"Migi and Dari" will be animated! "Mysterious Bad Boy Story" presented by Nami Sano from "Is it Sakamoto?"

“Migi and Dari” will be animated! “Mysterious Bad Boy Story” presented by Nami Sano from “Is it Sakamoto?”
December 13, 2021 11:020
New manga information
An animated version of the mysterious villain story “Migi and Dali” by Mr. Nami Sano of “Is it Sakamoto?”, Which caused a sensation with “stylish” and comedy, was announced.
The mysterious story of a bad boy “Migi and Dari”. A boy, a secret bird (one person), who was adopted by a family, hides that he is actually a twin and searches for the truth of his mother’s death while switching between “two people”.
Following the animated version of “Is Sakamoto?” In 2016, a mystery element has been added to the stylish replacement technique, making it a work that you should keep an eye on.
This work, which was serialized in the manga magazine “Haruta” (released around the 15th of every month (closed for January / July release / published by KADOKAWA), is now complete in the November issue!
This time, animation was announced along with the release of the final volume of the original.
Changeable! ?? freely! !! Stay tuned for the moving “Migi and Dari”.
■ Original author: Congratulatory comments and illustrations arrived from Dr. Nami Sano
Congratulatory comments arrived from Dr. Nami Sano. An illustration of “Dali” dubbing the movement of “Migi” has also arrived.
・ Comment by Dr. Nami Sano
“I’m looking forward to the covert actions of Migi and Dari who move around!”
・ Illustration drawn
■ All 7 volumes of books are now on sale!
The stage is Kita Ward, Kobe City in 1990.
Oligone Village, a new town modeled after the suburbs of the United States.
A “single” boy is adopted by a wealthy inhabitant in this town.
The boy’s name is a secret bird (one person).
The Sonoyama couple are fascinated by the beautiful and intelligent boy, the secret bird, but the secret bird has a big secret and purpose.
The secret is that the secret bird is not actually one, but twin brothers (Migi and Dari). He lives alone and goes to school.
Then, they work together to find out the truth about their mother’s death. What are the secrets and truths that are gradually revealed?
“Is it Sakamoto?” By twins Migi and Dari. ], A mystery element is added to the stylish replacement technique, and you can’t take your eyes off until the end.
(C) I’m Sakamoto / KADOKAWA



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