cast are also made public.
“Irodorimidori” is an original girls band that develops the main story centered on the manga videos released on the official website, and is active in releasing original songs and holding live events. Serina, who attends Maigahara High School attached to Maigahara College of Music, where students aiming to become musicians gather, believes in the rumor that “If you play well at a school festival, you will get a special score” from the crisis of credits, Mikata Alicia (Fukuhara) Ayaka) and other close friends form a girls band. In addition, Nitta et al.’S main cast continues to be cast from manga videos.
The staff will be directed by Chishun Tanaka, who participated in “The Aquatope on White Sand” and “Our Remake”. The series will be composed by Rei Ishikura with Tanaka, and the character design will be by Takeru Sato and Kaori Goto. Animation production will be done by Akatsuki who worked on animation MVs such as Irodorimidori’s original song “Still”.
Nitta said, “It’s been six years since the beginning of Irodori Midori, and the long-awaited TV animation has come true! It’s a dream that came true with the fans.” The day will finally come when you can see everyone in motion … The store! I would be grateful if you could come and see everyone at Irodori Midori for the sake of Chuunism. ” The full comment of the main cast is posted at the bottom.
Furthermore, in addition to terrestrial broadcasting, distribution on Amazon Prime Video, d anime store, U-NEXT, etc. will be decided, and it will start sequentially from 1:05 on January 4, 2010 at midnight.
[Emi Nitta (role of Serina Akisaka)]
Six years after the beginning of Irodorimidori, the long-awaited TV animation has come true!
It’s a dream that came true with all the fans.
Watching the PV, I remembered various things … Everyone’s smiles filled my heart.
Even in anime, I hope you enjoy the fluffy stuff that seems to be Irodorimidori ♪
From now on, we look forward to your continual support!
[Ayaka Fukuhara (role of Aliciana Migata)]
Congratulations & thank you for the short animation of Irodorimidori! !! !!
Irodorimidori, who has made history through repeated episodes and live performances, will finally be able to see everyone in motion …!
It’s incredible!
Everyone is expressive, so I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of face they will show.
Aarin is a child who looks good with various facial expressions, such as fluttering, screaming, and harassing, so I’m excited from now on!
I hope that both those who have always liked Irodorimidori and those who come from anime will enjoy it! !!
[Ayano Yamamoto (role of Nazuna Tennozu)]
Congratulations! Irodorimidori animated!
I’m really impressed that this day will come.
Please look forward to the animated Irodorimidori m (_ _) m
And more and more in the future!
I would be grateful if you could support me so that the anime will continue!
Thank you m (_ _) m
[Kaoru Sakura (role of Nagi Kobutsu)]
Finally Irodorimidori animation!
I’m also excited to think that Irodorimidori and Channagi will start moving in the anime world.
There is also that familiar scene and this scene, so please take a closer look!
If you know about Irodori Midori from the anime, I would be grateful if you could come visit us to see everyone at Irodori Midori at the game center as well.
[M ・ A ・ O (role of Hakobe)]
Irodorimidori is finally animated! So, I’m really happy that my wish came true.
I’m hoping that Naru-chan, who is always energetic and messy, will rampage on ROCK even in anime (laughs).
I will do my best to play it, so I look forward to working with you! !!
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Irodorimidori Updated December 10, 2021
Work information Event information
Broadcast time 2022 winter animation
Staff information
[Original] Shichijo Lettuce (IOSYS), Saito Cabbage (SEGA) [Character draft] Hisasi [Planning] CHUNITHM [Director] Chishun Tanaka [Series composition] Chishun Tanaka, Rei Ishikura [Character design] Takeru Sato, Kaori Goto [Art Director] Wei Shiman (St.PILZ) [Color design] Hitomi Ikeda [Director] Tomoyuki Ishiyama [Edit] Keisuke Yanagi
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Maigahara High School attached to Maigahara College of Music (commonly known as Maimai). There is a rumor in this schoolhouse where the eggs of talented musicians gather from all over the country. “If you can perform great live, you will get an additional special score (it seems).” Serina, whose unit is dangerous, believes in rumors and forms a band! Playing, staying, cosplaying? Nah, every day of various colors. Can you play well at the school festival and get credits safely !? The loose everyday girls band story started!
Serina Akisaka: Emi Nitta Aliciana: Ayaka Fukuhara Tennozu Nazuna: Ayano Yamamoto Small Buddha Nagi: Kaoru Sakura Hakobe Naru: M ・ A ・ O
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[Official site] https://chunithm.sega.jp/irodorimidori/anime/



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