"Daipari Make" Not only the four heavenly kings !? Screaming at the strength of the strengthened gym leader "Let's cry"

“Daipari Make” Not only the four heavenly kings !? Screaming at the strength of the strengthened gym leader “Let’s cry”
The ability of the strengthened gym leader who demonstrated his true power may be comparable to the four heavenly kings! ??
News 2021.12.13 Mon 16:45
Since it is a remake work, “Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl” (Dipari Makeup) has the impression that each NPC trainer has been considerably strengthened. People tend to pay attention to the strength of the four heavenly kings and champion Sirona, but in fact, it seems that the “strengthening gym leader” who can rematch if certain conditions are also proud of the strength.
So this time, I would like to introduce three particularly tough gym leaders. What kind of ability do they have?
Hyota who unleashes Tyranitar without hesitation
Hyota, the gym leader of “Kuroganesim,” is a rock-type user. As he was the first gym leader to fight in this work, he was greeted with a relatively easy composition of “Geodude Iwork’s Guides”.
However, after strengthening, it suddenly launches “Bangirasu”, which is famous as the strongest rock type. Tyranitar has high attack power and durability. What’s more, by changing the field to the “Sandstorm” state with the characteristic “Sand Stream”, the so-called “Tokubo” that includes itself is increased by 1.5 times.
In addition, the combo of “Stealth Rock” and “Barking” is also used, which is even more troublesome. Also, the original cranidos has evolved into “Rampardo”. It is important to note that Hyota’s Rampardos have 1.3 times more power than the hidden characteristics of “Sheer Force” at the cost of the additional effect of the technique.
Maxi who dyed his hand in “Gachi composition”
Maxi is a masked gym leader who fights with water-type Pokemon. After strengthening, he stands up against the main character using the “rain party” frequently used by the so-called “gachis” of Pokemon battles.
A “rain party” is a composition that changes the weather in the field to rain and takes advantage of it to fight. Maxi uses the characteristic “Amefurashi” “Politoed” as a trigger to bring out Pokemon with the characteristic “Suisui” that doubles the “quickness” in rainy weather.
Also, when the weather is rainy, the water type technique will damage 1.5 times, so fight with a type of Pokemon that can be halved as much as possible. It is also recommended to fight by changing the weather to hail with “Abomasnow” of the characteristic “Snow Warning”.
Beware of Suzuna’s harmful behavior
Suzuna, the gym leader of “Kissaki Jim,” is extremely popular because it looks like a neat female student. Like the first lap, she can challenge at a “hail party” centered on Abomasnow, but the skill level is an order of magnitude.
When the weather is “hail”, the strong technique “Fubuki” is indispensable, and the hit rate is reduced for Pokemon with the characteristic “Snow Cloak”. Perhaps because Suzuna is familiar with its characteristics, there are “Mamoswine” and “Froslass” with “Snow Cloak” in her party.
In addition, these two animals remember “Kagebunshin”, so they won’t hit Roku. It seems that many trainers are suffering from this. On SNS, “Suzuna-chan is screaming with Mamoswine and Froslass” “Strengthening Suzuna’s Yukimenoko is 4 vertical and loses the joke. There was a screaming voice.
By the way, you will be able to fight the enhanced gym leader only after you get “Zenkokuzukan”. By visiting each gym once a day, you can rematch with the gym leaders who have gained an order of magnitude stronger than the first match.
Please come and experience the strength of the strengthened gym leaders!
“Dai Paris Make” Not only the four heavenly kings! ?? Screaming at the strength of the strengthened gym leader “I’m about to cry”
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