Pig reincarnation fantasy "Heat the pig liver" TV animation decision

News Tuesday, December 14, 2021 22:00
Pig reincarnation fantasy “Heat the pig liver” TV animation decision
The shadow of the original novel
It has been decided that the popular light novel “Heat the pig’s lever” by Takuma Sakai will be made into a TV animation.
The work, which is being published from “Dengeki Bunko” to Volume 5, is a fantasy of reincarnation in another world by the main character who became a pig and the girl Jess who can read the hearts of people. The main character of a science nerd who loses consciousness after eating a pig liver raw becomes a pig and reincarnates in another world, and Jess saves him while he is lying in a piggery. The pig struggles with her wisdom and sense of smell to save her from her harsh fate, gently accepting her delusional delusions.
Work information Heat the pig lever
Staff information
[Original] Takuma Sakai (“Dengeki Bunko” published by KADOKAWA) [Original illustration] Asagi Tosaka Heat the pig lever
When I ate a pig liver raw and lost consciousness, I was reincarnated in a different world and became a pig !?
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