"SHAMAN KING" Five Warriors Edition Visual Release Kotono Mitsuishi & Eri Kitamura to appear

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“SHAMAN KING” Five Warriors Edition Visual Release Kotono Mitsuishi & Eri Kitamura to appear
Entering “Five Warriors Edition” from December 2nd
(C) Hiroyuki Takei ・ Kodansha / SHAMAN KING Project. ・ TV TOKYO
A new visual has been released after the on-air TV animation “SHAMAN KING” has entered the “Five Warriors Edition” from December 2nd. At the same time, the appearances of additional casts Kotono Mitsuishi and Eri Kitamura were announced.
This work is a story about a shaman boy, Yoh Asakura (CV: Yoko Hikasa), who can interact with gods and spirits, and challenges the Shaman Fight once every 500 years with the aim of becoming the Shaman King who controls all things. “Five Warriors Edition” is an episode in which Hao and others who meet the third force “Gandara” face new challenges to defeat Hao in the intensifying battle of Shaman Fight. “5 people” and “warrior” are becoming important keywords.
The visual of “Five Warriors Edition” is a design that gives a glimpse of some of the white and black chicks that will be the new oversoul of leaves and hao. The contrasting appearance of the leaves with a gentle expression on the upper part and the hao with a dangerous atmosphere on the lower part is drawn.
The additional cast announced recently is Mitsuishi as Sati, the leader of Gandhara and the leader of “Team Nyorai”, and Pascal Abuff, the legendary Mesoamerican hero who participated in Shaman Fight 1000 years ago. Is in charge. The comments by Mitsuishi and Kitamura are as follows.
[Kotono Mitsuishi (role of Sati)]
(C) Hiroyuki Takei ・ Kodansha / SHAMAN KING Project. ・ TV TOKYO
・ The charm of the work “SHAMAN KING”
I felt the charm of the work “SHAMAN KING” in the strength of the boys and girls who rushed toward one goal.
It is also impressive that it is not just a battle to defeat the opponent, but also a battle to protect it.
・ Enthusiasm for playing the character
Sati had the impression that everything was transcendental, but he also feels more complicated in his performance. He is a character with a strong soul who is neither an enemy nor an ally, so I would like to bring out a way of facing Sati-like battles, not just bare collisions or simple wins and losses. I’m still far more immature than Sati (laughs), but I’ll do my best.
The work will be lively until the end, so don’t miss it.
[Eri Kitamura (role of Pascal Abuff)]
Pascal Abuff
(C) Hiroyuki Takei ・ Kodansha / SHAMAN KING Project. ・ TV TOKYO
・ The charm of the work “SHAMAN KING”
It is one of the masterpieces of youth for Kitamura!
Not to mention the world view and episodes that have been elaborated, I love all the wonderful character designs with Mr. Takei’s unique touch, especially the costumes that maximize the character’s abilities and individuality! !! !! !!
You guys also imitated Haha-kun and put on headphones, didn’t you? Hey! ??
・ Enthusiasm for playing the character
No way I could be involved in the work I was watching in my childhood …!
And, no way, Aba-san! !! !!
The spirits are cute, but the humanoid is really handsome!
I’m glad to be able to play the role of a man!
Since it is a character with many persuasive lines based on solid intellect and experience, I will face dubbing with the intention to work on the play properly! !! !!
It’s so nervous and excited to be able to play that famous line and that scene! (Rejoicing)
Work information
SHAMAN KING Updated March 5, 2021
Work information Event information
Broadcast time 2021 spring animation
This week’s broadcast
TV set
Thursday, December 16th
Terrestrial digital 17:55 ~ 18:25 TV TOKYO
BS 24:40 ~ 25:09 BS TV Tokyo
Online delivery
Thursday, December 16th
Web 21: 30 ~ # 35 Nico Nico Live Broadcasting
Web 22: 00-22: 30 # 35 ABEMA Anime Channel (AbemaTV)
Production company
Staff information
[Original] Hiroyuki Takei (published by Kodansha) [Director] Takeshi Furuta [Series composition] Shoji Yonemura [Character design] Satohiko Sano [Prop design] Yuji Shibata [Art director] Hitoya Kimura [Art setting] Masaaki Kawaguchi [Color design] Natsuko Otsuka [Director] Teruyuki Kawase [Edit] Kumiko Sakamoto
“SHAMAN KING”. It is the king of the stars who controls all things in nature. Those called “Shamans” who can interact with gods and spirits compete for the position in “Shaman Fight” once every 500 years. One of those shamans, Yoh Asakura, is fighting for the Shaman King in April 2021 as a completely new animation.
[OP] Megumi Hayashibara “Soul salvation”
[ED] Megumi Hayashibara “#Boku no Yubisaki”
Yoh Asakura: Yoko Hikasa Amidamaru: Katsuyuki Konishi Manta Oyamada: Inuko Inuyama Anna: Megumi Hayashihara Michiren: Park Rumi Mason: Kosuke Takaguchi Ryunosuke Umemiya: Masahiko Tanaka Hao: Minami Takayama
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