[Weekend Anime Movie Ranking] "Sumikko Gurashi" won first place, "Sword Art Online" re-emerged to fourth place

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[Weekend Anime Movie Ranking] “Sumikko Gurashi” won first place, “Sword Art Online” re-emerged to fourth place
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The domestic movie rankings from November 13th to 14th (national weekend box office results, provided by the box office news agency) have been announced. “Movie Sumikko Gurashi Aoi Tsukiyo no Mahou no Ko”, which started in 2nd place last week, has surpassed “Eternals” to take the lead.
In the two days of Saturday and Sunday, the second week of the release, it mobilized 125,000 people and raised a profit of 154 million yen, making it the first in the series to win the top spot. The cumulative total is 380,000 people and the box office revenue is 469 million yen, which is faster than the previous movie “Movie Sumikko Gurashi His Jumping Picture Book and Secrets” which recorded a box office revenue of 1.45 billion yen. Expand. On the 18th, the “Great Hit” Thank-you Stage Greeting will be held, and from the 19th, the second gift for visitors will be distributed, and further increase in mobilization can be expected.
“Eternals” is one rank down in 2nd place, 4th place last week “And the baton was handed over” is 3rd place, and 5th place last week “Theatrical version Sword Art Online Progressive Starless Night Aria” is 4th place. Each rank has been upgraded. “Sword Art Online” seems to have attracted customers by performing live viewing of the blockbuster stage greetings held at theaters in Tokyo on the 13th at screening theaters nationwide. 5th place is “What Did You Eat The Movie Yesterday?”
“Movie Tropical-Ju! Precure Snow Princess and Miracle Ring!” Keeps 7th place. Cumulative mobilization has exceeded 400,000, and revenue will soon reach 500 million yen.
In the new work released on the 12th, “Ten Gokaiger” ranked in 9th place. “Ice Road” has started in 11th place.
From the 19th, “Theatrical version Argonavis Meteor Obligato” will be released.
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Work information Movie Sumikko Gurashi Blue Moonlit Night Magic
Updated September 13, 2021
Work information Event information
Movie Sumikko Gurashi Blue Moonlit Night Magic
Theatrical release date Friday, November 5, 2021
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Form movie
Production company
Staff information
[Original] San-X [Director] Takahiro Omori [Screenplay] Reiko Yoshida [Art Director] Kaori Hino [Distribution] Asmik Ace Movie Sumikko Gurashi Blue Moonlit Night Magic
One autumn day, Sumikko and his friends went camping. The fun time passed so quickly, and when the night was indulging, penguins? Remembers a legend. “A long full moon night that comes every five years. Magicians come to town.” A big blue moon was floating in front of Sumiko and his friends! That night, a mysterious magic was cast on the usual town ……?
Narration: Yoshihiko Inohara Narration: Manami Honjo
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