Ryunosuke Kamiki x Kou Shibasaki "Holic xxxHOLiC" video premiere: DAOKO and Serena Motola participate in the war, Keiichiro Shibuya music

News Monday, December 13, 2021 12:00
Ryunosuke Kamiki x Kou Shibasaki “Holic xxxHOLiC” video premiere: DAOKO and Serena Motola participate in the war, Keiichiro Shibuya music
DAOKO will play Marudashi and Serena Motola will play Morodashi.
(C) 2022 Movie “Holic” Production Committee (C) CLAMP ・ ShigatsuTsuitachi CO., LTD./Kodansha
Director Mika Ninagawa has made a movie of the popular manga of the creative group “CLAMP”, and a special report of “Holic xxxHOLiC” starring Ryunosuke Kamiki and Kou Shibasaki and two photographs taken by director Mika Ninagawa will be unveiled. The appearance of artists DAOKO and Serena Motola has been newly announced, and it has become clear that Keiichiro Shibuya is in charge of music.
The original is CLAMP’s best-selling comic, which has a cumulative circulation of over 14 million copies. Director Nagikawa, who has been eager to make a movie for about 10 years and has warmed up the concept, will make the one and only CLAMP world into a live-action movie for the first time with gorgeous and gorgeous visuals.
A lonely high school student, Kimihiro Watanuki, who sees “Ayakashi” possessed by Kamiki in the darkness of the human heart, and Yuko Ichihara, the mistress of “Mise”, whose wishes are fulfilled by Shibasaki. Ichihara Yuko) is played. Hokuto Matsumura of “SixTONES” is a classmate on April 1st, “Domeki Shizuka”, and Tina Tamashiro is a classmate, “Kunogi Himawari”. Embodies. DAOKO plays the role of Marudashi, a mysterious girl who lives with Yuko, and Motola plays the role of Morodashi, who also lives in “Mise”. There is.
At the beginning of the special newsletter, on April 1st, he gets lost in “Mise” who can grant any wish in exchange for consideration, and when he meets the mistress Yuko, he is led to a mysterious fate. In addition, a live shot of a sunflower that seems to be possessed by “Ayakashi” expressed in VFX, a Dodomeki holding a bow toward “Ayakashi”. You can fully enjoy the fantastic and exotic “Mise” visuals.
(C) 2022 Movie “Holic” Production Committee (C) CLAMP ・ ShigatsuTsuitachi CO., LTD./Kodansha
One of the photographs taken by Director Nagikawa captures Yuko, Marudashi, and Morodashi on April 1st, spending time in a mysterious and beautiful “Mise”. On April 1st, a group of three classmates, Dodomeki and Himawari, have a cool look in their uniforms, and the time at school is cut out. What kind of story will be spun on April 1st in the two worlds of “Mise” and school-expectations are rising.
Shibuya is active worldwide in a wide range of genres, from electronic music to piano solos, opera, film music, and sound installations. His musician, “Midnight Swan,” won the Music Award at the 75th Mainichi Film Awards and the Film Music Award at the 30th Japanese Movie Critics Awards. The whole story is colored with cutting-edge and magnificent electronic music. Sound artist evala is in charge of sound design for “Ayakashi”. Making full use of stereophonic technology, the voice of Eiyoshi Fujiwara, a performer of Buddhist music and statements scheduled to co-star with Shibuya at the Dubai Expo, is strongly featured, creating multi-layered film music. ..
“Holic xxxHOLiC” will be released nationwide on April 29, 2022.



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